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Bayi school teachers and students in the eyes of Xi Jinping, general secretary of the CPC has repeatedly said that a person meets a good teacher is lucky in life, a steady stream of people in the country is a good teacher is the hope of the nation. Thirty-second teachers’ day, general secretary spoke at the Beijing Bayi school, teachers and students has aroused strong repercussions. Yesterday, the general secretary of the primary school and middle school to see his teacher taught, although several retired old teacher has over seventy years of age, memories of childhood is still visible before the eyes of Xi Jinping. Reporter: do you think so many years is not in your heart, in fact, he has not changed. The primary school language teacher Tian Luying: no has not changed, or when that is so nice, so honest. The original junior high school Chinese teacher Chen Qiuying: some little boy shouting, that is, the next lesson you hit me, I kick you kick, but he is always very stable, has always been very calm and very simple. Beijing Bayi School President Shen Jun: originally, I was ready to explain a lot of this commentary, want to lead the general secretary recalled his life in school. However, once the general secretary went to the picture before, familiar to point out that this is the second grade the first grade live, the school should be followed by a pile of soil, as the identity of a commentator, was completely replaced the general secretary. Let chenjiaochang surprise, the general secretary to look at their primary school class archives after fond memories. Shen Jun Beijing Bayi school principals: we have such a book he had never seen, but he actually most of the names of the students he can call up, and can simply say something (and) these children live together, so we say that his memory is really strong. The alma mater deep emotion, from fine tradition of respecting teachers, practical action to the general secretary with years of inheriting the virtue. The original primary school Chinese teacher: Tian Luying sent me a greeting card, very touched. The junior middle school language teacher Chen Qiuying: that my foot, and then about a few students to come to see me. Beijing City Bayi school teacher Wang Jianwen: when he saw the old teacher sitting in front, cordial greetings to them at the time over the scene, really makes me very touched, tears, this is respecting a practicing advocate a. The alma mater to Xi Jinping is not only the knowledge, and benefit life values and independent learning ability, so that the general secretary of the stage of basic education is essential for every child, he was very concerned about the situation of school quality education. Yesterday in the Bayi school days, see the students are developing our first high school students science satellite, he was very pleased. And in the field to do a report of a particular regret, because he was too nervous to say a lot of words. Reporter: you can now talk to Grandpa again. Beijing Bayi international high school two students Wang Shenghe: really? Grandpa came over, I would like to hold his hand and then say hello to you, I am from the International Department of high school two classes of wang. I was a little dream 7相关的主题文章: