Beijing – VIDEO – held in Wuhan Chinese first professional blood BMW open speed-vidalia

Beijing – VIDEO – held in Wuhan Chinese first professional blood BMW open speed [comment] in October 22nd, the fourteenth session of the Wuhan International Horse Racing Festival opened in Wuhan, as the "blood BMW heavyweight player", in addition to the opening ceremony, for the first time into the gate in speed horse race. It is reported that the first Grand Prix for China speed BMW BMW professional speed open. BMW pace brisk elegant full size, beautiful, slender limbs, thin skin capillary, much used as jumping and dressage performance, less for horse racing. The competition is between 3 to BMW 8 year old adult horses are born each Ferghana BMW, had complete genealogical records. [] over the audience the impression of a BMW endurance horse, should be able to run the horse, then it should be beautiful, bmw. Today looks very handsome, unexpectedly also BMW run quite quickly, then do so much on horseback acrobatic movements, is also quite amazing feeling. [scene] the scene of the audience to visit the scene is not the same, I feel that the performances are very beautiful Marseille, and then the horses are very beautiful. In the same period, the audience watching TV and the scene to see or feel the same, that is, the scene will certainly be very passionate, compared to the feeling of the kind of horse racing feeling. [comment] at the China blood BMW only more than 200 horses, this is also one of the reasons they are expensive. In the past, horse owners would never let love horse racing in, and the selected 8 Ferghana horse epoch-making event for the first time into the gate, the staff explained, with Chinese racing gradually mature, horse owners also hope to see the speed on the field potential of bmw. Statistics show that the "blood BMW" skin is thin, easy to run, the blood in the blood vessels were seen. In addition, the horse’s shoulder and neck glands developed, often when the horse sweat after the first tidal wet for jujube red or maroon horse, local color will appear more vivid after sweating, give a person with bloody illusion. Reporter Zheng Yan Zou Hao Hubei, Wuhan reported相关的主题文章: