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Assad: the international coalition air strikes the Syrian army "deliberate" – Beijing, Beijing, September 22, according to foreign media reports, the president of Syria Assad said that the US led international coalition air force, the government of Syria in Deir ezzor City Army air strikes "deliberate". Assad said in an interview with The Associated Press, said: This is not an accident caused by a plane. This is the four aircraft on the Syria government soldiers positions for nearly an hour, or even more than an hour of attack." Data figure: a team of rescue supplies to the west of Aleppo was hit by artillery shells, resulting in 21 deaths. Assad also pointed out that as long as the western countries continue to support terrorists, the crisis in Syria will continue, no one knows when the crisis will end. In addition, Assad denied the Syria army and the Russian air strikes humanitarian aid team accused. He also denied that the Syrian government does not allow humanitarian aid convoys to the city of Aleppo, said the Syrian government to deliver vaccines to the city, but also to local residents wages. Data figure: Syria, Aleppo was destroyed ruins. Russian Defense Ministry spokesman Kona Schenker J said on the 17 day, fight against Islamic State League of nations of the aircraft in the airport area four hit in Deir ezzor Islamic state Gang encirclement of the Syria army, killing 62 soldiers killed, about 100 people were injured. The US central command said that the United States recognized in Deir ezzor air raid near the army of facts, but also said, have hit the news in advance notice to Moscow, and learned from Russia after the air strikes may Syria soldiers immediately stop air strikes.相关的主题文章: