AC Milan, China buyers responsible for the rumors do not change the transaction of the Philippines –mide-031

AC Milan China buyers of rumors accountable not so Philippines Ning change Trading – Sohu Sports Central Sports on fraud rumors of a solemn statement recently appearing on AC Milan Chinese buyer in the acquisition process have been issued in fictitious bank documents and other media reports and rumors, including Caixin published "the Chinese consortium acquisition of AC Milan even exposure to fake bank document" the report, China EU sports and AC Milan are holding company Fininvest according to related matters as follows: Diego solemn statement. In central and West sports Fininvest about this AC Milan equity acquisition agreement and related documents, any false file does not exist, and the transaction and delivery options on both sides has entered the final stage. Fenin West made a public statement that China EU sports has been provided in accordance with the agreement of the parties to fulfill their obligations, the two sides are actively committed to the completion of the final transaction, will no longer be Diego Fininvest to comment on these out of thin air information, appear on the market of false words will not affect the normal trading. In view of the third party through continuous and distorted behavior interpret out of context to interfere with the completion of this transaction, not only to AC Milan and AC Milan are concerned about the supporters caused trouble, at the same time for football dreams and feelings with Chinese enterprise malicious attacks and deliberately discredit on this, EU sports will take all legal means necessary maintenance the company’s reputation and the acquisition of Milan AC in all China enterprise honor. At the same time, China and the EU will join hands with Fenin West to complete the merger, and care and support of all people in Milan AC share this passion and honor. Sino European Sports Investment Management Co., Ltd. Changxin September 24, 2016相关的主题文章: