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"Anger" hero 90 Huadan "child heart strength deduction sister" – Jo Jo "fury hero" entertainment Sohu Sohu entertainment poster directed by Mao Weining, Yan Yuanwanglei, Deng Jiajia, Jo Jo young and starring the war drama "fury hero" in September 7th will be landing in Jiangsu TV, Shenzhen TV prime time broadcast. The play was "flag" cast, in addition to strength featuring actor Yan Yuanwanglei, the young actor Jo Jo also plays an important role in the play, as tragic and abuse of the heart "of female Wen Qing Xue Wan. Life in a lively and cheerful girl in Northeast embodiment of "child heart sister" one, Jo Jo will be how to interpret this tragic role in hard fate, exciting. Tear child heart is not the same as love drama focuses on the Japanese invaders to Chinese opium trade in Shanghai and the secret island during the puppet period, by Yuan Shuai, Guan Shuang and Xue Wanning led the youth revolt story. The drama played by Jo Jo Xue Wan, lemon simple kindness for love is full of yearning, is a versatile "the female Wen Qing, but after a series of events, between love and betrayal, justice and evil struggle and pain, finally called the most of his life as the heart tear role. In a time of Dayi love, affection, in the selection, played by Jo Jo Xue Wanning to face the truth, love and human considerations, compared to the previous played some simply for the love for all the characters, the Xue Wanning more and more with the child heart, love is the child heart. "The heroine is hundred-percent. In this regard, Jo Jo himself said: This is a very challenging role, the character is very rich, hoping to be able to give the audience an accurate interpretation of my heart Xue Wanning." Funny elves 90 strength Huadan new forces in recent years Jo Jo played the role in understanding, learned and refined and cultured image of the show, whether it is "beauty without tears" in the beautiful and kind-hearted sumaq, or "I love you" in a chic and elegant fragrant season, because of the same good shape, classical temperament and calm the show was a lot of audiences, new power is 90 actress in strength. The "anger hero", she played Xue Wanning is a child of the heart of the tear, "the Republic of China," this is a lively and cheerful northeast girl in life, is not a small contrast. The screen outside Jo Jo straightforward character, personality and appearance of a small woman inside the "female man" is love her audience dubbed the "flash", she said with a smile for yourself often plays the role of the great lady or talented woman, "the actor is a lucky occupation, to experience their own life completely impossible in life, no matter big miss, female Wen Qing or child heart sister, for me, they are very happy to be through them, of course, funny funny comedy can also find me." Such a wizard like 90 new ones will explain how Huadan troubled sad child heart sister? Jo Jo version of the is the heart of the MAX? Please look forward to Jiangsu satellite TV and Shenzhen satellite TV is about to broadcast the TV series, "angry hero"!相关的主题文章: