Although a lot of fishing software brush votes trap


Spring Festival this year has already begun, did not buy tickets to passengers started some anxious. But it is the feelings of anxiety, the opportunity to phishing sites, fake websites such as telecommunications fraud. Beijing police deliberately through the Beijing morning news to provide you with a few cases, so you see the trap, safe home.

case 1

software used to grab votes cheated more than 2 thousand

Shandong to Beijing to work Xiao Feng, recently bought a train ticket home early. But because the unit is the beginning of the four month after the Spring Festival, the fifth day and go to work, so Xiao Feng want to buy return tickets as early as possible. A few days ago, he found an Internet search, buy train tickets sold out. Under the recommendation of a friend, Xiao Feng ready to try to grab tickets online software, see if you can pick up a leak".

soon, Xiao Feng on the Internet randomly chose one of the largest number of free ticket software. After the installation is completed, he followed the prompts to enter the ticket information waiting to grab votes, the whole process is very smooth. Soon, the software prompts to grab votes success". He is very happy to quickly fill in the personal information, the system reminded him to enter the bank card and password to pay a ticket 422 yuan". They buy tickets Xiao Feng according to the prompts, but received a bank’s prompt message, he said the bank card more than 2300 yuan were all brush away. "I was determined to pay the amount is more than 400 yuan, how can the money gone?" He immediately contact the rush ticket software customer service phone, but found that the other is empty. "I knew I was being cheated."

case 2

Take a screenshot of

false cross money to pull the black

is also working in Beijing, Liu Cui, in the first to grab votes failed. My home in Guangxi, the ticket is not good to buy. Going home every year is a big problem." She and several friends through the search train ticket QQ group, was linked to a claim to be able to buy train tickets cattle. Each other quickly through the application of Liu Cui’s friend, asked Liu Cui sent him the identity information and trips. "I’m sure he was, because the man bought the ticket payment, there is no need for me to give him a deposit." Soon, the other sent Liu Tsui booking success screenshot, Liu Cui will be 307 yuan and 50 yuan fare "fees" by Alipay to help Liu Tsui transfer payment. "I saw that he was successful in getting the tickets, just thinking about getting a ticket home, and turning it over." Who knows, soon Liu was pulled black.

case 3

non official website booking lost money and lost tickets

, who lives in Xicheng District Chen Gang grab tickets on the internet. Because he is afraid of not being able to buy tickets through other channels, he chose to find a regular website online ticketing. He found a ticket on the web site, the site said more than enough votes, and is a formal way. "I see all kinds of information on the site are quite complete, and there are some security tips, I feel very;