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Bullying must be violence? Sohu due to the fierce competition in society now baby, parents have high expectations of their children, so children are under tremendous pressure, but for the children, there is a pressure and pressure almost equal, this is between the classmate exchanges and get along with the pressure, it is easy to overlook the many parents the problem, because the children are not mature, bullying happens frequently, fights often occur. In this case, some parents are not calm, often teach children a wrong solution, it will fight back back, who do you call this extreme method who will give the child a misleading, cause the child in the wrong way to deal with the wrong question, produce wrong outcome. Parents and even every word of every child’s education, every action, children will become a life oriented, children will become a life’s example, but also guide children how to behave how to handle things, so parents must pay attention, do not light the rate of. The children get along, inevitably some misunderstanding or conflict, bullying, parents should first find out the truth, find out the reasons, if your child is wrong, should be timely education, not because the child is bullied, regardless of right and wrong, teach children to take extreme measures to solve, so let the children not correct understanding of their own mistakes, will make mistakes later, there will be the problem of beatings, may eventually lead to more serious consequences. Even if the error is not in their own children, can not simply teach children to deal with the rough way, but should teach children to use the right way to deal with, such as a timely response to the teacher, let the teacher to intervene. But for some misunderstanding between the children, parents should teach children to forgive, forgive, some children are very stubborn, too radical, which is not desirable, to enlighten parents. In addition, if the child is introverted or thin and other reasons, may also lead to children by the students intentionally or unintentionally bullying, but most of the child’s behavior is not malicious, don’t think too hard, parents in addition to the ability to teach children to protect themselves, but also to encourage children to join students actively, get along with classmates, strengthen the child’s communication ability and courage. No matter what, parents teach their children is a wrong behavior to solve the contradiction between the students in a simple and crude way, will cause the child after failing to fists to solve, to force to solve the problem, will let the child character become irritable, and students were isolated, let the children think that others are against you to cause the child’s mind is more and more narrow, the fatal influence on the development of children. In fact, each child is under the pressure of communication and get along with the students, parents should be treated seriously, and strive to resolve, in order to reduce the pressure on the child, this is the fundamental solution to the problem. Share the most abundant, the most comprehensive maternal and child safety and health; early childhood education, parenting and other aspects of the information, and with the baby grow up healthy and happy! Everything in the Po mom class, focus on methods: micro signal: baomakt (public number search baoma.)相关的主题文章: