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Beijing – VIDEO – student easy to cheat? Chongqing police campus a student can not measure fangpian out [comment] recently, the Chongqing police entered the University of Chongqing, a vivid network communication anti fraud knowledge course for freshmen who. In the preventive test, has several test questions, also admitted to live many freshmen. Reporters saw the test by the Nan’an police selected, covering the "winning fraud", "online shopping ticket back to unsubscribe, fraud, posing as a teacher led relatives fraud, money laundering fraud posing as public security organs", "possession parcels fraud", "online part-time scalping fraud, almost all criminals aiming at the students the usual types of fraud. [comment] the sample storage and analysis, no full answer, the highest error rate in the online shopping item, police said these students fraud prevention awareness is not strong, encounter fraud information, also have chances to chat through to identify cheaters, easy to go around, to be. The same period [] (a college student in Chongqing) he said is your credit card overdraft, I think my personal information must not leak, I minor may not have credit cards, I don’t have a debit card, then I think it must be a scam phone. [comment] the test the highest score only more than and 90 points, the highest score of more than and 90 points of the girls had credit card fraud, after the network communication fraud trick extra attention, but encountered deceptive scams or questions on when. The same period [] (a college student in Chongqing) he gave me a web site that I landed on this site, or I score will be within twenty-four hours will be canceled, and I was the first time for industrial and commercial bank card, and then I went to the information input up, but there’s not money. [comment] south of the police, this year 1 to August, Nan’an police cracked a total of more than 600 cases of fraud of network communication, network communication fraud arrested 47 suspects, destroyed 4 gangs, about 300000 yuan in economic losses. The same period [] (police) fraud whether he is in what way, eventually, finally have a foothold, is that you have to give him money, or are you going to transfer to him, whether he give you more tricks more tricks finally are the same, as long as we put the final this mark is clamped once that any suspicion or doubt should consult their friends and family is best to dial 110 for police. Chongqing Jia Cheng reported Nanshi相关的主题文章: