Been to Japan more than 10 times may not know these good places

a mention of Japan, you think that is the Tokyo tower, Mt Fuji, Osaka City, Nara Park, Fushimi Inari, these hot spots will go to of course, but it’s too noisy. In fact, it is difficult to take a vacation, is to find a real relaxed leisure. TripAdvisor cat way Eagle inventory of a small number of unique attractions in Japan, let you enjoy the quiet years of the United states.

Hokkaido: Lake


Lake Mashu (Lake) is the world’s second highest transparency in the lake, the highest transparency is currently recorded about 41 meters! When the sky is clear, the lake will show a unique blue. However, the lake is often shrouded in fog, in order to see her face in the good weather is not easy oh!

Cape Kimuaneppu

Cape Kimuaneppu

this wetland is a treasure trove of native plants, rare coral grass growing here, from September to October, the coral grass turned red, the vast expanse of the earth is covered with a red carpet, it is beautiful.

nets go ice

net walk


Heilongjiang brought a large amount of fresh water, the sea of Okhotsk gradually divided into two layers of different water salinity on. Because the upper salinity content and low freezing point increase in temperature is -1.8 degrees when the frozen ice formation, ice layer. In the net can enjoy the stunning scenery of ice, especially ice can take the boat to the sea, into the vast expanse of the ice, the one and only very experience.


state in Northeast China: Oirase stream ( Aomori)

Oirase stream (Oirase and River) and ten with Tian Hu has been designated as a special scenic spot in Aomori Prefecture and natural monument. The flowing water is extremely variable, the water splashes and the water is full of interest. Walk along the river, enjoy the natural beauty of the road, along the way a variety of large and small waterfall is also remarkable, it is worth a visit.

( Onsen hot spring in Yamagata Prefecture)