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Health JOYE vaporizers are great for many reasons. One of them is that they have superior cartridges that hold more liquid and dispense it more efficiently to the atomizer. The more efficient atomizer creates volumes of vapor from the eliquid in the refillable cartridges. The refillable cartridges are one of the best advantages when compared with other brands that do not have cartridges that allow you to refill with your choice of liquid. The refillable cartridge is one of the central components of a vaporizer, and the ability of making your own choices determines the quality of your experience of the whole product. This is where the JOYE 510 wins over other vaporizers. The 5 pack of cartridges JOYE cartridges are always available in packs of 5 for your convenience. This is to ensure that you always have a few spares. Buying cartridges for the 510 is very easy because they are several Genuine Joyetech distributors and retailers available online unlike some other off brands or copies. Each set of cartridge costs about $4. Changing the cartridge is a painless affair. There is a straightforward mechanism where you have to just pull it out from the atomizer and inserting a new full cart in seconds. Refill it and put it back the same way. You cannot go wrong with the process because there is only one way you can do it. You can see now that you save hundreds of dollars with a JOYE 510 over the regular tobacco cigarettes each month. The poly fill foam JOYE refillable standard cartridges contain white poly fill foam. The foam can be removed from the cartridge to be cleaned with tap water so you may change a flavor in the cartridge and keep them fresh. The default foam is very effective for most. For those who like dripping there is an option to replace the stock foam with custom made foam that allows the liquid to flow faster like dripping and not burn. If you are a dripper you may have the same look as a stock 510 but with the function of dripping by upgrading the cartridge foam the super blue foam which is only available from TheVaporPro. Using the Super Blue Foam you will no longer need a drip tip or the inconvenience of using a drip tip The blue foam is durable, and is the last foam you will need to buy as it is washable. If you want to clean your blue foam, then just rinse it with water. The open cell foam is fairly resistant to damage and it can withstand very high temperatures up to 425 degrees, far above the normal 180 degrees operating temperature of a standard atomizer. The best part about it is that you only have to pay about $2 for the high quality foam. All of this makes the cartridge of your JOYE 510 very efficient and it can save you some money. This is yet another reason to choose JOYE e cigarettes when you are looking for options. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: