Associate professor of Zhejiang University plagiarism writer was sentenced to the reported that pay -ca1477

Associate professor of Zhejiang University plagiarism writer was sentenced to compensate for the reported to associate professor Guo Fenyang Marx Institute of Zhejiang University 8000 yuan (pseudonym scattered wood) from Changshu writer Ye Linong’s article? Recently, Changshou City people’s court held a public hearing of the case and the court verdict, found Guo Fenyang published in the "Southern Metropolis Daily" and the "King Gulu" "the Secretary’s visit to the original copy of Changshu writer Ye Linong Wang Gulu visited Japan Secretary", was Guo Fenyang in the "Southern Metropolis Daily" published a statement of apology, and compensation for economic losses to Linong leaves pay 6000 yuan, the spirit of solatium 2000 yuan. In the trial, leaves Linong statements at the end of February 2016 the king Gulu offspring for the "Wang Gulu anthology" a Book of the editing and publishing of Internet search information, found many websites and forums (including the signature "(ancient wood powder)" micro headlines) were reprinted in September 4, 2014 "Southern Metropolis Daily" full page version of the "history" "Wang Gulu’s visit" Secretary of the Guo Fenyang, associate professor of the Zhejiang University Marx Institute (pseudonym wood powder). Guo Fenyang’s article published in serious plagiarism "Changshu field" in 2012 the first phase of the "Wang Gulu" secretary’s visit to japan. Ye Linong said that since 2003 he began to study Wang Gulu, after ten years of investigation, combing the historical data, research literature, and after several modifications, continue to add, in "Wang Gulu and Guo Fenyang" secretary’s visit to Japan, a plagiarism of his research, even a "in the original copy error" copy. In April this year, he had a number of contacts with the Marx School of the Zhejiang University and the, but although admitted to plagiarism in his letter, but explained that the reasons for the deletion of the editors of Nandu led to plagiarism in. On the day of the trial, Guo Fenyang himself did not appear in court, the lawyer also confirmed that plagiarism, but insisted that this is the "Southern Metropolis Daily" editor to cut. Accordingly, the leaf Linong provides September 4, 2014 "Southern Metropolis Daily" B17 version and the defendant Guo Fenyang published "the king Gulu secretary’s visit" electronic print version, proof of "Southern Metropolis Daily" not to Guo Fenyang editing, and the plaintiff and the many similar, copied and. After the trial, the Changshu court of final court finds that Guo Fenyang copied established facts, and make the decision. Correspondent Yang Jinqiong Li Jun ZAKER of Nanjing Modern Express reporter He Jie editor: Joe’s SN098相关的主题文章: