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Book-Reviews The Protocols, or The Protocols of the elders of Zion is a book which is written by the number one New York Times Best Selling Author, Mike Evans.The author is actually a popular journalists who has had a lot of appearances on television and radio shows. He is also the go-to person for analyzing on any subject concerning the Middle East. Before The Protocols,Evans has written a lot of other books such as Jimmy Carter, Atomic Iran, Countdown to Armageddon, Game Changer etc. The Protocolsbook is available in two forms in the market: a paperback version and a hardcover one.While the former is cheaper, the latter has the durabilityfactor.This book is meant for those who are interested in knowing the truth about the Protocols of the elders of Zion.Now,there lots of baseless and huge lies surrounding this topic and debunking is required.The book does a fair job as far as debunking of lies pertaining to the Protocols of the elders of Zion is concerned. The target audience is mainly people who are interested in this topic. The Protocols dates back to the ancient days of the Russian Czars when the anti-Semites generated this lie.The lie was later on perpetuated by those who hate the Jews.Although this book is fiction,it consists of a truth which is quite close to home.The main plot of the story revolves around Esther Rosenberg. Esther desperately wants to succeed at the task of undoing what was started by Hitler and Lenin exterminating the Jews and Americans who sympathize with them.This task is also the dream of a lot of Islamic extremists in real life.Throughout the book,right up till the climax,the readers are kept on their toes,wondering about whether she would be able to do this or the prophecy of the Protocols would .e true. The ancient Order of Malta released a plot to exterminate the Jews because of the long-existing prejudice and the anti-Semitic propaganda.The Order of Malta,along with help from its widespread secret society attempts to do this task with the help of four suitcase bombs.These suitcase bombs were provided by an arms dealer from the Russian Mafia.Now,they almost succeed at this task when they were distracted by a mysterious posting on a certain website which spilled their secret. The protagonist of this book,Esther cannot really do everything on her own,therefore she ropes in a former Congressman called Paul Maddox to help her out.She then embarks on a vague trail of clues which takes the two across USA and the world.The duo desperately tries to locate the four suitcase bombs before they go off.Whether or not they succeed in this almost impossible task is left to be discovered by the readers of this book. All in all,the book makes for an interesting read if you want a fiction that has a lot of thrill in it.This is definitely not your average thriller book because it touches upon a sensitive topic. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: