And meet the handsome PK Zhang wailong confidence force preparing for the Yanbian kuanglian set

And meet the handsome PK Zhang wailong confidence force preparing for the Yanbian kuanglian set sail Zhang wailong Daily reporter Lu Mi Chongqing daily news after the intermittent period of three weeks, the Super League will reignite the war. This Friday night at 7:35, in the twenty-fourth round, Lifan will usher in the newly promoted Yanbian flight team in the home court. The 12 race, between Chinese team and Korea team contest for Zhang Wailong and Portsmouth taixia standing in the same camp, give advice and suggestions for the Korean team, and return to the game over, two people have become echelon’s rival". Yanbian in the round the top of the Lifan 2, who can win the game, it will be the first to break the 30 mark points, seize opportunities ashore. For Zhang Wailong kuanglian set pieces in this interval, Lifan first team holiday, then went to Chengdu for a short training. After returning to Chongqing, a full range of training. Yesterday, the reporters came to the the Yanghe River training base to see, for a full hour training time, the team are in ball training, including offensive and defensive. This is Zhang Wailong’s last and most important lesson in the intermission. "During this interval, we emphasize a lot of problems to be improved." Zhang Wailong told reporters: we are in accordance with the previous 23 rounds of the game were summarized, did not have time to solve the problem before, we have to do a targeted preparation. Like before the game ball conceded more, so in the intermittent period of training, I also taught many tactics and demands to the players." When a reporter asked him how to solve these problems, but Zhang began selling off the child, smiled and said: "I say no, to use the game to test." Yanbian good not good at playing away before the 12 season China team and Korea team, Zhang Wailong and Yanbian coach Portsmouth taixia to fly back to South Korea, to give advice and suggestions of their country. This is a return to the game over, the two incarnation of relegation rivals, two teams from the 12 tournament, also has the talent in the back of South Korea’s national team, so that the layers relationship seems to make the game some subtle. Especially the Yanbian team, in the 22 round only 1 wins 2 flat 7 negative results away, the odds of Lifan chips more. But when the reporter tried to inquire about Zhang Wailong’s tone, he was very witty to avoid this somewhat sensitive problem. He said: "I think the game has no special meaning, just a 30 round of the game, compared to the coach, I think the players are more aware of their state." Yesterday, the reporter learned from the club, South Korean foreign aid Zheng Yourong has returned to Chongqing on the road, said Zhang Wailong, as long as he is no problem will let him play. The day after the game, the score gap of only 2 points for the team, who got the 3 points, it will break through the 30 mark in advance, get ashore opportunity. Zhang Wailong confidently told reporters that he and all the players are ready to sprint.相关的主题文章: