and making the correct choices can save your life. Many of the common foods found in grocery stores or organic markets contain cancer-fighting anti-oxidants and can cure cancer naturally. The antioxidants neutralize damage caused by cancer-causing free radicals and change them into phytochemicals which battle cancer cells. Scientists are just beginning to explore this amazing phenomenon. Worldwide 王思聪发声遭回怼 烧烤倒酒精引爆燃

Cancer cells are always present in the body and are normally kept in check by our body’s own natural defense system. Do you know how the body’s natural defense system works and where it gets the ammunition to do so? Do you know at what point the body succumbs to the disease named cancer? Millions of cancer cells are present in the body from time to time. However, when the cancer cell count reaches the billions, we know the body’s natural defense system is not working. Cancer cells seem to be able to go undetected as foreign cells by the body. Since cancer cells grow more quickly than normal cells they can replace healthy cells almost unnoticed by the body until we feel something is wrong, a tumor is formed, or an organ is malfunctioning. Cancer has occurred in your body over a long period of time due to many different forces. Outside influences such as environment, exposure to toxins, smoking, second-hand smoke, tremendous shock, and cancer-causing foods can and do cause cancer. However, cancer can be cured. Studies have proven that a nutritious diet comprised of anti-oxidant foods and nutrients can cure cancer. Cancer-fighting foods are as close as your local grocery store shelves. All you need is the knowledge of which particular foods and the correct recipes and you will be able to cure your cancer condition naturally. In this case, knowledge is the power to heal. A wide variety of foods is needed to make a lifetime cancer-free diet. There is a process to learning how to make food selections and cook in a way that not only cures cancer, but prevents the disease from permeating your body. Two-time cancer survivor and author Carol Patterson has developed many wonderful tasting recipes using cancer-fighting foods in order to heal her own body. Her second diagnosis of cancer prompted the doctors to suggest radical surgery. The author chose alternative cancer cures to save her body from being disfigured and horrendous exposure to chemotherapy again. The cancer-fighting foods program works and be assured that your cancer can be cured. Cancer cures are as close as the local grocery store or health food market coupled with the correct recipes and you will be able to cure yourself of cancer and maintain a healthy body for the rest of your lifetime. The National Cancer Institute estimates that roughly one-third of all cancer deaths may be diet related. What you eat can hurt you. On the other hand, what you eat can also help you. Knowing which foods are cancer-fighting foods, and making the correct choices can save your life. Many of the common foods found in grocery stores or organic markets contain cancer-fighting anti-oxidants and can cure cancer naturally. The antioxidants neutralize damage caused by cancer-causing free radicals and change them into phytochemicals which battle cancer cells. Scientists are just beginning to explore this amazing phenomenon. Worldwide, we are beginning to realize that the modernization of our food processing system in the last 50 years has led to almost epidemic proportions of cancer and heart disease. Not only are these foods contributing to an enormous obesity problem because of chemical ingestion, but processed foods are poisoning our bodies one day at a time. Over a period of 25-40 years, major damage has been done to our bodies by eating chemically processed foods; and the result is deadly cancer and heart disease. The good news is that the body has extremely resilient recuperative abilities. Cells divide and regenerate daily, including cancer cells. Cancer cells are missing two essential amino acids: Linolenic Acid and Linoleic Acid. That being the case, it is very logical to realize if we feed the cancer cells the missing amino acids and nutrients, the cells will have the ability to morph and regenerate themselves into healthy cells. The concept is quite simplistic, but it works. Cancer can be cured and many people have been cured from cancer with this concept using cancer-fighting foods. What researchers are finding is we are what we eat! All over the world, our diet has changed from the times when we ate mainly farm-fresh foods. We go to the grocery store and buy many processed foods which have chemical preservatives and are generally not healthy for us. In many cases, these foods actually cause cancer one day at a time over a period of years. On the other hand, there are many foods in our grocery stores which have natural antioxidants and the ability to fight off cancer as well as maintain normal body health. Once you know the correct cancer fighting foods, you can institute a natural cancer cure. The National Cancer Institute recognizes that diet and nutrition play a big part in fighting cancer. It has been recommended to eat at least five daily servings of fruit and vegetables as part of a low-fat, high fiber diet. Many cancer-fighting foods which are high in anti-oxidants are nuts, grains, fruits, and vegetables. In general, in the western world, our daily diet today is out of balance. We eat too much food; we eat too much meat and fat; we eat too much sugar and salt, and our diet lacks fruits, vegetables, nuts, and grains. Our normal daily diets are comprised mostly of up to 45% fats. A healthy fat intake should be 30% or less of the total day’s intake. The National Cancer Institute states that diet and nutrition are factors in 60% of cancers in women and 40% of cancers in men. Today more and more studies are proving that we can beat cancer with the ammunition of nutritious foods and a balanced diet. John’s Hopkins University in their cancer studies has a new update verifying these studies. It has become common knowledge that nutritional food intake is essential to fighting cancer. It is not logical that the reverse could be true? The wrong foods can and do cause cancer. Not too difficult to figure out! The National Cancer Institute and the Federal Food and Drug Administration agree that Americans should eat more fiber and reduce their fat intake. These authorities also stress that the freshness of food is an important factor. Fresh foods straight from your own garden or the farm stand would be the best cancer-fighting foods, plus they are delicious tasting! When you use fresh foods for your meals, and prepare them yourself, you know what you are eating. This is essential to a creating a cure for cancer for yourself or loved one. There are numerous published reports documenting the healing qualities of a healthy diet. The idea of consuming fruits and vegetables while they are still in their natural state means that we preserve the natural nutrients to put into our body. When making juice from fruits or vegetables, drink the juice within five minutes of processing in order to preserve the nutrition. Once the principles of “fresh food” make sense to you, the idea of “store-bought,” processed food reveals itself as a large part of the problem. Learn to look at the labels on the back of food packages. The best advice is to eat food in its natural state as it comes from the grower. If you can grow your own vegetables, that is an even better solution. You will begin to realize the more modern we have become in terms of our food process; the more we now have epidemic high levels of cancer, heart disease and obesity. There is a direct correlation which scientists are proving daily. There is something drastically wrong with this picture! People no longer have to be deathly sick with cancer. Cancer can be cured through cancer-fighting foods. Preparing your own fresh juice and food is slightly more work, but consider the alternative. Other countries such as Japan and China do not have the heart disease, obesity or the cancer problems which we have in the western world. Asian foods are mostly vegetable, nut, fruit and fish based. The health problems of heart disease, obesity, and cancer in the western world, and the vast differences between our foods and Asian foods have direct correlation. Medical and scientific resources are now stating the reason for the high spikes in illness throughout the world is because of processed foods. When you hear a food warning, one at a time on a radio show or a morning talk show, it does not have the impact as it does in written reports complied by government agencies and noted authorities. It is very logical to see: We are what we eat! Listed below is a chart of FDA approved fruits and vegetables. Make note on this list; there is plenty of food to eat! Making delicious and healthy cancer-fighting foods from this listing is not difficult at all. FDA CONSUMER JOURNAL’S TOP 20 FRUITS, VEGETABLES, AND FISH TOP 20 FRUITSVEGETABLESFISH •Bananas potatoes shrimp •Appleslettucecod •Watermelontomatoes Pollock •Oranges onionscatfish •Cantaloupecarrotsscallops •Grapescelerysalmon •Grapefruit sweet cornflounder •Strawberriesbroccoli sole •Peaches green cabbageoyster •Pearscucumbersorange roughy •Nectarinesbell peppersmackerel •Honeydew meloncauliflowerocean perch •Plumsleaf lettucerockfish •Avocados sweet potatoes whiting •Lemons mushroomsclams •Pineapplesgreen onionshaddock •Tangerinesgreen beansblue crab •Sweet cherriesradishtrout •Kiwissummer squashhalibut •Limesasparaguslobster Many of the foods on both the FDA recommended list and the “cancer-fighting foods” are the same. Take the time to cross-reference this list with the cancer-fighting foods list below. You will see that many of the foods are the same. Amazing! By changing your diet, and going back to the way we ate 30-50 years ago without processed foods in our diet, you will have the ability to make your body strong and healthy again. Processed foods are a no-no. A lifetime of processed foods can lead to cancer, heart disease, and obesity, which have all become epidemic proportion in the western world. We have gotten away from true center in our food intake. We eat too much, and especially eat too much of the wrong foods. If you look at the daily diet of a average teenagers, think fast-forward 25-40 years from now, to the amount of illness which will strike their lives after 25-40 years of ingesting chemically processed foods. This is one of the reasons childhood obesity is at epidemic levels. These children do not have a chance for a long healthy life unless they change their eating habits and stop eating processed foods and chemicals. We drink processed soft drinks and orange juice which are filled with high sugar content, we eat processed meat and dairy products which have high chemical content, and we cook our food to the point where we have lost the nutrition either to the water in the boil, or the flame of the cooking process. Foods, as prepared in most Asian countries, do not have the cancer risk we have developed over time in our food processing and preparations in the western world. CANCER FIGHTING FOODS………. There is logic to the identification of healthy foods and the relationship to a healthy body. Listed below are foods which are cancer-fighting foods, and can be used to cure cancer. These foods also happen to be foods for living a healthy lifestyle and can be used everyday, all day for anyone. •Avocados •Broccoli, cabbage, and cauliflower •Carrots •Chili peppers and jalapenos •Figs •Flax Garlic •Ginger •Grapefruits •Grapes, red •Green and yellow leafy vegetables •Kale •Licorice root •Mushrooms •Nuts •Oranges and lemons •Papayas •Raspberries •Red wine •Rosemary •Seaweed and other sea vegetables •Sesame Seed Oil •Soy products such as Tofu •Sweet potatoes •Teas: Green Tea and Black Tea •Tomatoes •Tumeric •Turnips Nature has provided a plethora of foods for us to eat and enjoy a healthy life. Have some fun creating recipes that include the cancer-fighting foods in this article. Explore your grocery store in the vegetable and organic sections. There are many foods readily available at your local grocery or health food store on this list. In the book Cure Your Self of Cancer written by two-time cancer survivor Carol Patterson, you will find breakfast, lunch and dinner recipes for a 30-Day Anti-Cancer Diet consisting of cancer-fighting foods which uses all of the foods mentioned in this article. This diet can save your life. The book shows us how to use cancer-fighting foods to cure cancer. The recipes are also a delicious lifetime diet which you can use in order to maintain a healthy being for many years to come. About the Author: Carol Patterson is a two-time cancer survivor, an international designer and author who regularly contributes articles and eBooks. Her new book “Cure Your ‘Self’ of Cancer” explains alternative cancer treatments, natural cancer cures and holistic cancer cures which she used to heal her body of cancer. Carol Patterson was diagnosed with cancer twice and was healed the second time with alternative cancer treatment. 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