Aero engine Chinese Yanshou 600 hours, how to do


over the past few days, on the topic of aviation engine once again aroused widespread concern. The media reported that, according to the calculation of the air force in our country every year about 240 to 300 hours on duty training and flight number, equipped with Russian made AL-31F engine f -10 and -11 as the main fighter usually every 4 years on the need to replace the new engine. To this end, the air force devoted to the extension of the AL-31F engine life expectancy, so that its life extended from 900 hours to 1500 hours.

reporter after an investigation found that the air force special forces into the engine and prolonging the life that first appeared in July 2010 the central media organizations of a report.

At that time the media reported at

air force 5719 factory deeds that the factory specialized organizations focus on technological innovation veteran soldiers and able captains, 21 with the international advanced level of three generation aircraft engine key parts remanufacturing technology, a breakthrough by a few Western countries on aviation engine remanufacturing technology monopoly, the air force three generation fighter engine life to 1500 hours from 900 hours, the equivalent of the 1 engine played 1.6 engines, made great military, economic and social benefits.

generally believe that the engine is the Russian AL-31F aircraft engine.

this, the national security and military strategy research center of National University of Defense Technology, Professor Wang Qun, a military expert told reporters that the life of the aircraft is generally much longer than the life of the engine used for its work. For example, the United States and the Russian aircraft calendar life can reach 20 years or more after the extended service may also be longer life. In view of this, the configuration of the engine for the aircraft is a basic national practice, but the difference between the number of more and less. Russia can not be avoided, because its military aviation engine life is generally shorter".

pointed out that the military aviation engine life is too short, at least two obvious problems. One is required for aircraft engine spare number more, the cost of using the life of the surge in aircraft, aircraft increased logistical pressure; the other is a frequent replacement of the engine, combat training and task execution usually affect aircraft, sustained weakening combat capability in wartime aircraft.

so, for a shorter life of the engine, how to improve the life of the technology to improve it?

Wang Qun, one hand can be upgraded or modified by the new process and technical measures, improve the engine of a new assembly or new life, on the other hand can take advantage of technology improvement and application of new materials and other means to repair the core components, extending an old aircraft engine life.


"these two aspects are is the current practice of aviation powers, but on this China independently developed and introduced two ways to" go hand in hand "countries, because has not completely get rid of dependence on foreign;