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BWF ranking: Li Zongwei led the men’s singles Men’s doubles combination of four bid farewell to the fate showdown! "The loser is king Li Zongwei won the respect and applause of sports Tencent in November 10th, the world badminton federation announced the latest one ranking, Malaysia men’s singles champion Li Zongwei to top Olympic champion Chen long and Lin Dan ranked second, three. The women’s singles Olympic champion Spain Marin list, Li Xuerui ranked fourth, Sun Yu, He Bingjiao ranked ninth, ten. After Lee Yong Dae quit the national team, the South Korean badminton team and two doubles player Shen Baizhe and Jin Lang announced bid farewell to the international arena, resulting in the men’s doubles ranking big reshuffle, the combination of Malaysia Wu Yusheng Chen Yuqiang sat on the top. Japanese women’s doubles Songyou MISA Yuki Takahashi Lihua first, South Korea has been given a Kim Ha Neul top mixed doubles. Five single, Malaysia occupy the first of the world’s two. The men’s singles, the top nine in the world is not changed, the top three is Malaysia brother Li Zongwei, Chen Long second, Lin Dan third. Denmark’s A Kelsen fourth, South Korea Fifth Sun Wanhu, Denmark’s Jorgensen sixth. Tian Wei of Taipei ranked seventh, Zhou Tiancheng eighth, South Korea ninth veteran Li Xuanyi, Chinese teenager Dan Yuqi beyond Hongkong’s China wu long row tenth. The women’s singles, Spain’s Ma Lin continued topped the list, Thailand prodigy La Ratchanok ranked second, the Japanese Olympic hope to row third, Li Xuerui fourth. The fifth India Taipei Dai Ziying, a sister of Wahl in sixth, South Korea became Xuandi pool seven, Yamaguchi sin eighth. Chinese players Sun Yu and French championship champion he points ninth and tenth. Three doubles, doubles ranking of major change. After the South Korean Lee Yong Dae quit the national team, Shen Yong, Jinsha Lang announced goodbye to the international arena. At the same time, the Japanese men’s doubles player Hayakawa Xianyi also announced a farewell injury. Lee Yong Dae Liu Yanxing, Kim Hyun Shen Baizhe, high gold sirloin, endo by Hayakawa 14 strong list bid farewell to xian. The combination of Malaysia Wu Yusheng Chen Yuqiang, Chai Wei become the top Biaohong (Chinese), Bowie Mogensen (Denmark), Lee Jun Hui (Liu Yuchen Chinese), Hendra Ash San (Indonesia) ranked four. Japanese women’s doubles Songyou MISA Ji Takahashi Lihua first name, Tang Yuanting Yu Yang Tian Qing, the country feather combination from the list of Zhao Yunlei Zheng Jingyin, Shen Shengzan disappeared, Wright Peterson and Luo Luo Yu win points out 2-4. Mixed project, two consecutive Zheng Siwei Chen Qingchen China combined up another three bit strong occupy second, South Korea combined high Hyun Kim Ha Neul still listed the top, Nelson Peterson third. Xu Chen Ma Jin also rose sixth. The men’s names of countries and regions Malaysia Chen long Chinese Lin Dan Li Zongwei integral Chinese sun Wanhu Korea Jorgensen Aker Sen Denmark Denmark Tian Wei Chinese Sunday Chinese Taipei South Korea lixuanyi Yu-chi China country name stone’s integral Ma Lin La Ratchanok of Spain Thailand Olympic hope Japan Li Xuerui Chinese wearing Ziying Chinese Taipei India Hyun Korea pass into the pool was the Japanese Sun Yu Qian what Chinese Bingjiao China doubles name country integral Wu Weishen Chen Weiqiang Malaysia Biaohong Chai Wei Chinese Bowie Lee Jun Hui Liu Yuchen Hendra China morgensen Denmark Ashsan Indonesia National Women’s doubles name)相关的主题文章: