Annie Yi and the doctor pinch even husband also help to join the war (video)

Annie Yi and the doctor pinch even husband also help doctors to join the war was Annie Yi shelling after counterattack: 5 visit was canceled Tencent entertainment news according to Taiwan media reports, Annie Yi in June this year, the United States gave birth to her daughter, because a festering wound infection, medical dispute. Unwilling to be accused of not many doctors back to the clinic, Annie Yi 27 sun wound with dialogue shots back, husband Qin Hao is also behind the wife in the micro-blog issued a document, the doctor shelling nonsensical behavior "Providence will not forgive". Doctor Annie Yi today back charges, show the conversation with a doctor assistant doctor at lying, not only know her wound, also know she has time to see the doctor, but she was aged two surgeries (production plus wound debridement) too hard, now want to take care of her daughter, do not want to care with each other. Only Qin Hao can husband to swallow this tone, in the micro-blog doctor shelling does not seek death will not die, skill is not impossible, wrong is wrong, that the couple are not named which doctor, the other just jumped out, dare to claim to not know Annie Yi wound suppuration infection, various acts of it is for you Providence will not forgive, "this is the challenge of a limit? Do you want me to send you a copy of the interview?"相关的主题文章: