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All gold equipment! Buddy network "Monkey King" today does not delete files in the monkey area at 10 this morning, "Monkey King" buddy network does not delete files experience! Acer! Equipment! All there! Once through the recharge can have gold, now playing "Monkey King" will have to spend money to buy equipment; once, now play the "Monkey King" will be able to immediately share; in short, buddy network "monkey" meet your desire for web games! The "Monkey King" does not delete files experience three explosion point first secret, tens of millions of welfare, the mysterious BOSS system and subversive journey mirage, will let you enjoy the hitherto unknown world! Buddy network "Monkey King" today does not delete files does not delete files: experience the experience of tens of millions of welfare "Monkey King" since exposure will gain a lot of game player’s concern and support, and for everyone to express our most sincere gratitude, this does not delete files we experience especially prepared for everyone to enjoy the benefits: 1, BOSS: for the first time the first kill kill BOSS get rare equipment rewards, kill the higher the BOSS level, the more abundant reward. 2, 1: 1 gold ingot berserk can buy 60 bags, as long as 1 gold! 3, the scale of the game: the game on the line, the player only within a certain period of time to reach a certain level can be equipped with advanced equipment, including rare props. 4, for the first time the siege siege Gang: the victory of the city can obtain a large number of non tied gold awards, winning the gang will also get a lot of bound gold awards. 5, set the word Hao Li: game player to kill the monster has a chance to drop a copybook, collect copybook convertible value props reward, each kind of daily exchange limit props. In the above benefits, game player who don’t forget to "monkey" buddy network website for novice card, gifts and other welfare media limited! Buddy network "Monkey King" today does not delete files experience does not delete files experience two: play BOSS important things off gold say three times: "Monkey King" hit BOSS off gold, play BOSS, BOSS dropped out the ingot ingot! In addition to out the ingot, "Monkey King" BOSS there is a great chance to drop advanced equipment! Just want to win, BOSS possesses all the gold and equipment, game player who need to pay attention to: 1, BOSS refresh time of unity, the best way is from easy to difficult BOSS wave flow away; 2, according to the BOSS survival were judged, is generally the wild BOSS priority, BOSS call to the end, is not limited to personal BOSS; 3, if many people brush BOSS, be sure to pay attention to our role is against the mark BOSS overhead ownership ". Buddy network "Monkey King" today does not delete files experience does not delete files experience three: Subversion level world debut playing westbound for so many years of journey to the west, cut off the way a monster, you tired? If there is no accident and challenge, how can we afford to support the players? So this time, "Monkey King" will bring you a subversion of the world level:.相关的主题文章: