Brazil announced cuts to boost market

Brazil announced spending cuts to boost confidence in the market hot column capital flows thousands thousand comment stock diagnosis the latest rating simulated trading client Brazil government 19 announced, in response to the recession, will continue to cut spending this year to 23 billion 400 million reais ($5 billion 850 million). Brazil Simao planning minister Valdir and finance minister Nelson Barbosa said in a joint press conference said the move aims to open the continuation of last year’s adjustment, is committed to maintaining macroeconomic environment health, restore confidence in the market to lead the recovery. Simao said spending cuts are "selective", and the government will give priority to social welfare projects that concern people’s livelihood, such as existing poverty subsidies and improving housing for low-income people. In addition, the funds for the control of dengue fever and dengue fever will not be cut. However, the government’s investment in infrastructure projects will inevitably be affected. Including the "accelerated economic growth plan", which is Brazil to improve roads, railways, airports and ports developed by a huge development plan. Since 2014, the government of Brazil has been in deficit for two consecutive years. To this end, the international rating agency Standard Pool Co 17 again lowered the sovereign debt rating of Brazil, from BB+ to BB, rating outlook is negative. Barbosa said that Brazil’s economy is expected to continue to decline this year, an increase of about 2.9%. If so, this will be the first decline in Brazil’s economy since 1948 for the first two years. The Central Bank of Brazil announced on the 18 day that after the economy grew by only 0.15% in 2014, the country’s economy declined by 4.08% in 2015. This is the worst year since 1990 in Brazil’s economy. (Liu Tong, Yang Jiangling) go into [Sina Financial shares] discussion

巴西宣布削减财政支出以提振市场信心 热点栏目 资金流向 千股千评 个股诊断 最新评级 模拟交易 客户端    巴西政府19日宣布,为了应对经济衰退,今年将继续削减财政支出234亿雷亚尔(约合58.5亿美元)。    巴西计划部长瓦尔迪尔・西芒和财政部长内尔松・巴尔博萨当天在联合记者会上说,此举旨在延续去年开启的调整,致力于维护宏观环境的健康,恢复市场信心来引领经济复苏。    西芒说,削减支出是“有选择性的”,政府将优先保障关系到民生的社会福利项目,如现有的贫困补贴、改善低收入者住房等计划。此外,当前用于控制寨卡、登革热疫情的经费,也将不会削减。    不过,政府对于基础设施投资的一些项目将不可避免受到影响。其中包括《加快经济增长计划》,这是巴西为改善公路、铁路、机场和港口所制定的一项庞大发展计划。    自2014年起,巴西政府财政已连续两年赤字。为此,国际评级机构标准普尔公司17日再次下调了巴西的主权债务评级,从BB+降至BB,评级展望为负面。    巴尔博萨说,今年巴西经济预计继续衰退,幅度约为2.9%。果真如此,这将是巴西经济自1948年以来首次连续两年衰退。    巴西中央银行18日宣布,在2014年经济仅增长0.15%之后,该国经济2015年衰退了4.08%。这是自1990年以来巴西经济表现最差的一年。    (刘彤 杨江玲) 进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章: