Beijing Children’s Hospital experts, Eastern experts sold tight 2000 yuan in

Beijing Children’s Hospital experts, Eastern experts sold tight 2000 yuan – Beijing has been well-known experts Beijing Children’s Hospital market is "tight" resources. In recent years, the hospital Eastern Hospital experts began the children regularly in the children’s hospital group visits, but the recent frequent traffickers through formal channels telephone appointment to hang on to the number of experts, sold at high prices to sell do not understand the situation of foreign patients. In this regard, yesterday, the relevant responsible person to remind parents, the Beijing Children’s Hospital of mobile phone APP, 114 appointment registration platform and the children’s Hospital of Eastern telephone booking platform and other channels can be registered, patients do not signal traffickers, causing economic losses. In addition, the Beijing Municipal Public Security Bureau recently announced that it will focus on the fight against the hospital traffickers special action to crack down on medical behavior. No. 2000 East expert sold "neurology has a surname mother for patients, 3 year old baby expert from the hands of traffickers hanging, the cost is 2000 yuan." The day before, the Eastern District of Beijing children’s Hospital, the hospital responsible person received a staff to reflect the. After investigation, the original name of foreign patients is Professor Wu Husheng ran one of the founders of Neurology Department of Beijing Children’s Hospital and Beijing Children’s Hospital registered in, encountered a number of traffickers, and spent much of the price is led to the children’s Hospital of eastern. In fact, is the number of traffickers through the normal way to hang the number, and then sold to the high price of patients." The responsible person said that the number of dealers with asymmetric information, see people feel "expert one is hard to find the psychological, to make money by Daomaidaomai, causing economic losses to the patients. In recent years the number of dealers from scratch, now is not a case, have occurred. But as many patients as long as they can see the experts, will not disclose information traffickers, also increased the difficulty for the verification. According to the understanding of scarce resources regularly Zuozhen Eastern Eastern District of Beijing, is one of the children’s Hospital of Beijing Children’s Hospital group member institutions, well-known experts regularly Zuozhen, help improve the children in eastern area of the city’s medical level, and some were trapped in the local, and not have to get together to the Beijing Children’s Hospital". The list of experts, in addition to many experts of pediatric medicine, including Department of Dermatology, ophthalmology, otolaryngology head and neck surgery and other departments will regularly Zuozhen experts led a week. In addition, some in the Beijing Children’s Hospital has been completely out of the "top experts" in the children’s Hospital of Eastern "appeared". For example, renowned domestic and foreign national leader Ning Sun in the pediatric department of Urology Beijing Children’s Hospital has no clinic, will only participate in some difficult cases consultation, but there will be regular visits in the eastern children’s hospital. Is the scarcity of such resources regularly Zuozhen experts, let the traffickers take advantage of. Multi-channel booking not fooled, in fact, through the normal way to hang these experts is not difficult, but there are some patients do not understand the way." According to reports, Beijing Children’s Hospital patients through mobile phone APP, East Beijing children’s Hospital and the official website of WeChat public number to check schedules, and call the booking hotline 52009999 for registration. In addition, the Institute of crystal相关的主题文章: