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Astepping-stone to success breeds chaos title language exam will decide on what path to follow? – Ma Jun, Anhui is a grassroots institutions responsible person. Since the title has not passed the English exam, and now 44 years old, he is just a junior title, a lot less than the title of high wages colleagues. The exam of the establishment of 20 years, has been accompanied by the "" chicken ribs "question. Clear in March this year the central government introduced the "on deepening talent development system reform opinions", highlight the leading role with the subject in the title of the assessment of the reasonable definition and decentralization of the title assessment authority, promote universities, research institutes and independent review of state owned enterprises; Post said foreign language and computer application ability examination is not a uniform requirement. Reporters learned that, at present, the country has at least 4 provinces canceled the rigid requirements of the title foreign language examination, the majority of regions and units are still waiting to see. About a million people apply each year, now become "chicken ribs" "if the seniority and professional ability, I review the subtropical high is certainly no problem, but is stuck in the title in english." Ma Jun said. Behind the title evaluation is income and promotion, compared to the high title of colleagues, Ma Jun’s monthly salary of nearly 1000 yuan less. At the same time, the low title has repeatedly restricted his promotion. The national title language exam, is a "hard line of professional and technical personnel of enterprises and institutions of our country’s promotion". In accordance with the exemption conditions except minority groups, the majority of enterprises are required by the appropriate level of the title language exam, it has a precondition to declare the corresponding title. Over the years, an average of about one million people each year to apply for foreign language titles. China deputy researcher of Academy of Social Sciences Institute of political science Liu Shanying said, rigid requirements of title language exam, to improve my enterprises employees comprehensive service quality, expand foreign exchanges and cooperation has indeed played a positive role. However, with the national education level and the overall improvement of the foreign language level, the national unified title foreign language examination also exposed many drawbacks. In addition, as the titles of "astepping-stone to success", the title of a foreign language exam to become part of organizations and individuals to shake Qian Shu, breeding a variety of chaos. Before the exam, Paul had all kinds of training information everywhere, some even open training guidance cheating; test, behavior test, answer questions such as transfer fraud repeated; after the test, the examinee personal grasp accurate information agency claims to be able to modify the results online". Hunan Province personnel examination institute last year revealed that there are 1841 serious violations of the province’s personnel examination within two years, a total of 3168, of which there are foreign language titles exam has become a serious violation of the hardest hit". In fact, in some places, the title of foreign language examination of the mandatory provisions of the specific implementation has been quietly shelved". In recent years, many places have expanded the scope of title language exam exemption, some units of internal regulations, over 50 people declare Title exemption. Provisions of Anhui Province Department of human society, men over 50 years of age, women over 45 years of age may dispense foreign language titles. Shanxi, Jilin, Changchun and other regions also suggested that the county level and below the grassroots units of professional and technical personnel, to declare the title of all levels are canceled foreign language requirements. Take.相关的主题文章: