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Web-Hosting The availability of free blog sites has changed the traditional concepts of web hosting. With the internet expanding at a most rapid rate, some people would prefer going the easy way and acquiring these free sites in lieu of website creation from scratch. While it may seem a good idea at the beginning, sooner or later you will be forced to create your own site. The free blog site may be convenient and cheap to start with, but it does .e with its fair share of problems with time. The major .plications involve SEO, ownership and control of the site. Free hosting has benefits and drawbacks that you need to consider before settling on it. Advantages of Free Hosting The main advantage of free hosting is that it .es at no cost. It is equally easy to open an account which gives you a free website that requires only publishing and emails. Free hosting does not require expertise or any technical background. Anyone can create a website simply by providing personal details and creating a user profile. Disadvantages of Free Hosting It is difficult to brand a sub domain account that .es with free hosting. It may grow big with many users and visitors but you cannot get away with it. Your credibility is therefore put to test when you attempt to switch to a personal site. When you finally manage to switch to a personal domain, you have to start from scratch in order to build links, content and other SEO techniques. Also with free domains, it is not possible to control advertisement content in the site. It is the email hosting .pany that determines the type of ads which are to be displayed. Lastly, with a free domain, you are at the mercy of the host .pany. Any technical problems or outages which might occur cannot be blamed on any one. You have to work with the .panies rules and policies, not your own. This is different from paid hosting that .e with multitude benefits. For instance, you are free to brand the domain name with a personal name and put up legitimate unique content. With paid for domains, you are also in full control of each and every aspect of the site. Design and content is exactly as you need it and can be changed or upgraded at will and whim. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: