Backyard in Yangshuo, drink a cup of coffee, reading a book on time

in the Yangshuo backyard, a cup of coffee, reading a book on time

photography / text: TIM life traveler

just suddenly spread north snow, a haze of allure,

I sat in the backyard of Yangshuo, drink a cup of cappuccino.

clear sunlight outside the window, projected on the open book,

the Yulong River bamboo, hidden across the bamboo raft,

is the wind hit the messy leaves,

flashing fine spot.

[when you can’t change, you can choose to escape]

Gao Tian Cun

backyard Yulong River in Yangshuo,

is the opposite side of the shooting "Liu Sanjie" is known for the big banyan,

next to a few paces away is a huge cave,

every day, there are several Zhuang old mother sitting there basking in the sun.

lives in the backyard of the four floor of the room,

wakes up every day to open the door to the balcony,

moist and fresh air blowing,

distant mountains blurred in the morning mist,

window under the ERON River,

32 leaves Waltz Floating past the raft.

occasionally rain, the river under the tree on the boardwalk,

will be covered with a red, Boardwalk dog,

look around aimlessly, doing nothing.

when you can not change the sandstorm, but also can not afford to exceed the haze,

is more afraid of a few degrees below zero in winter,

so, you can choose to escape, like me,

to the backyard guest,

enjoy a warm time.

[have feelings of habitat, backyard Art Museum, hostel]

SAM is an architectural designer, but the hidden dream of literature and art,

years ago, he was in the beautiful landscape of Yangshuo,

began to let the feelings of the West lodge.

that is called "203040" Inn once fast,

SAM turned it over to someone else,