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"Billy Lynn": on the big screen HD to " ultra realistic face; " – Entertainment Sohu Ang Lee film "Billy Lynn’s war" midfielder Ang Lee stills Information Times reported in November 7th film "Billy – Lynn’s midfield war" (hereinafter referred to as the "Billy Lynn"), premiere in Beijing yesterday, as the first batch of audience, Times reporter to experience the highest technology film version: 3D Version (4K 120 frames per second, 4K played 120 grid resolution, 3D stereo effect). As the directors expect, innovative visual effects by the media and audience acclaim, the history of the most vivid and true sense of the picture, let people easily resonate, like standing in the "Billy Lynn" side, experienced a brutal battlefield also saw a gorgeous in the big show. Actor Joe – Alvin outstanding performance, then once again demonstrated the ability of Ang Lee to explore and develop new actors. Technology: clarity allows people to admire the characters can not hide the face of Ang Lee yesterday at the Beijing premiere, said, "Billy – Lynn" includes a variety of versions, including ordinary 3D, I hope the audience to pay attention to. But the industry are aware of the special feature of the film, that is, the use of 120 frames ahead of the specification of 4K 3D shooting. Here must be attached to popular science, we see the habit of the film is 24 frames of the shooting and screening technology, that is, the screen update rate of 24 frames per second to shoot and play, and the frame means that there will be a second frame in the frame of 120 seconds. At present, the world can show 120 frame version of the cinema is only five, in addition to yesterday’s premiere in Beijing Bona studios u-town stores, as well as Shanghai, Taipei, New York and Losangeles in four theaters. "Billy Lynn" in 19 American soldiers in Billy’s perspective, he suffered heavy casualties of the Iraq war and his triumphant return and was hailed as a hero, but the film through flashbacks, with a Thanksgiving Day football tournament of the halftime show, this group of soldiers on the battlefield to expose the real experience, and the cruel war and grand celebration showing a strong contrast. The 120 film frame under the sense of reality is extremely strong, Billy and his team of B class patrol in Baghdad market, dusty scenes people put the Buddha personally on the scene. The press conference, Billy fantasy monitor and companion picture and make impertinent remarks, colourful cheerleaders ogle, subtle expressions all reflect on the big screen. Some people say that when the clarity reaches the top, all the truth makes the illusion, doubt. Two scenes in the film main line: the battlefield and the big show in Iraq, but also because of the sharpness of the screen doubled, closer to the audience. In the rescue of Wendy Sal as the "mushroom", B class players using rockets, powerful shells hit the enemy, a pink mist on the screen was, in a brutal war has not ever coming true; the big show and midfielder staged in the stadium, reflect the song and dance performances fireworks, not surprisingly, the audience said with certainty eyesight is good, 120 frames for him to see the stadium stands face, which in previous viewing experience ever had. For hot technology相关的主题文章: