Beijing limit price premium land pilot plots 5 years after the purchase shall not be sold

Beijing limit price competing land pilot plots: 5 years after purchase may not be sold first "limit price competing land plots" publish rules and limit future price stability is expected to advance to lock Beijing day before the launch of the 4 "limit price competing land pilot plots, City Planning Commission yesterday issued a supplementary notice, to further refine the pilot land bidding rules. 4 cases of future sales of commercial housing shall not be bundled refined decoration, the purchase of 5 years shall not be sold. In terms of price limits, the average sales price of 3 plots of land in Yongfeng industrial base of Haidian District is $53 thousand and 400 per square meter, and the average selling price of the land in Daxing District is about 55 thousand and 800 yuan per square meter. In order to improve the quality of just to be owner occupied housing, the land prices in addition to the first set of "bidding for self-sustaining commercial residential area" and "high standards of residential construction project bidding way". In September 30th 5 years shall not be sold after the purchase, Beijing city issued "about some measures" of the city to promote the stable and healthy development of the real estate market, clear the pilot take Limited sales price as the land auction conditions, the rapid rise in real estate prices control. City Planning Commission official said, the implementation of the 4 plots of land in Beijing city "9· 30" new requirements, with limited sales prices, set the upper limit for the enterprise, area ratio and the quality of the construction scheme of self and other measures to promote the healthy development of the real estate market. 4 plots also implement the "9070" policy, namely the dwelling area of 90 square meters of housing area accounted for more than 70% of the proportion of all housing area. Supplementary announcement released yesterday, clear the 4 plots of future sales of commercial housing, from the household real estate registration certificate shall not be sold for 5 years or the tax payment certificate within. Experts said that Beijing proposed this measure and the introduction of pilot plots, is to protect the residents just need to live. Prohibit bundling fine decoration for sale, the price limit competing land pilot plots, the most attention is limited sales price. According to the supplementary announcement, Haidian District industrial base of 3 plots of land, the average sales price of 53400 yuan square meters, the highest sales price of $56100 square meters in Yongfeng. Daxing District Huangcun plots, the average sales price of 55800 yuan square meters, the highest sales price of $58500 square meters. At the same time, the announcement also made a number of plots of land price cap. Experts said that, regardless of the land price is set when the transfer of the ceiling, or limited sales prices, are reflected in the government reasonably guide the market is expected to curb the rapid rise in prices. In addition, experts believe that the supply of land from the final sale of the housing, there will be a year and a half to two years, now locked in the future price, more reasonable guide market expectations. In order to prevent developers by bundling decoration in the form of increased future sales prices, the supplementary notice is also clear that the project in the construction of commodity housing sales should be in strict accordance with the above defined sales price and the highest sales price. Not forced tying other services, product sales of commodity housing, no tie decoration. "Land auction bidding self-sustaining Lu area."相关的主题文章: