Beijing – VIDEO – emperor what to wear what Chinese and foreign audience a glimpse of Chengdu

Beijing – VIDEO – emperor what to wear what? Chinese and foreign audiences in Chengdu a glimpse of what the emperor Qian Long the theme of cultural relics in Chengdu special exhibition three days welcoming 90 thousand people [comment] recently, the "prosperous emperor — Qing Gaozong emperor Qian Long special exhibition" in Chengdu City Museum, attracting many people flocked to visit the province and outside the bustling. According to statistics, only the Mid Autumn Festival three days holiday, the museum has received nearly 90 thousand visitors, 18, reporters came to the Chengdu City Museum, a taste of the emperor "style". [comment] it is understood that the "Qianlong special exhibition" is the first time in 30 years after the the Imperial Palace exhibition came to Chengdu for the first time, is also the the Imperial Palace Museum for the first time in the country held imperial comprehensive theme exhibition, is the first exhibition of "Qianlong in southwest china". The exhibition, "the emperor Qian Long" from the Imperial Palace Museum "" 119 pieces (sets), the total value of 300 million yuan as a symbol of cultural relics, the eternal and everlasting rule "Ca Mau YONGGU" cup and many other cultural relics are for the first time in the Imperial Palace museum outside the exhibition hall on display at the exhibition with rich and exquisite the exhibit shows the Qian Long emperor’s political and military achievements and daily life. [comment] the reporter saw in the exhibition hall, from glass to calligraphy; from robes to porcelain, each showcase before there are a lot of people stop to watch, savor. Chen Feng from Anyue special zone with their children came to visit Chengdu Museum in exhibition, this exhibition is very meaningful to think is also very rare. The same period [] (Anyue citizen Chen Feng) I feel very good, I felt something inside make people feel very different, can let the children see, should see more, better, (let him know our history of it) for some of our technology, ah, some of us and not the same place in foreign countries, especially some of our own long history of some memories can give him to explain, explore. In addition, the exhibition also attracted a lot of Chinese culture like foreigners to visit. The same period [] (German people Christian Edward?) I heard there is a newly opened Museum in Chengdu, I Chinese on the history and the ancient culture are very interested to visit the exhibition so I think I left a deep impression, the impression is very good to me, and I believe will come to visit. [comment] according to the director Du Kang, in addition to the display of exquisite cultural relics, the pavilion itself is also a major bright spot, in order to better bring cultural relics, they also use a lot of thought on how to display the cultural relics. The same period [] (the official Du Kang) I think of the current display effect is also quite satisfactory, because the pre inspection is a large amount of data, because many of them are using the the Imperial Palace elements, such as we are on top of each curtain, and these pages, almost all from the Imperial Palace, which itself reflects one theme at the time the example shows that these pieces of clothing, certainly its background, or when some of the supporting graphics is the choice of the Qianlong was a scene of acting as a background, and then there show eight armor when it is the use of Qianlong Yue map, then a review of the Manchu soldiers large scroll Road相关的主题文章: