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Bianbobian puzzle! "Dante" Hanks advanced version run actor non-stop run run Sina entertainment news you may think this analogy is not appropriate. But, please believe me, from "the Da Finch code" to "angels and demons", and the new "code" Dante, breath down, looked at Tom Hanks in a different city, with different beauty, looking for different "baby" in a limited time, in addition to the Hollywood industry standard clothing props this has been on the run, with Professor Landon like "running man" is really! In addition to all run as everyone knows, cartoons, American National actor Tom Hanks rarely participate in the live action movie sequel, the only exception is Lang Howard directed, adapted series professor Landon since the Dan Brown. The password is the "Dante" series of the latest film, the protagonist is still Professor, expert Robert Landon of Harvard University religious symbol, but this time, he begins seriously injured in amnesia he slowly found himself was again involved in the conspiracy, in unraveling the decryption of the patterns at the same time, Professor Landon as the "running man" even in some complex, constantly on the run far fetched plot routines, Dante described purgatory scenes constantly emerged in the brain, but European city scenery together, everything will not let people too fine points. Continue to run for the domestic audience, "Dante code" the biggest attraction is Tom Hanks, "the Da Finch code" of the legend. However, before the series two although reputation in general, but the box office is the list of the best, especially in the first part of "the Da Finch code", as the first 06 years of Hollywood import Fenzhang, first weekend will break the record with 40 million, the final box office success of billions of dollars, became the domestic cinema a million households. Unfortunately, the second "angels and devils" and failed to release in the country. "The Da Finch code" in 2006 in the domestic release, series third "Dante password" successfully got Longbiao, after ten years in the theater to see Tom Hanks incarnation of Professor Robert Landon, he full of religious symbolism of cold knowledge, like a detailed list of dishes and cultural relics, will not have the wonderful feeling of my childhood? With the release of the new film, Xiao Bian together with the "Da Finch code" and "angels and demons," the two films, together with a simple inventory, look at this series what points you need to know in advance. The first station of Paris "the Da Finch code" key words: Le Louvre Museum, the priory of Sion, Maria Magdalene "the Da Finch code" set in particular is whimsical, woken in the middle of the night next door neighbor together points Chan, the curator of Le Louvre Museum at night was killed off the clothes before death, put yourself into a large, not forget to draw a beautiful star in the chest with his own blood. Well, no culture is terrible! The original director of the elderly dying cos Finch issued a "human scale map", which is his first riddle professor Landon set the culture really terrible. The director of the Le Louvre Museum at night was killed 06 years left a small curly Tom Hanks smooth face even with)相关的主题文章: