Beijing municipal hospital will provide guidance outpatient medication consultation professional

Beijing municipal hospital outpatient medication consultation will provide professional guidance – Sohu news Beijing News (reporter Dai Xuan) department in the hospital, see more patients get a lot of drugs to reduce the dosage, but do not know how to lose, reduction, also can’t find a place to ask…… In the future this situation will improve. Reporters yesterday from the Beijing municipal authority learned, Beijing municipal hospital plans to open medication consultation, provide more professional and accurate medication consultation service for patients. Medication consultation center 2 years of service 163 thousand people yesterday, Beijing Municipal Hospital Authority held 2016 pharmacist skills contest, the reporter from the tournament was informed that the city is studying the opening ha medication consultation clinic in the municipal hospital, to provide patients with more individualized and continuously traceable, obvious characteristics of specialist consulting services. Deputy director of the Beijing Municipal Hospital Authority Bian Baosheng introduction, since 2014, with the medicine separate reform initiatives, ha established medication consultation center in 22 municipal hospitals, medication guide services for patients, promote the transformation of pharmacists. Up to now, has successfully served 163 thousand patients. Next, the Beijing Municipal Hospital Authority will set up study medication consultation clinic, outpatient consultation services will be unified medication consultation process and content standards, highlighting the special features, such as chronic disease consultation, anticoagulation and consulting, and through the "carry out precise pharmacy" to go to the individual counseling, explore standardized pharmacy consultation management work model, provide patients with more individualized and continuously traceable, obvious characteristics of specialist consulting services. "The pharmacist" WeChat public number after the national online reporter also learned that in yesterday’s activities, and promote the rational use of the popularization of healthy development, to create authoritative drug science new media platform, by the Beijing municipal hospital authority operation of the "Beijing pharmacist" WeChat public, is expected to be formally launched in the national day. Ha Wang Wei chief pharmacist told reporters, the municipal hospital will spread the reasonable safe medication knowledge, will use the propaganda towards specialization, integration of healthy life, disease prevention and other content, for the well-being of national health. Follow up counseling will provide more professional medication guidance according to the 22 Municipal Hospital of Beijing city has set up a medication guide medication consultation center, so the difference of medication consultation in outpatient and medication consultation center? City Hospital Pharmacy Management Bureau Director Yan Bing introduced, compared to drug counseling centers, outpatient medication consultation will be more professional, but also closer to patients. Yan Bing said, a lot of patients after illness at a number of departments, get the hands of many kinds of medicine, want to reduce the dosage, but the lack of professional guidance, take drugs to ask a separate department, the doctors think there is no problem, in this case, the need for specialized pharmacists professional guidance to its. Yan Bing introduced a similar situation mainly concentrated in the field of chronic disease, many patients with chronic diseases as diabetes, hypertension, and hyperlipidemia, in this case, ha I also hope to have chronic disease medication consultation clinic patients were comprehensive and is fixed by consulting pharmacist, give a detailed and.相关的主题文章: