Beijing prohibits intermediaries to provide services to public

Beijing banned the intermediary service for Zhiguangongfang original title: the core area of Beijing can provide intermediary services for Zhiguangongfang illegal cancel Beijing city Xicheng District net signed qualifications strictly regulate real estate intermediary acts prohibited intermediary to provide services for Zhiguangongfang, illegal operations will cancel the qualification of net signed. Xicheng District, the capital of the core functional areas, with a lot of public housing, the district is also a strong area of education in Beijing, gathered many schools. Recently, 359 representatives of Xicheng District Housing Authority convened the chain of home, I love my family more than 200 real estate intermediary meeting, intermediary agency is not clear Zhiguangongfang tenant unauthorized transfer, private sale or sell Zhiguangongfang use rights for the lessee to change the login procedures; Xicheng District dangerous list, without housing security identification of the cottage, intermediary institutions shall not provide services. According to the "Xicheng District on the strengthening of the real estate intermediary management to promote the healthy development of the industry views", the supervision and punishment of Xicheng District Housing Authority will increase the intermediary Zhiguangongfang sublet, lend, trading behavior. The "opinions", the real estate intermediary agency or brokerage personnel in violation of regulations, to provide real estate brokerage services for a ban on trading houses, Xicheng District Housing Authority will be based on the provisions of the "real estate brokerage management measures", to take brokerage personnel shall be ordered to make corrections, credited to the credit archives, impose a fine on the real estate intermediary institutions; take, cancel the qualification, signed a fine administrative punishment measures, to completely eliminate the transfer behavior zhiguangongfang. Xicheng District housing authority requires intermediaries to provide security services for the existence of housing construction safety. Intermediary to construction safety state of rental housing to understand, to review the rental housing security situation, inform all housing for rental housing is responsible for the safety and security requirements of housing lessors written confirmation. Real estate agents in the development of cottage rental brokerage business, the proposed rental housing address and the Xicheng District Housing Authority announced a list of dangerous houses compared. According to the list of dangerous houses, said the Xicheng District Housing Authority, without the identification of housing safety to meet the safety requirements, intermediary institutions shall not provide housing rental brokerage services.相关的主题文章: