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Beijing – VIDEO – the world’s first minimum pocket drone debut Guangxi suction eye index of 5 stars the world’s first smallest pocket UAV debut in Guangxi Guigang suction eye index of 5 stars [comment] sixth Guangxi inventions exhibition fair is held in Guangxi guigang. The world’s first smallest pocket UAV unveiled the exhibition site, attracting people onlookers. This UAV is designed to fold up the state only palm size, the whole battery weight of only 199 grams. Through the optical flow and sonar can hover indoor positioning, both indoor and outdoor flight, the camera can also be photographed. The same period [] (deputy general manager of Guangxi Zhongyi Electronic Technology Co. Ltd Zhang Yuxiang) it is equipped with a 13 million pixel camera, 4K camera can record, there are continuous pictures and many other features, it also has face recognition, face to follow, and object tracking and other functions. [comment] in addition to UAV, 3D printing pancakes, 3D drawing and 3D sugar making toys has become a hot concern of the exhibition. The same period [] (Guangxi Tongchuang 3D Technology Co. company staff Xue Long) we have here fitted with sensors, through our hands, side (3D model) can be induced into our hands, we can imitate hand movements, this is 3D printing machine and combined in the application scope. In addition, for the shooting of the film, television, electronic control track also attracted a lot of technical control sought after. The exhibition also exhibited at the same universities and research centers and primary and middle school students invention results from modern science and technology, the application of desktop manipulator, automatic welding machine, dryer and other life day to regain the wardrobe Home Furnishing small inventions, everything. It is reported that the sixth Guangxi inventions exhibition and trade fair a total of more than and 380 enterprises, universities and research institutes participating, participating in the project 1300 items, which are "sophisticated" products. Yu Jing Zhang Guangquan Li Yuanyuan Guigang Guangxi reported相关的主题文章: