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Network about the outline of the car test published 85 questions passed the exam – in accordance with the requirements of the Ministry of transportation, the driver engaged in the network about car service needs to pass the exam. Recently, the Ministry of transport announced the "taxi driver qualification of the public subject examination syllabus", clearly the specific contents and methods about network driver examination. According to the Ministry of transport announced the public subject examination syllabus, examination content including taxi related policies, regulations, safety operations, professional ethics, service standards, etc.. Among them, the laws and regulations, including taxi network about car related policies and the "road traffic safety law", "labor contract law" and other relevant laws. Network about the new car in which to occupy 18 points, accounting for the largest. At the same time, the driver needs to master the knowledge and the safe operation of the concrete for the safe operation of the physiological and psychological knowledge, vehicle safety inspection, safety requirements, complex weather and the special road traffic safety requirements etc.. In addition, in addition to vehicle safety related knowledge, the driver also need to grasp the basic knowledge of emergency protection, fire and ambulance. The implementation of a unified national examination questions, using the computer system random question way of examination, the examination time for 60 minutes, the exam consisted of 85 questions, questions are divided into judgment questions, multiple choice questions and multiple-choice. The total score of 100 points, more than 80 points for the examination.相关的主题文章: