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Yang Luoqian: Gold 1250 can see more crude oil bulls, overwhelming clients look at the latest market, many people focus on the exploration of trends, but the trend of the moment is no turning a blind eye. In fact, the trend is around us, we need to conduct a comprehensive analysis and summary of the market every day, in order to explore the shadow of the trend. Many people don’t have any plans in their own trades, originally planned trend short, but the short-term, not profit, and without a stop set deeper, finally the opportunity has not caught, but also a big loss, finally complained that the market is difficult, it is difficult to grasp the opportunity, grasp don’t live in trends and so on. He has never summed up his own mistakes, summed up his greed, caused the opportunity to miss, into the trap of ending, it also reflects a person only concerned about the immediate profits, short-sighted features. Crude oil prices have risen by more than $6 since OPEC members reached an initial intention to cut production at the Algeria conference. According to the plan, the OPEC organization plans to control the average daily production capacity of crude oil between 32 million 500 thousand -3300 million barrels, reducing production by about 700 thousand barrels. The market generally believes that the current global oil market oversupply is an average of 1 million -150 barrels per day. The price of crude oil fell slightly in intraday trading. But the OPEC organization has repeatedly refused to cut production. But OPEC’s attitude has been visibly loosened lately. Following the September Algiers International Energy Forum, some member states of the OPEC organization and energy ministers from Russia will gather in Turkey, Istanbul, in October. Overnight initial data requested suddenly beautiful, for this non-agricultural expected good add variables, although the ADP data is less than expected, but the market did not buy it, the price of gold continues to drop the road. The nonfarm payrolls and unemployment rate will be announced at 20:30 in the United States tonight at 9. The market is expected to increase payrolls by 174 thousand in September. In the short term, if the payrolls data is strong, it is expected that the price of gold has the possibility of dropping the 1250 mark, but if the non-agricultural employment report is weak, the U.S. dollar may face risks and maybe make the price of gold back to life. For the evening gold market, the public? Yang Luoqian that need not be too nervous, calmly, can do, do not have Never mind too much, there is not a chance after all, because mistakes loseeverything, do not grasp the market. In the short term, the gold suppression position is located in the 1260 line, after dropping overnight rebound, 1260 near the first short follow up, if the white disk to profit opportunities, before the non farm payrolls data before the announcement of profit out. Short as only short-term operations can be, the current gold has fallen sharply, and can not be empty or continue to substantially bearish, today’s non farm data will be the key to short-term market, everything should wait for non-agricultural decisions. For long-term trends, the downward space below 1250 is not expected to be too large, long term investors can be prepared to gradually layout in the 1250 long line long, but expected to hold relatively long cycle, to control their positions can be. [gold operating recommendations] 1, rebounded to 126.

杨珞谦:黄金1250可看多 原油多头势不可挡 客户端 查看最新行情   很多人专注于对趋势的探索,但却对眼前的趋势熟视无睹。其实趋势就在我们身边,我们需要对每天每时每刻的行情进行全面的分析和总结之后才能从中探寻趋势的影子。很多人对自己的交易根本没有任何规划,本来是计划大趋势做空的,但却做了短线多,不但没有获利,而且不带止损越套越深,最后是机会也没抓到,反而还亏大了,最后却抱怨市场难做,机会难以把握,抓不住趋势等等。却从来没有去总结过自己的过失,总结过自己的贪婪造成了错失机会,踏入陷阱的结局,这也反应出一个人只在乎眼前利润目光短浅的特性。   自从OPEC成员国在阿尔及利亚会上就减产达成初步意向之后,原油价格上扬已超6美元 桶。按照计划,OPEC组织计划将原油日均产能控制在3250万-3300万桶之间,减产约70万桶。市场普遍认为,目前全球油市供给过剩为日均100万-150万桶。原油价格盘中一度小幅转跌。但OPEC组织一再拒绝削减产量。但是OPEC近来的态度出现了明显松动。继9月份的阿尔及尔国际能源论坛之后,10月份OPEC组织部分成员国以及俄罗斯的能源部长将聚首土耳其的伊斯坦布尔。   隔夜公布的初请数据意外靓丽,为本次非农预期良好增添变数,尽管此次ADP数据不及预期,但是市场并没有买账,金价仍然继续下探之路。今日晚间20:30将公布美国9月季调后非农就业人口与失业率。市场普遍预计,9月非农就业人数新增17.4万。短期来看,如果非农就业数据强劲,预计金价存在下探1250关口的可能,但如果非农就业报告疲软,美元可能面临风险,或许令金价起死回生。   对于晚间黄金的行情,笔者公众?杨珞谦认为不必过分紧张,平常心对待即可,能做就做,做不上也没有太大的关系,毕竟机会有的是,不要因为一次失误导致全盘皆输,不做没有把握的行情。短期来看黄金压制位置位于1260一线,隔夜下探之后反弹1260附近可先做空跟进,若白盘给到获利机会,则在非农数据公布前获利出局。做空只当做短线操作即可,目前黄金已经大幅下跌,且不可追空或继续大幅看空,今日的非农数据将是短线行情的关键,一切都要等待非农之后再做决定。对于长期趋势而言,1250下方的下跌空间预计不会太大,长线投资者可准备在1250下方逐步布局中长线多头,但预计持仓周期比较长,自行把控好仓位即可。   【黄金部分操作建议】   1、反弹至1260-1262附近做空,止损4个点,目标1253-1251一线   2、下方挂好1250-1248附近多单,止损4个点,目标短线看1260,破位持有看1280-1300一线   近期原油多头趋势完好,涨势不可阻挡,对于那些仓上持有空单的朋友,尽量回调一点处理掉,不可逆势操作,单子出了还有进场的机会,死扛单子只会带来不必要的爆仓的可能。目前原油行情继续周高位震荡,而且是逐步的刷新了高点,隔日最高在50.50附近。日线一直依托5日均线上涨模式,趋势不变,很难的周初大跌,当然目前在各个周期中都表现出有跌的趋势,只能看时间消化了。在日线周期中,今日亚欧盘继续看50.50的高点,亚欧盘不破高点,欧盘看回落,美盘再看力度,这是近期原油一贯的作风。认为小周期内,原油只需要突破单边均线的支撑线,有可能周初下跌,今日的支撑线在49.60附近,所以只能持有空单,等待力度,不能追多。   【原油部分操作建议】   1、回落49.9-50.1附近进多,止损0.3美元,目标50.6-50.8一线 新浪声明:新浪网登载此文出于传递更多信息之目的,并不意味着赞同其观点或证实其描述。文章内容仅供参考,不构成投资建议。投资者据此操作,风险自担。相关的主题文章:


亚市早盘开于1225.70美元 盎司后小幅上涨 张雨生车祸现场图片

FX168 financial market daily 1251st (February 25, 2016) on a trading day market review of the pound against the dollar Thursday hovering near a seven year low against the yen nearly two and a half years low, by the British may withdraw from the EU worries over. The rebound in oil prices has helped to curb the yen buying of hedge currencies. British Prime Minister Cameron announced in June 23rd on whether to stay in the UK EU referendum triggered a "back in Europe worry, current polls show in the European Union and withdraw from the EU’s support rate matched. British crude oil is suspended in Beihai, and gasoline demand is strong, pushing oil prices up, helping to boost the U.S. stock market. But concerns about the slowdown in the United States continued, due to the decline in new home sales in the United States in January. Survey shows that the manufacturing industry and the energy sector weakness may also spread to the service industry. Service industry has been supporting the overall economic growth. Foreign currency: the euro dollar closed at 1.1015 pounds; the dollar closed at 1.3930; the Australian dollar closed at 0.7195 yen; the dollar closed at 112.16 dollars; the Canadian dollar closed at 1.3701 dollars to close at 0.9888 francs. Commodity: spot gold closed at $1239.1 an ounce; spot silver closed at $15.297 an ounce; Brent crude closed at 34.41 U.S. dollars a barrel of crude oil; NYMEX to close at $32.15 a barrel. European stock markets: the Dow Jones industrial average rose 53.21 points, or 0.32%, to 16484.99 points; the S & P 500 index rose 8.53 points, or 0.44%, to 1929.80 points; Nasdaq index closed up 39.023 points, or 0.87%, to 4542.606 points. Britain’s FTSE 100 fell 1.6%, to 5867.18 points, CAC method stock index fell 1.96% to 4155.34 points, the German DAX index fell 2.64% to 9167.80 points. The economic data on Wednesday (February 24th), an industry report financial data company Markit released, with the U.S. manufacturing Purchasing Managers Index (PMI) index fell to the lowest level in October 2012, February services PMI index for the first time since October 2013 fell below 50, indicating that the service industry atrophy. On the previous trading day, the euro dollar opened at 1.0976 in New York and fluctuated upward during the period, reaching 1.1045, and fluctuated around 1.1016 at the end of the trading day. The dollar was depressed by disappointing economic data, then cut most of the gains in the day, and the euro rebounded slightly. From the technical point of view, MACD green kinetic energy column expanded slightly, KDJ index low down, showing that the action under the exchange rate can still be released. Support upside initial resistance at the 1.1050, and further resistance at 1.1082, a key resistance at 1.1112; the exchange rate of initial support is located downstream of the 1.0988, further support at 1.0958, but the key support at 1.0926. The pound dollar opened at 1.3921, the whole period of sideways

FX168金融市场日报第1251期(2016年2月25日)   上一交易日市况回顾   英镑兑美元周四徘徊在七年低点附近,兑日元接近两年半低点,受英国可能退出欧盟的担忧拖累。油价反弹帮助抑制了避险货币日元的买盘。英国首相卡梅伦宣布6月23日就英国是否留在欧盟举行公投,引发了“退欧”忧虑,目前民调显示留在欧盟和退出欧盟的支持率旗鼓相当。消息称英国北海原油暂停装运,且美国汽油需求强劲,推动油价上涨,进而帮助提振美国股市。但对美国经济减缓的担忧持续,因美国1月新屋销售下降。调查显示,制造业和能源领域的疲态可能也在向服务业扩散。服务业一直在支撑整体经济增长。外汇:欧元 美元收报1.1015;英镑 美元收报1.3930;澳元 美元收报0.7195;美元 日元收报112.16;美元 加元收报1.3701;美元 瑞郎收报0.9888。大宗商品:现货金收报1239.1美元 盎司;现货银收报15.297美元 盎司;布伦特原油收报34.41美元 桶;NYMEX原油收报32.15美元 桶。欧美股市:道琼工业指数收高53.21点,或0.32%,至16,484.99点;标准普尔500指数收高8.53点,或0.44%,至1,929.80点;Nasdaq指数收涨39.023点,或0.87%,至4,542.606点。英股富时100指数收低1.6%,至5,867.18点,法股CAC指数收跌1.96%,至4,155.34点,德国DAX指数收挫2.64%,至9,167.80点。   经济数据方面,周三(2月24日)金融数据公司Markit公布的一份行业报告显示,随着美国制造业采购经理人指数(PMI)指数跌至2012年10月来最低水平,美国2月服务业PMI指数也自2013年10月以来首次跌至50以下,表明服务业萎缩。   汇市   上一交易日纽约时段欧元 美元开于1.0976,时段内震荡上行,最高触及1.1045,尾盘波动于1.1016附近。美元受令人失望的经济数据打压随后削减日内多数涨幅,欧元小幅回升。从技术面看,MACD绿色动能柱小幅扩张,KDJ指标低位下行,显示汇价下行动能仍在释放。上行初步支阻力于1.1050,进一步阻力位于1.1082,更关键阻力位于1.1112;汇价下行的初步支撑位于1.0988,进一步支撑位于1.0958,更关键支撑位于1.0926。英镑 美元开于1.3921,时段内横盘整固,最高触及1.3958,最低触及1.3902,尾盘交投于1.3935附近。根据最新的民调结果,“留欧”阵营领先12个百分点,但差距已经缩小,暗示退欧风险正在增加。从技术面看,MACD绿色动能柱继续拉伸,KDJ指标深入超卖区域,表明汇价下行风险依然很大。汇价上行的初步阻力位于1.4114,进一步阻力位于1.4209,更关键阻力位于1.4263;汇价下行的初步支撑位于1.3965,进一步支撑位于1.3911,更关键支撑位于1.3816。美元 日元开于111.71,时段内短时下探111.05后一路攀升,尾盘涨至112.13附近。避险情绪预计将继续推高日元,不过市场需要谨慎日本央行(BOJ)或出手干预汇市。从技术面看,MACD绿色动能柱小幅收缩,KDJ指标中线下方继续下行,预示汇价或迎来短线盘整。汇价上行初步阻力位于112.84,进一步阻力位于113.58,更关键阻力位于114.12;汇价下行的初步支撑位于111.56,进一步支撑位于111.02,更关键支撑位于110.28。   股市   美国股市周三(2月24日)尾盘反弹,终盘收涨,因油价转升,帮助缓解投资者对银行可能受到能源企业偿债问题所影响的担忧。道琼工业指数收高53.21点,或0.32%,至16,484.99点;标准普尔500指数收高8.53点,或0.44%,至1,929.80点;Nasdaq指数收涨39.023点,或0.87%,至4,542.606点。纽约证交所涨跌股分别为1,952和1,086只;Nasdaq市场涨跌股分别为1,759和1,003只。11只标普500指数成份股触及52周新高,五只触及新低;有22只Nasdaq综合指数成份股触及52周新高,98只触及新低。   欧洲股市周三(2月24日)连续第二日下跌,至一周低位,因铜价和油价下跌给商品相关类股带来进一步卖压。泛欧FTSEurofirst 300指数下跌2.3%,至约一周低位,扩大了前一交易日1.3%的跌幅。该指数2016年以来已经下跌12%,因对世界第二大经济体、主要商品消费国–中国经济放缓的担忧打击了全球市场。英股富时100指数收低1.6%,至5,867.18点,法股CAC指数收跌1.96%,至4,155.34点,德国DAX指数收挫2.64%,至9,167.80点。商品类股首当其冲遭抛售,STOXX Europe 600基本资源指数暴跌6.5%,此前铜价下跌,受累于对中国经济状况的持续担忧。欧洲油气类股指数大跌2.8%,跟随油价下跌的走势,此前主要石油出口国沙特阿拉伯排除了减产的可能性。   亚太股市周三(2月24日)多数收低,隔夜油价下挫,又一次打击市场风险情绪。日本股市周三下跌,因日元走强令出口商类股承压,且油价继续急跌。此前最大的原油出口国沙特阿拉伯排除了减产的可能性,另有行业数据显示美国原油库存增加。日经指数跌0.9%至15915.79点,创一周最低收位。铃木汽车股价下跌1.6%,此前德银将该股目标价从4,200日元调降至2950日元,因受汇率调整和铃木印度业务前景趋疲影响。三菱重工业收盘跌2.9%,日本经济新闻之前报导称,这家重型机械生产商计划在未来两年内出售约2000亿日元(17.9亿美元)资产。东证股价指数收盘跌0.5%至1284.53点,33个分类指数中只有11个上涨。JPX-日经400指数收跌0.6%至11625.38点。澳大利亚股市周三跌逾2%,油价下挫打压此间指标股创逾两周来单日最大跌幅。澳大利亚收低2.1%或104.59点,至4875.00点。周二收低0.43%,但盘中一度触及三周高位。沪深两市低开。开盘后,国企改革概念股爆发,推动股指上涨。但沪指冲高后随即迅速回落,早盘在2900点一线增持。午后开盘,沪指加速赶底,一度跌超1%,低见2872点。盘中,上海本地股逆市崛起,市场人气回升,大盘强势反弹。尾盘,沪指涨幅扩大,两市普涨,权重股、题材股均复苏。盘面上,两市板块涨多跌少。国企改革全天领涨,猪肉股、酒店餐饮、上海自贸、西藏板块等涨幅靠前,高送转概念、虚拟现实概念跌幅居前。两市共65股涨停,1400余股飘红。截至收盘:沪指涨0.88%,涨25.56点,报2928.90点;深成指涨0.08%,涨7.95点,报10307.63点;创业板跌0.65%,跌14.38点,报2203.74点。成交量方面,沪市成交2278.52亿元,深市成交3527.16亿元,两市共成交5805亿元,与昨日量能相当。隔夜美股下跌,恒生指数今早低开132.44点,跌0.68%,报19282.34点。之后震荡下行,最低见19060.16点。截至收盘,恒指跌幅为1.15%,下跌222.33点,报19192.45点,全日成交607.0亿港元。韩国股市周三收盘小幅下跌,此前在平盘上下波动,因油价重启跌势令大宗商品相关类股承压,引发外国投资者抛盘。韩国综合股价指数收低0.1%至1912.53点。初步数据显示,外资在主板卖超162亿韩元(1313万美元)韩股。台湾股市周二收盘下跌。分析师表示,油价大跌令国际股市下挫,美股收跌逾1%,台股也跟随国际股市走低,惟目前仍难脱区间盘整。台湾加权股价指数收跌0.62%,至8282.86点。   债市   美国国债周三(2月24日)基本持平,因油价和股市逆转稍早跌势,大幅波动的油市料近期仍将主导债市走势。指标10年期国债价格上涨2 32,收益率报1.74%,盘中最低跌至1.65%。美国汽油需求强劲抵消了对原油库存创纪录的担忧。美国原油库存数据发布后,油价上涨,扶助国债逆转稍早的涨势。国债基本跟随油价走势而动,因今年油价暴跌增加了全球经济增长放缓的忧虑。   葡萄牙较短期国债收益率周三(2月24日)下跌,此前该国议会初步批准了社会党政府提交的2016年预算案,且葡萄牙准备向投资者购回债券。葡萄牙两年期国债收益率下跌32个基点至0.54%;五年期国债收益率下跌11个基点至2.18%。葡萄牙10年期国债收益率盘初下跌逾20个基点至3.16%,后逆转跌势,上涨1.5个基点,尾盘报3.39%,因投资者规避风险资产。葡萄牙国债收益率跌速快于欧元区其它国家国债。今日油价下跌,投资者的避险情绪令德国、法国和芬兰10年期公债收益率跌至10个月低位。葡指标德国10年期国债收益率下跌近6个基点,至10个月低位的0.128%。   中国银行间债市周三(2月24日)盘中现券收益率微升,虽然国债招标情况理想,但二级僵持市况未改,国债期货也窄幅整理;相较利率债的平淡市况,信用债需求最近较为火热,尽管一级供给量很大,不过市场承接仍相当轻松。剩余期限近10年的国开债150218券最新报价在3.1575% 3.1525%,周二尾盘为3.1550% 3.1400%。中国金融期货交易所五年期国债期货主力合约TF1606早盘收报100.420元人民币,较周二结算价涨0.04%;10年期国债主力合约T1606 CFTM6 收报99.695元,较周二结算价涨0.05%。交易员指出,受缴税等因素影响,资金面较之前明显趋紧,年初信贷的爆发式增长,也令政策面预期偏向谨慎,虽然债市配置盘尚无太大波动,但短期内收益率也难有向下动力,而对于隐含的政策风险等也不得不防。   商品市场   国际现货黄金周三(2月24日)美市盘中曾强势上涨突破1250美元 盎司的关键价位,但后市冲高回落,上涨动能减弱,不过仍企稳在1220美元 盎司的上方。周三美股收涨,风险情绪有所回落,但日内公布的美国新屋预售骤降及原油库存激增表明经济状况仍不容乐观,黄金受此支撑曾强势上涨,但金价在大涨之后面临下一步的调整需求。周三公布的美国1月新屋销售环比下降,逊于预期。美联储加息方面仍不明朗,里士满联储主席Jeffrey Lacker周三称,仍有进一步加息的可能,这意味着美联储下个月可能会就是否加息进行讨论。达拉斯联储主席卡普兰(Robert Kaplan)周二表示,美联储将维持利率不变直到通胀水平回升至2%的目标位。从技术面看,黄金在周二显著反弹修正周一的跌势后,并在周三出现三角形上破行情,1250关口已被突破,有可能再度上行挑战1260前期高位。但今日冲高回落,向上势头有所减弱,日线双顶隐现,谨防短线回调。国际现货黄金周三(2月24日)亚市早盘开于1225.70美元 盎司后小幅上涨,之后转身下跌;后又再度上涨,呈波浪形走势。欧市在延续下跌录得日内低点1221.70美元 盎司之后,触底反弹,强力上攻,盘中再现直线拉升。美市继续反弹走势,且力度加大,不断刷新前高,录得日内高点1253.25美元 盎司后,冲高回落,金价一路狂跌,半小时图走出倒V形态,终收涨于1228.80美元 盎司。国际现货黄金周三亚市早盘开于1225.70美元 盎司,最高触及1253.25美元 盎司,最低下探1221.70美元 盎司,收于1228.80美元 盎司,上涨3.50美元,涨幅为0.29%。   COMEX 4月期金周三(2月24日)收涨16.50美元,涨幅1.4%,报1239.10美元 盎司,创2月12日以来最高收盘位。   美国WTI原油4月期货周三(2月24日)收涨0.28美元,或0.88%,报32.15美元 桶。布伦特原油4月期货周三收涨1.14美元,或3.43%,报34.41美元 桶。美国上周原油库存增幅符合预期,同时汽油库存出现去年11月6日来首次下降,由此原油多头大受鼓舞,不过沙特拒绝减产以及伊朗的产量恢复依然令市场担忧,日内油价震荡加剧。美国WTI原油期货价格盘中最高触及32.34美元 桶,布伦特原油期货价格盘中最高触及34.50美元 桶。   本交易日重点提示   经济数据方面,周四(2月25日)关注重点:21:30 美国 1月耐用品订单;21:30 美国 上周季调后初请失业金人数;2016国际金融业协会(IIF)第八届年度G20会议在上海召开,至2月26日。   FX168编辑部   2016-2-25 进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章:


建设一批优质原料生产基地 芜湖信息港唐人游

Ministry of Agriculture: 2020 potato planting area expanded to one hundred million acres – Sohu finance xinhuanet.com news to implement the deployment of the national food security strategy and the spirit of the Central Document No. 1 under the new situation, the Ministry of agriculture to the potato as a staple food products for industrial development, build a well-off society in food culture, leading agricultural supply side structural reform, promote stability grain, increase quality and efficiency and sustainable development of agriculture. Recently, the Ministry of Agriculture issued the "guiding opinions on promoting the development of potato industry" (hereinafter referred to as "opinion"), and carried out specific arrangements for the work. Reporters learned that the goal of promoting potato industry development in China is to strive to 2020 potato planting area expanded to more than 100 million acres, suitable for staple food processing varieties planting proportion reached 30%, staple food consumption accounted for 30% of the total potato consumption. "Opinions" pointed out that promoting the agricultural supply side structural reform is a major task of the current agricultural development, but also the key to promote sustainable and stable development of agriculture. Based on our country’s natural resources and food supply and demand situation, adapt to the new trend of consumption upgrade, the development of food resources comprehensively and in various ways, and actively promote the development of the potato industry, is to build a well-off society, to break the bottleneck of the development of agricultural food culture, promote the beneficial exploration of agricultural transformation and upgrading, leading agricultural green development, driven by local farmers, significance great. It is learnt that the Ministry of agriculture to promote potato industry development, in the way of thinking is focused on the implementation of a strategy, set up a concept, highlight the three priorities". "One strategy" is the national food security strategy under the new situation. "One idea" is to set up the idea of "nutrition guiding consumption and consumption guiding production". "Three key points" is to breed a batch of suitable staple food processing varieties, build a batch of high quality raw material production base, and build a batch of staple food processing leading enterprises. In principle, do the "five adhere to the" insist on water grab competing with the big three grains, adhere to the development of production and promote the overall unity, adhere to industry development and comprehensive utilization of both, adhere to the combination of government guidance and market regulation, adhere to the overall planning and step-by-step implementation of coordination. On the target, strive to 2020 potato planting area expanded to more than 100 million acres, suitable for staple food processing varieties planting proportion reached 30%, staple food consumption accounted for 30% of the total potato consumption. Potato industry development is a systematic project, which needs overall planning, highlighting the key points, boosting the force and ensuring the effectiveness. In this regard, the Ministry of agriculture will focus on the deployment of the "five tasks", the resource endowment is the premise of optimization of staple food products to consumer demand for raw materials layout, leading the development of diversified food products, to strengthen support to promote breeding staple food production technology products, technology and innovation as the driving development of staple food processing technology and equipment, with the focus on nutrition function guide the consumer staples. To strengthen the "six measures", strengthen coordination and guidance, strengthen policy support, to increase investment in scientific research, production and marketing, and improve the standard system, strengthen propaganda and guidance, so as to enhance the level of potato industry development, in order to promote the quality and efficiency of the transformation of agricultural development mode and play a more active role.

农业部:到2020年马铃薯种植面积扩大到一亿亩-搜狐财经   新华网消息 为贯彻落实中央1号文件精神和新形势下国家粮食安全战略部署,农业部把马铃薯作为主粮产品进行产业化开发,打造小康社会主食文化,引领农业供给侧结构性改革,促进稳粮增收、提质增效和农业可持续发展。近日,农业部下发《关于推进马铃薯产业开发的指导意见》(以下简称《意见》),对有关工作进行具体安排部署。记者获悉,我国推进马铃薯产业开发的目标是,力争到2020年马铃薯种植面积扩大到1亿亩以上,适宜主食加工的品种种植比例达到30%,主食消费占马铃薯总消费量的30%。  《意见》指出,推进农业供给侧结构性改革,是当前农业发展的重大任务,也是促进农业持续稳定发展的关键所在。立足我国资源禀赋和粮食供求形势,顺应居民消费升级的新趋势,全方位、多途径开发食物资源,积极推进马铃薯产业开发,是打造小康社会主食文化、破解农业发展瓶颈、推进农业转型升级、引领农业绿色发展、带动农民脱贫致富的有益探索,意义十分重大。  据悉,农业部推进马铃薯产业开发,在思路上重点是“实施一个战略、树立一个理念、突出三个重点”。“一个战略”,就是新形势下国家粮食安全战略。“一个理念”,就是树立“营养指导消费、消费引导生产”的理念。“三个重点”,就是选育一批适宜主食加工的品种,建设一批优质原料生产基地,打造一批主食加工龙头企业。在原则上,做到“五个坚持”,就是坚持不与三大谷物抢水争地,坚持生产发展与整体推进相统一,坚持产业开发与综合利用相兼顾,坚持政府引导与市场调节相结合,坚持统筹规划与分步实施相协调。在目标上,力争到2020年马铃薯种植面积扩大到1亿亩以上,适宜主食加工的品种种植比例达到30%,主食消费占马铃薯总消费量的30%。  马铃薯产业开发是一项系统工程,需要统筹谋划,突出重点,加力推进,确保取得实效。对此,农业部重点部署抓好“五项任务”,以资源禀赋为前提优化主食产品原料布局,以消费需求为引领开发多元化主食产品,以品种选育为带动强化主食产品原料生产技术支撑,以科技创新为驱动研发主食加工工艺和设备,以营养功能为重点引导居民消费主食产品。强化“六项措施”,加强协调指导,强化政策扶持,加大科研投入,搞好产销衔接,健全标准体系,加强宣传引导,从而提升马铃薯产业开发的层次和水平,为促进农业提质增效和发展方式转变发挥更为积极的作用。相关的主题文章:


华谊兄弟品牌授权及实景娱乐板块营收同比增长逾2倍 m4a1火凤凰

Huayi Brothers first half net profit of 303 million year-on-year drop of 40% hot column capital flows thousands thousand comment stocks the latest rating simulated trading client diagnosis sina finance App: Live on-line blogger to tutor to help stocks masters 20 years experience veteran Jiepan Huayi Brothers (300027) yesterday evening semi annual report released in 2016. The first half the company achieved operating income of 1 billion 468 million yuan, an increase of 13.54%; net profit of 303 million yuan, down 39.91%. Huayi Brothers main business is divided into film and television entertainment, brand licensing and real entertainment, internet entertainment three plates. Although the box office performance in the first half of the year is not ideal, Huayi Brothers still have great expectations for the main industry in the second half of this year. Semi annual report shows, Huayi Brothers main TV drama project "rock", "Tibetan mastiff Lu Li", "Ma Yao know romantic history", "I’m not dead," Pan Jinlian is expected in the second half of 2016 released; in addition, the company voted for release in June 18, 2016 the "world of Warcraft", because in the global split, confirm the income of a long time, and in the first half of the year has not yet formed Fenzhang income. In addition to the film will be released in the second half of the film, the cooperation project with the United States STX company steadily implemented. Network drama, invest in "city", "super shanpaolv series" series of eunuch network movie, broaden the business model; TV series, is expected in the second half of shooting or issue of television shows including "Li Mingzhi haven’t met in a long time", "war" and the introduction of drama "Pinocchio" etc.. Company cinema and digital projection equipment sales and other business development is stable, as of the end of the report, has been completed and put into operation of 17 theaters. In addition, Huayi Brothers brand licensing and real entertainment sector revenue grew more than 2 times, mainly in the period of project development smoothly. Which is located in Suzhou Huayi studios project has entered a substantive stage, and the banyan tree studios project project in the process of development and construction, is expected to be completed in 2017 opening, Huayi Artist Village project has been completed, began selling in Henan and Hunan; Changsha project has started construction; the first half of 2016 the newly signed a cooperation project 2 A. The entertainment section of the Internet revenue fell 38.89%, because the game is a new product development business actively, Yinhan company plans to launch a "-" and many other Mobile Games, stable business development of new media. (Li Manning) go into [Sina Financial shares] discussion

华谊兄弟上半年实现净利润3.03亿 同比降四成 热点栏目 资金流向 千股千评 个股诊断 最新评级 模拟交易 客户端 新浪财经App:直播上线 博主一对一指导 助阵炒股大师赛 20年经验老手解盘   华谊兄弟(300027)昨日晚间发布2016年半年度报告,公司上半年实现营业收入14.68亿元,同比增长13.54%;实现净利润3.03亿元,同比下降39.91%。   华谊兄弟主要业务分为影视娱乐、品牌授权与实景娱乐、互联网娱乐三大板块。尽管上半年票房表现不尽理想,华谊兄弟对下半年影视主业仍寄予厚望。   半年报显示,华谊兄弟主要影视剧项目《摇滚藏獒》、《陆垚知马俐》、《罗曼蒂克消亡史》、《我不是潘金莲》等预计在2016年下半年发行上映;另外,公司参投于2016年6月18日上映的《魔兽》,因参与全球分账,确认收入时间较长,、在上半年尚未形成分账收入。电影除将陆续在下半年上映的影片之外,与美国STX公司的合作项目稳步实施。网络剧方面,参与投资《山炮进城》系列、《超能太监》系列等网络电影,拓宽业务模式;电视剧方面,预计下半年开拍或发行的电视剧包括《好久不见》、《黎明之战》及引进剧《匹诺曹》等。公司影院及数字放映设备销售等业务发展稳定,截至报告期末,已建成投入运营的影院为17家。   此外,华谊兄弟品牌授权及实景娱乐板块营收同比增长逾2倍,主要系期内项目发展顺利推进。其中,位于苏州的华谊影城项目已进入实质性阶段,影城项目及悦榕庄酒店项目处于开发建设过程中,预计2017年建成开业,华谊艺术家村项目已建成,开始销售;位于河南及湖南长沙的项目已开工建设;2016年上半年新签署合作意向的项目2个。互联网娱乐版块营收同比减少38.89%,是因为游戏业务新产品研发积极进行,银汉公司计划推出《幻城》等多部手游,新媒体业务发展稳定。(李曼宁) 进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章:


  此前 长江师范学院学报

No ordinary cosmetics consumption tax rate from 30% to 15% high-end cosmetics cosmetics on the adjustment of consumption tax policy notice tax 2016 No. 103 provinces, autonomous regions, municipalities directly under the central government, the finance department (bureau), the State Administration of Taxation, the Finance Bureau of Xinjiang production and Construction Corps in order to guide the rational consumption, approved by the State Council. The cosmetics consumption tax policy adjustment on the matter as follows: first, the abolition of the ordinary beauty, modification of cosmetics consumption tax, "cosmetics" tax name to "high-end cosmetics". The scope of collection includes high-grade cosmetics, modified cosmetics, high-grade skin care cosmetics and cosmetics. The tax rate was adjusted to 15%. (Sina Financial note: before that, cosmetics are generally levied 30% of the consumption tax) High-end beauty, cosmetic modification and high-end skin care cosmetics refers to the production (import) sales price (tax payment) (excluding VAT) in 10 ml (g) or 15 yuan tablet (Zhang) and more beauty, skin care cosmetics and cosmetic modification. Two. This notice has been carried out since October 1, 2016. The Ministry of Finance and the State Administration of Taxation on September 30, 2016 read: previously, cosmetic skin care products consumption tax rate is 30%, the taxes payable = sales amount * tax rate. Before the country defined in general, high-end cosmetics and no clear provisions. Taxable cosmetics refer to all kinds of cosmetics, cosmetics, high-grade skin care cosmetics and cosmetics. Ordinary cleaning, daily necessities are not required. Enter Sina Financial shares] discussion

普通化妆品不再征消费税 高档化妆品税率由30%降至15%   关于调整化妆品消费税政策的通知   财税〔2016〕103号   各省、自治区、直辖市、计划单列市财政厅(局)、国家税务局,新疆生产建设兵团财务局:   为了引导合理消费,经国务院批准,现将化妆品消费税政策调整有关事项通知如下:   一、取消对普通美容、修饰类化妆品征收消费税,将“化妆品”税目名称更名为“高档化妆品”。征收范围包括高档美容、修饰类化妆品、高档护肤类化妆品和成套化妆品。税率调整为15%。(新浪财经注:此前,化妆品一般被征收30%的消费税。)   高档美容、修饰类化妆品和高档护肤类化妆品是指生产(进口)环节销售(完税)价格(不含增值税)在10元 毫升(克)或15元 片(张)及以上的美容、修饰类化妆品和护肤类化妆品。   二、本通知自2016年10月1日起执行。   财政部 国家税务总局   2016年9月30日   延伸阅读:   此前,化妆品护肤品的消费税率是30%,即应纳税额=销售额*税率。   之前国家在界定一般、高档化妆品方面并没有明文规定。应税化妆品是指各类美容、修饰类化妆品、高档护肤类化妆品和成套化妆品。普通清洁、日化用品是不征的。 进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章:


to create a variety of functions in planting 广州大学研究生处

The Mu Ecological Industrial Park   capital to help the development of modern agriculture, finance, people.com.cn   people.com.cn August 26 Beijing Xinhua (Jia Xingpeng) "China future agricultural market worthwhile seeing before," Tianrun Guohua group announced the official to enter the health industry, focusing on cultivating the modern agriculture, intends to build 10 1000 acres of scale ecological agriculture industrial park in the country, to create a variety of functions in planting, processing, storage, research and development, exhibition, leisure in one of the modern high-tech industrial park. About the prospect of the future of agriculture Chinese, Tianrun Guohua group vice president Wang Yu is very optimistic about. "China population, agricultural market is large, since the reform and opening up, Chinese really do agricultural prefix enterprises is very small, success is very small, it is not only a challenge for China Tianrun group, more of an opportunity." Wang Yu said that China has brought together a group of Tianrun dozens of regional ecological planting, aquaculture products, we are planning to build a pilot park, and intends to build 10 1000 acres of scale ecological agriculture industrial park in china. According to reports, the 10 eco agricultural park planning will be completed with regional characteristics in planting, development, sales, promotion, supplemented by ornamental flower planting, with international standardization research and experimental base, R & D center, standardized production and processing workshop, business center, logistics center, warehouse automation center multifunctional, panoramic display area, ecological resources ecological tourism scenic spots and other functional areas, and to the health, health and leisure as the theme, the organic combination of ecological agriculture and agricultural science and technology. "The investment as the core, based on the industry, build a financial platform, to achieve industrial rise, creating capital value is Tianrun has been doing things." Conference, Tianrun Guohua Group Chairman Wang Jinhai said, Tianrun Guohua group layout of the whole industry chain has been fully completed, then, with the group’s strong industrial background, as well as their own professional asset and wealth management ability, the diversification of investment in modern agriculture, Internet technology, commercial trade, culture media, financial investment and other fields. It is reported that the field of modern agriculture, by virtue of Tianrun innovation, through the integration of the capital, focus on building covering planting, processing, storage, research and development, exhibition, leisure in a ecological agriculture industrial park features in all parts of the country. The field of Internet technology, with the core competitiveness of universal Jiye and Yu Fu cloud platform, Internet technology sector, to create its own agricultural e-commerce platform, the use of big data and cloud computing technology, and constantly open up new business areas, combined with ecological agriculture, rich in the whole industry chain. In the field of trade, Tianrun Guohua group through the "Sunland" brand, based on Trade and industry as the basis, while relying on established in Beijing, Tianjin, Hebei, Liaoning, Zhejiang and other places of the sales network, to modern agriculture and health industry as the core of related products, to create a one-stop the health of agricultural products sales platform and other products import and export platform. Wang Jinhai introduction, Tianrun Guohua group to enter the field of agriculture, ecological layout, health industry, will build a good capital platform for China’s modern agriculture field, the future will be modern agriculture) 拟建万亩生态产业园 资本助力现代农业发展–财经–人民网  人民网北京8月26日电 (贾兴鹏)“中国未来的农业市场大有可观,”日前,天润国华集团宣布正式进军健康产业,重点培育现代农业,拟在全国建立10个1000亩规模的生态农业产业园,打造集种植、加工、仓储、研发、展览、休闲等多种功能于一体的现代高科技产业园区。 关于中国农业未来的前景,天润国华集团副总裁王禹十分看好。“中国人口众多,农业市场很大,改革开放以来,中国真正做农字头的企业非常少,做成功的也非常少,这对于天润国华集团来说不仅是挑战,更是一个机遇。” 王禹表示,天润国华集团已汇集了数十种具有地域特色的生态种植、养殖产品,现正规划打造试点园区,并拟在全国建立10个1000亩规模的生态农业产业园。 据介绍,规划建成后的10个园区将以种植、研发、销售、推广具有地域特色的生态农产品为主,辅以观赏性花卉种植,配以国际标准化科研实验基地、研发中心、标准化生产、加工厂房、电商中心、物流集散中心、自动化仓储中心、多功能全景生态资源展示区域、全生态观光景区等功能区域,并以健康、养生、休闲为主题,将生态农业与农业科技有机结合。 “以投资为核心,以实业为基础,打造金融平台,实现产业崛起,创造资本价值是天润一直以来正在做的事情。”发布会上,天润国华集团董事长王金海表示,天润国华集团全产业链布局规划已经全面完成,接下来,凭借集团强大的实业背景,以及自身专业的资产和财富管理能力,在现代农业、互联网科技、商业贸易、文化传媒、金融投资等领域进行多元化投资。 据悉,现代农业领域,将凭借天润创新,通过资本整合,重点在全国各地打造涵盖种植、加工、仓储、研发、展览、休闲于一身的特色生态农业产业园区。 互联网科技领域,凭借四海继业和裕富云平台的核心竞争力,涉足互联网科技板块,打造自有涉农电子商务平台,运用大数据+云计算技术,不断开拓新的业务领域,与生态农业产业相结合,丰富全产业链。 在贸易领域,天润国华集团将通过“圣兰得”品牌,以贸易为基础、以实业为依托,同时依托已在北京、天津、河北、辽宁、浙江等地建立的销售网络,以现代农业及健康产业为核心带动相关产品,打造成为一站式健康农产品销售平台及其他产品的进出口平台。 王金海介绍,天润国华集团进军农业领域,布局大生态、大健康产业,将为我国现代农业领域搭建良好的资本平台,未来将以现代农业为基础,利用生物技术,借助互联网的快车充分发挥集团技术、智力资源、项目管理和产业链整合等方面的优势,在现代农业领域发挥重要作用。 (责编:贾兴鹏、夏晓伦)相关的主题文章:


as long as related to the change of funds are provided to charge a fee 艳福高照

WeChat cash charge drinker WeChat to pay a transfer back to the era of free, WeChat can pay to cash it will open the charging mode. Yesterday, WeChat side said, from March 1st, WeChat payment will open small change cash charging plan, each person can only enjoy the cumulative amount of 1000 yuan free cash withdrawal limit, more than part of the need to charge according to the rate of 0.1%. The reason for collecting fees, WeChat said, just to pay bank charges. But many market participants do not agree that WeChat charges the reason for "shirk" to commercial banks, but that WeChat wants more funds in its own application scenarios consumption. Lifetime free amount is only 1000 yuan, WeChat suddenly announced yesterday, since March 1, 2016, WeChat pay adjustment fee policy, from the change to the bank card excess withdrawals need to charge a certain fee. Specific charge standard means from March 1st to calculate, each user (ID card dimension) has accumulated 1000 yuan toll free amount, more than 1000 yuan, according to the bank fee collection fee, the current rate is 0.1%, each receive at least 0.1 yuan. For example, after March 1st, the user wants to change from WeChat to the bank card withdrawals 1000 yuan, 1 yuan fee will be charged. That is to say, as long as related to the change of funds are provided to charge a fee, such as WeChat, WeChat red charge transfer amount will automatically change to WeChat, WeChat and even change the purchase CAITONG the same charges. WeChat explained that if the use of small change to buy financial management, the redemption of funds will be returned small change, from small cash withdrawals to the bank card charges. And the use of bank cards to buy financial pass, the redemption of funds will return to the bank card, so that does not involve cash charges. For the lifetime free cash withdrawal limit of 1000 yuan, WeChat explained that the vast majority of users zero wallet stock is less than 1000 yuan. Transfer is free, but cash is charged. What kind of abacus has WeChat played? A third party payment agency insiders told the Beijing Business Daily reporter, transfer fees charged in fact not much significance, most of the transfers can be achieved with WeChat red packets. The official response to fill the cost of the Spring Festival red packets war just enough zero wallet, mention now to spend the fee, WeChat’s "surprise" so that many users are helpless. In this regard, WeChat’s explanation is that the cash charge is not WeChat’s pursuit of revenue move, but used to pay bank charges. WeChat pays every transfer and cash deal, in fact, regardless of the amount of money, banks are required to pay transaction fees to WeChat. WeChat payment team is actively communicating with banks, and strive to achieve early transfer, cash transactions are completely free. In this regard, the State Council Development Research Center Deputy Director of BA in Sina micro-blog questioned said, "now is to the bank account, the bank will charge fees?" However, a person who did not want to be named said that although this statement is to shirk responsibility, but it is basically true. According to its understanding, many banks for economic considerations, it is impossible to let WeChat only make rosy

微信提现收费醉翁之意不在酒   微信支付转账重回免费时代,可微信支付提现却将开启收费模式。昨日,微信方面表示,从3月1日起微信支付将开启零钱提现收费计划,每人终身只能享受累计1000元的免费提现额度,超过部分需要按照0.1%的费率收取。对于收取手续费的原因,微信方面表示,只是为了支付银行手续费。但不少市场人士并不认同微信将收费原因“推卸”给商业银行,而是认为微信想让更多资金在自有应用场景中消费。   终身免费额度仅1000元   昨日微信突然对外宣布称,自2016年3月1日起,微信支付调整手续费收费政策,从零钱到银行卡的超额提现需要收取一定的手续费。具体收费标准是指从3月1日起计算,每位用户(身份证维度)有终身累计1000元免费提现额度,超出1000元部分按银行费率收取手续费,目前费率均为0.1%,每笔最少收0.1元。比如,3月1日后,用户想从微信零钱提现1000元到银行卡,将收取1元的手续费。   也就是说,只要涉及到零钱资金的提现都要收取一定的手续费,比如收取的微信红包、微信转账金额都会自动转到微信零钱里,甚至使用微信零钱购买理财通,提现时同样要收取手续费。微信方面解释称,如果使用零钱购买理财通,资金赎回将返回零钱,从零钱提现到银行卡需收费。而使用银行卡购买理财通,资金赎回将返回银行卡内,这样不涉及提现收费。   对于终身免费提现1000元的限制,微信方面解释为绝大多数用户零钱包存量都在1000元以内。转账免费,提现却收费,微信究竟打了怎样的算盘?一位第三方支付机构内部人士向北京商报记者表示,转账收取手续费其实没有多大意义,大多数的转账都可以用微信红包实现。   官方回应为填补成本   春节红包大战刚充裕了零钱包,提现就要花手续费,微信的“出其不意”令不少用户很是无奈。对此,微信的解释是,对提现交易收费并不是微信支付追求的营收之举,而是用于支付银行手续费。微信支付的每一笔转账和提现交易,事实上不论金额大小银行都要向微信支付收取交易手续费。微信支付团队正在积极与银行方面密切沟通,争取早日实现转账、提现交易完全免费。   对此,国务院发展研究中心金融研究所副所长巴曙松在新浪微博上质疑称,“提现是向银行账户存款,银行会收手续费吗?”不过,一位不愿具名的银行人士表示,这样的说法虽说是为了推卸责任,但基本上也是事实。据其了解,许多银行出于经济原则的考虑,不可能让微信只赚取好处,而自己承担风险,因此确实会收费。而另一位商业银行人士却表示,并不是每一家商业银行都收费,如果提现0.01元都要收费,那是不是有点过于霸道?   醉翁之意不在酒,不少分析人士表示,微信提现收取手续费的真实目的是想借机构建微信支付生态。一位微信内部人士也表示,微信有很多应用场景可以消费。   易观智库金融行业中心研究总监马韬向北京商报记者表示,微信支付转账收费的原因之一是为了其自身支付生态的健康度考虑,之前很多商户为了节省手续费,进行结算时,通过转账来完成,这次提现收费可能一方面也是为了构建支付生态的健康度,对以上的现象进行约束。从监管上来讲,监管思路要求第三方支付的虚拟账户上不要有过多的资金沉淀,因为这样的资金不便于监管。   其实,微信支付因微信红包一炮打响的同时,也在“钱包”中设立了手机充值、信用卡还款、理财通、生活缴费等多种应用场景,但是其用户黏性一直较弱,更多的用户仍习惯到银行或支付宝完成类似应用场景的消费。   支付宝、百度钱包暂不跟进   在微信发布公告后,立即遭到了不少用户的吐槽,并称若微信收取提现手续费将转向支付宝等其他第三方支付机构。也有观点认为,微信此举是把用户推向了支付宝等第三方支付机构。   一位第三方支付的资深分析人士称,微信支付的竞争对手主要是支付宝,在支付宝没有采取竞争策略的情况下,微信支付的这个举措还是很冒险的,主要来讲,对于微信转账会有一定影响。   不过,上述不愿具名的银行人士表示,微信支付提现收费的举措并不会造成大量用户的流失。微信支付主要是基于小额、高频的社交转账支付,对于提现的需求本身比较少。在社交转账方面,微信占据了很大的市场地位,包括今年支付宝撒了很多钱,跟央视合作发红包,但事实上七成左右的红包还是通过微信支付来完成的。从用户来讲,不太会因为微信支付收了1毛钱的手续费,就不再使用微信支付了。   支付宝、百度钱包等第三方支付机构在用户转账、提现等功能上仍然坚持免费政策。昨日,支付宝方面向北京商报记者回应称,他们目前没有计划收取提现手续费。   “对于支付宝来讲,他们不收费是因为可以不走银行通道。” 上述不愿具名的银行人士说道。他表示,支付宝自身有依靠的线上清算的规则。但是根据第三方支付跨行支付的规定,原则上,这种做法是不被允许的,央行是不允许其有自身一套跨行支付清算规则的。现在监管层做出了一定的妥协,允许A类机构符合一定条件的可以向非个人转账,针对于一些比较大额的转账算是开了一道口子。   北京商报记者 崔启斌 岳品瑜 刘双霞相关的主题文章: