Beijing station operation Department Qiantang River bore the world’s first permanent system of obser-tianbi

Qiantang River observation station, bore the world’s first permanent system of observation system – Beijing Beijing in September 18 Haining Xinhua (reporter Jiang Yun Intern Yang Yunyi) August eighteen tide, spectacular world without. 18, bore Qiantang River observation station officially running, all-weather Qiantang River tidal bore during the process of collecting data, growth and decline. This is also the world’s first tidal observation system and a permanent system of. Bore Qiantang River observation system consists of 10 sites. From the tide tide to the demise of the more than and 100 km, with salt, beauty dam 2 bore observation station, twenty broken gate, large gap, old salt, the new warehouse warehouse, seven Fort River, wenjiayan, Jiashao Bridge 8 observation points, the whole process of tidal observation. Since there is no system of qianjiangchao monitoring, bore Qiantang River observation station officially put into operation, to a certain extent, to fill the gaps and shortcomings of the research on the history of tidal bore. Previously only rely on artificial means, means simple, less data types, and now more comprehensive, more." Zhejiang province Qian Tang administration technology and information commissioner told reporters before the punishment, can only measure the spring tides, the tidal bore height and morphological data collected by artificial means, calculation speed. And now, the observation station will according to the needs of the tidal bore, all-weather long duration acquisition tide, tidal bore height, shape, wave pressure, moving process, tidal level and velocity and sediment concentration data. "Bore Qiantang River is known to the world, the most important scientific research resources. Study on evolution law of tidal bore, to predict, to disaster prevention and mitigation. At the same time, also bore cultural resources, grasp the law after the better development of tourism resources, economic tide." Hu Chunhong, academician of the Chinese Academy of engineering, providing technical guidance to the observatory. Professor Chanson from University of Queensland in Australia, the observation of tidal bore Qiantang River is also very interested, he is one of the members of the tidal bore Qiantang River research in the world of tidal bore. He believes that for the tidal bore research is a very challenging job, he hoped that through Qiantang River observation stations, and jointly promote the sustainable development of the world on the tidal bore. According to the Yanguan observation station data, September 18th, the salt tide period of up to 2.12 meters high. Square cloud to remind visitors, due to the external typhoon caused the water level increases, the low water level elevation superposition of tidal bore, tourists need to pay attention to safety especially the night tide tide, ornamental. (end)相关的主题文章: