Belgian and French police because of cross-border refugees dispute –

Belgian and French police because of "cross-border" refugees dispute – Beijing, China News Agency, Brussels (reporter Shen Chen) in September 22, two days before the Belgian police in France by the French police interrogation for more than five hours, on charges of "illegal entry of refugees to france". Belgian police union on September 22nd, said it would consider the matter in the next week to launch a strike to protest French police misconduct. According to Belgian media reports, the incident occurred on Tuesday (September 20th). 11 in the morning, the Belgian police found in its territory of the illegal refugees of the 15, the Belgian immigration office requires the illegal refugees leave the same day that the 15. Later in the day, the Belgian police escort the second installment of 13 illegal refugees left the accident". Sitting in a car in the French police in the refugees found traces of border territory of the French side ratio method, and follow it to find the two Belgian police "escort" refugees. French police immediately seized two Belgian police, and in the evening of the two police interrogation for more than five hours. During the trial, the two Belgian police officers were detained without a translator or a lawyer. France is very angry with the Belgian police to help illegal immigrants in france. The French Interior Minister Caze Nave because it specifically called Ambassador of Belgium in France, said this is not the correct approach between the two governments in dealing with this event. Belgium is a stomach grievances". Belgian police argued that France and in the border than the "Schengen area", the border offices do not have obvious signs that the border is located. Belgian police is "accidentally" missent illegal refugees entering france. Earlier, the two countries than the police often in the vicinity of the joint law enforcement. French police, after being informed of the identity of the Belgian police, still questioned him for more than five hours. Belgian police union said it could not understand that this is definitely not a misunderstanding". By two Belgian police French police interrogation from Belgium Dutch District of Ypres. Ypres police chief George Chris said, than the method? The police through the way of dialogue in the peaceful atmosphere to solve the dispute. Belgian police union intends to launch a strike next week, the parties concerned to make an explanation of the incident, to avoid the recurrence of similar incidents. Belgian police union spokesman Vincent pointed out that the two countries than the police often in the vicinity of the joint law enforcement, but there is a lack of appropriate judicial interpretation. For example, the Belgian police have the right to shoot criminals in France, etc.. The Oolong incident occurred, just to improve the corresponding judicial rules provide an opportunity. (end)相关的主题文章: