Appreciate the labor bitterness of 30 students changing cleaning aunt (video) verbal jint

Appreciate the labor bitterness of 30 students changing cleaning aunt is not easy! It’s really not easy! I have been in such a cold day!" A boy is mopping the floor of the corridor of Wuhan Huaxia institute such a feeling. Last winter, School of civil engineering and architecture of the school more than 30 students into the 95 after cleaning, let the normally busy hard cleaning member "laid off" rest their battle instead of their work experience, work. At 10:30 yesterday morning, in the Chinese Institute of No. 7 dormitory building, floor Huang Xi majors in civil engineering are in the corridor. The boy bent the waist, pushed the mop a meter wide hard forward, he said his area of responsibility is the one and three layers corridor, from 8:30 in the morning until now, has dragged on for three times. "These jobs look easy, but it’s hard to do well." The school of civil engineering sophomore Zhang Miaomiao said. "They are all college students, we can think in the cold, so let us move, but also really roll up their sleeves to flush the toilet, mopping the floor." Cleaning staff Zhu told reporters that these children are very smart, a church will, and in particular respect for them. According to the activities of the planner, the school of civil engineering and architecture, Yang Zhicai teacher introduced that the weather is cold, the student dormitory cleaning work is very heavy. To initiate this activity is to promote students to respect labor, respect for workers, and to communicate with ordinary workers, and promote students to develop good health habits and hard-working attitude towards life. Female college students to share the housework of migrant workers, abducted to a farmhouse daughter-in-law相关的主题文章: