Boozer 11+8 to call a single 0 points inside the pillars of the offense to eat large cap-rainlendar

Boozer 11+8 to call a single 0 points inside the pillars of the offense to eat large cap Yi has not completed CBA registration formalities, Boozer will become the pillars inside Guangdong men’s basketball team in the new season opener. Unfortunately, his first show CBA did not bring much surprise, but to make Guangdong fans miss the arrival of the Arab league. 11 points and 8 rebounds, mediocre data coupled with a record breaking record, so that Boozer’s value greatly reduced. There are four minutes in the first quarter Boozer replace Sloan to play, began a personal CBA debut. Soon after the game he had a turn, but after the completion of the action did not continue to break, but the ball out. On the pitch and teammate Boozer hasn’t formed a tacit understanding, although he did not actively participate in the attack of a mobile phone, until this section there are 22 seconds before the ball break fouled with two free throws to break the scoring drought. Apparently in a strange team in the face of unfamiliar teammates, Boozer has not found the space to play. The festival began shortly after Boozer released Zhou Peng layup points, then you also use many of the iconic jumper. At the end of the first half, Boozer 6 cast 4, 4 free throws with the Guangdong men’s basketball team high 11 points in 3, but this does not mean that Boozer has successfully completed their mission: from Boozer in the day of the performance, his shooting touch is very soft, in the process of transfer from defensive to offensive ball is also in place however, due to the increasing age exercise capacity has declined, now Boozer is very difficult by single handedly formed inside containment, and then reach Yi played level. And in the absence of inside storm points, the Guangdong team can only rely more on the perimeter players breakthrough and shot score, attack in the lame state, which for the third Festival team foreshadowed the collapse. Boozer started the second half after finally fully exposed, he in the beginning section attempts to storm when eat Dalembert’s big hat, can see a serious decline in exercise capacity he is no longer the courage. In the case of lack of support inside the Guangdong team on both ends of total collapse, the Shanxi men’s basketball team is single shot 33-9 super offensive rout. Although the festival is not a collapse of Boozer personal responsibility, but as he was inside the main, to blame in this section a scoreless performance. The final 11 points and 8 rebounds is quite satisfactory, the fans look forward to distance or far. The defeat to Guangdong men’s basketball team to a considerable extent, see the team present situation — they need a strong leader inside, can through their own efforts to break the opponent in the offensive end of the blockade, the defensive end needs to be afraid of the opponent in the ball into the box member. Obviously, these are not the 36 year old Boozer can do. So for the Guangdong men’s basketball team, they are currently the biggest expectations or an early return of the Arab League, rather than Boozer’s glow second spring. (legend)相关的主题文章: