Bitcoin Betting With Sportsbook Operators

Bitcoin Betting has increasingly become a popular activity. Participants are able to use this secure method of bidding for sports events of all types. For online gaming enthusiasts it has opened up the opportunities for them to participate in competitions from all over the world. With the use of bitcoins, they never have to worry about exchange rates regardless of where the competition is taking place.

When using a reputable forum, the bidder is able to register an account, deposit their initial funds and choose the sports and games where they want to participate. Online bidding sites make it safe and easy. Every account is secure, help is available whenever needed and the payouts can be impressive.

The use of bitcoins makes all deposits and withdrawals faster than other payment methods. There is less time spent verifying charges or bank accounts like it would be for those using credit cards or cash. Bitcoin transactions are immediate because they are withdrawn from a virtual wallet for the account and can be deposited immediately into the wallet after a win.

Bitcoin Sportsbook operators do not charge their players for any deposits or withdrawals, and both can be completed 24-hours a day. The process is entirely anonymous because they only require information regarding the bitcoin account, rather than personal information about the better. There is no possible way for any personal information to be stolen by hackers with this type of service and the taxes on the winnings are the sole responsibility of the individual.

The odds are favorable when bidding with these types of sites because they maintain a low overhead. There are very few fees or additional costs aside from the actual bets. Players can choose to bet on one game, or multiple games. There are numerous sporting events to choose from including tennis, rugby and basketball, as well as casino games. The games are easy to switch between and the sites are user friendly.

Bitcoins have made it easier for people from all over the world to invest, shop and travel with a safe currency that is not at risk of devaluation because of a bank or government entity. Gaming options using bitcoins have been slowly appearing over the last few years and are now often more reliable and safe than any other payment method.


reprint need authorization. The new WeChat soyoung111 ——————————————————————————– oxygen subscription number 御宅伴侣图文攻略

Does breast augmentation really kill people? – Sohu new oxygen network and new oxygen beauty App exclusive medical column, reprint need authorization. The new WeChat soyoung111 ——————————————————————————– oxygen subscription number: February 17th, the 25 year old Dongguan Tingting (a pseudonym) came to a Shenzhen hospital for breast augmentation and cosmetic surgery to open his eyes, but the abnormal breathing and heartbeat in breast augmentation surgery process, eventually died, someone said the medical institutions will take full responsibility. Nanshan District health supervision agency said that the cause of death has been investigated in-depth evidence, but the cause of death must be made by judicial identification. Tingting mother Tian lady said, before Tingting had done an operation in this, and this operation is not complicated, at first did not think that there would be accidents. Tingting husband, Mr. Cai said that the 17 day of surgery, accompanied by Tingting himself, the whole process is waiting outside. About 11, Tingting entered the operation room, until 17 o’clock, a hospital staff to tell themselves, Tingting "breathing difficulties", but at that time, Tingting has no signs of life. So, why do you die when you do breast augmentation? It is mentioned in the report that Tingting appeared in the operation process of breathing and heartbeat abnormalities, and ultimately invalid death, but a clear cause of death also need to be made by judicial expertise. Our family members provide the "plastic case" Tingting show: 17 at 10:30 in the morning to 11:15 in the Tingting operation room; under local anesthesia, the implementation of the "double eyelid incision + lateral canthus operation"; the end of the surgery at 12:55; 13:30 begin to implement the "match-fixing implant hidden milk surgery, anesthesia method for local anesthesia; 14:28 Tingting, the pulse suddenly dropped to 42 times per minute, 2 minutes after the pulse rose to 65 times per minute at 15:10; blood pressure, pulse also dropped to 40 times per minute, then, Tingting was injected with" adrealine ", but the blood pressure and pulse, no change of tracheal intubation; 15:20; 15:30 the pulse becomes zero, then the implementation of the" chest compressions "and" static push "and" adrenaline injection "and other emergency Method。 In this medical record, the last rescue record of Tingting stays at 16:11, for the injection of adrenaline and static push". Basically, the accident should be an anesthetic accident during the operation. Anesthesia accidents can be called "invisible killers" in plastic surgery. The majority of deaths in plastic surgery are due to anesthesia accidents. The complications of anesthesia are mainly manifested in three aspects: respiration, circulation and nervous system. The respiratory system including glossoptosis, regurgitation and aspiration, airway obstruction, airway spasm; circulatory system including hypotension, myocardial ischemia; nervous system including thermoregulation abnormalities, delayed recovery, seizures and convulsions. So it’s not breast augmentation

隆胸真的会死人么?-搜狐   新氧网和新氧美容App独家名医专栏,转载需授权。新氧微信订阅号:soyoung111   ——————————————————————————–   2月17日,25岁的东莞人婷婷(化名)来到深圳某整容医院做隆胸及开眼角手术,不料在隆胸手术过程中出现呼吸心跳异常,最终抢救无效死亡,涉事医疗机构表示会承担全部责任。南山区卫生监督所表示,已经对患者死亡原因进行深入调查取证,但明确死因须由司法鉴定做出。   婷婷的母亲田女士称,此前婷婷曾在此做过一次手术,加之这次手术并不算复杂,起初没有想到会出现意外。婷婷的丈夫蔡先生表示,17日手术当天自己陪同婷婷前来,全程都在外面等候。约11时,婷婷进入手术室,直到17时许,一名院方人员才告诉自己,婷婷“呼吸困难”,但那时,婷婷已经没有生命迹象了。      所以,做隆胸手术为什么会死人呢?   报道里提到婷婷是在手术过程中出现呼吸心跳异常,最终抢救无效死亡,但明确死因还需要由司法鉴定做出。   婷婷家属提供的婷婷“整形病历”显示:   17日上午10时30分婷婷进入手术室;   11时15分在局部麻醉下实施了“切开重睑术+外眦开大术”;   12时55分该手术结束;   13时30分开始实施“假球体植入隐乳术”,麻醉方法为“局麻+强化”;   14时28分,婷婷的脉搏突然下降至每分钟42次,2分钟后脉搏回升至每分钟65次;   15时10分血压下降,脉搏也下降至每分钟40次,随后,婷婷被注射了“肾上腺素”,但血压、脉搏等无变化;   15时20分进行了气管插管;   15时30分脉搏变为零,随后实行了“胸外按压”、“静推”、注射“肾上腺素”等急救方法。   在这份病历上,婷婷的最后一次抢救记录时间停留在16时11分,为注射“肾上腺素”及“静推”。   基本上,这个事故应该属于手术过程中的麻醉意外。麻醉意外堪称整形手术中的隐形杀手,一般出现整形手术中死亡事件绝大多数都是因为麻醉出现事故。   麻醉并发症主要表现在呼吸、循环、神经系统三方面。呼吸系统包括舌后坠、反流误吸、呼吸道阻塞、气道痉挛等;循环系统包括低血压、心肌缺血等;神经系统包括体温调节异常、苏醒延迟、惊厥和抽搐等。   所以并不是做隆胸手术会死人,而是在手术过程中由于麻醉意外而导致了事故的发生。   哪些整形手术有可能出现麻醉事故?   其实任何手术都是有风险的,只要是手术,就有可能要麻醉,不止于整形手术,小到割阑尾这样的手术在术前也需要签一系列风险确认单。   在整形手术中,除了激光美肤、针剂微整类的微整形手术,其他如割双眼皮、隆鼻等都需要麻醉,不同的是,眼鼻手术局麻即可,而面部轮廓(颧骨、下颌角、双鄂)类手术、隆胸、全身吸脂等手术需要全麻。   整形项目风险排行榜   风险指数:★半永久化妆、水光针、美白针、超声刀等激光美肤类   风险指数:★★玻尿酸、肉毒素、面部埋线提升等微整形   风险指数:★★★割双眼皮、开眼角、假体隆鼻、假体垫下巴、面部或手臂等局部吸脂、脂肪填充等手术   风险指数:★★★★全身吸脂、假体隆胸、颧骨截骨或内推、下颌角截骨等骨骼类手术   风险指数:★★★★★双鄂手术、颅颌面严重畸形矫正类手术   显然玻尿酸填充、肉毒素瘦脸或去皱等微整形风险低。   如何降低麻醉风险?   首先肯定是要选择正规有资质的整形医院和正规有资质的医生。一个合格的麻醉医生熟悉各种麻醉药物的应用、患者的并存病、创伤与手术引起的病理生理变化,会制定整个围手术过程中都可能发生的情况并预想出必要的防范措施,尽量把手术当中的麻醉风险降到最低,一旦出现意外情况,能马上采取相关抢救措施,最大限度地降低损害。   除了麻醉剂的原因,要降低麻醉风险,还应考虑接受手术者本身是否存在全身系统性疾病。所以,在正规医院,手术前一定会对接受美容手术者进行相关的常规检查,包括排除严重系统性疾病,对有心、脑、肝、肾等器官损害、高血压、糖尿病患者采取积极的药物治疗,使其病情稳定后再考虑是否适合美容手术和麻醉。   在麻醉方式的选择上,局麻并不比全麻风险小。麻醉方式的选择主要是根据手术部位、性质、手术时间、病人的身体状况等各方面决定的。全麻适应面最广,适合所有的大、中、小手术,而其他的麻醉方式则只能适合某一部分手术,但所有手术都实施全麻也不实际。另外,所有麻醉方式都具有一定的风险性,局麻发生风险的概率一点不比全麻低,某些情况下用全麻反而是更安全的。而且,麻醉药物会有一个代谢过程,随着时间的推移,全麻药物会通过各种途径完全排出体外,不会造成体内残留。   还有,要避免一次进行多处、耗时较长的整形手术,比如全身吸脂一次的量也不应该太大,对口鼻处可能影响到气道的整形手术更应全面了解风险。   最后,还是要说,任何手术都有风险,整形需谨慎。在选择做整形手术之前,大家一定要对自己要做的项目充分了解,对手术存在的风险也要有足够的了解,并且建议大家先尝试风险低的微整形。   ———————————————————————————–   新氧网和新氧美容微整形App是东半球人气最旺的美容微整形社区和在线商城,百万爱美女性的口碑之选。美容达人、专业名医、时尚红人、海量变美日记等你来变美~相关的主题文章:


初级交易商分析师认为美国未来六个月滑入衰退的可能性为14% 郑州工业安全职业学院

Gold week central action: Federal Reserve summary of dove European silver cut interest rates can not escape? FX168 news February 15-19 central to summary — this week, the Federal Reserve released the minutes of the meeting, the wording is interpreted as dovish, then the gold market twice back to step 1200 level of support, then opens a rapidly rising prices, high refresh to 1240 line. Mentioned in the minutes of the Federal Reserve, officials discussed the need to change the interest rate path, and December will be published on the dot chart suggests that 2016 interest rates 4 times, taking into account the current economic situation, the market believes that the Fed has been considering raising interest rates to slow down the speed, the Federal Reserve to raise interest rates expected received a great blow. Although the survey released by the New York fed, the Fed is likely to raise interest rates in March, but also shows the Fed’s recovery zero interest rates in the next two years may improve, the Fed’s own published research report also expressed concerns about inflation, while the Saint Louis Fed President Brad once again turned to the tone, expression the on rate hike worries. The European central bank side, the market interest rate expectations that the European bank in March to cut interest rates again I am afraid it is difficult to avoid based on the current market will focus on how to compare the specific policy. The Fed minutes show policymakers to consider making changes in the original interest rate path Fed policy makers last month about global tightening financial conditions will hurt the U.S. economy, and consider changing the federal funds rate in 2016 scheduled path. "Such as tightening continued the recent global financial situation, the factors or enlarge the economic downside risk," Wednesday (February 17th) announced the January meeting minutes show. Most policymakers are still expected to raise interest rates further, even discussed whether January can raise interest rates, but after a lengthy discussion on global risk after said that the recent financial market development if sustained, its impact may be almost equivalent to a further tightening of monetary policy. The minutes showed that policymakers discussed the appropriate path to change the target range of the federal funds rate." However, it is too early for them to agree to change the economic outlook of the United States, so they will pay close attention to the global economic development, as well as crude oil and stock prices. This suggests that the recent slowdown in global economic growth and the deep fall in the stock market have led to the Fed’s consideration of giving up the four rate hike this year in December. The meeting showed that "many members of the committee concerns, extensive influence China and other emerging market economies grow faster than expected slowdown might have caused to drag on the U.S. economy." On the whole, Wall Street questioned whether the Fed could raise interest rates again this year. Before the minutes of the meeting, federal fund futures pricing showed that investors expected the probability of interest rate increase in December was 40%, lower than before several meetings before the expected. Since the self storage January policy meeting, the global financial market turmoil has been a trend, which prompted one of America’s largest trading partner in Mexico on Wednesday to raise interest rates, in response to the Mexico Peso against the dollar. Conference records show that policymakers admit that China’s problems may weigh heavily on Mexico and the other major trading partner of the United States, canada. Review of the minutes of the meeting

黄金一周央行动向:联储纪要很鸽派 欧银降息逃不了?   FX168讯 2月15-19日央行动向汇总――本周美联储公布了会议纪要,措辞被解读为鸽派,黄金市场随后两度回踩1200水平支撑,随后开启了一段迅速上涨行情,刷新高位至1240一线。   美联储纪要中提及,官员们讨论了是否需要改变加息路径,而12月会上公布的点阵图暗示2016年加息4次,考虑到当前的经济状况,市场认为美联储内部已经在考虑放慢升息速度,令美联储升息预期收到很大打击。   虽然纽约联储公布的调查显示,美联储很有可能在3月的会上宣布加息,但同时也显示美联储在未来两年中恢复零利率的可能在提高,美联储自身发布的研报也表达了对通胀的担忧,而圣路易斯联储主席布拉德口风再度转向,表达了自身对继续升息的担忧。   欧洲央行这边,基于市场的利率预期显示欧银3月再度降息恐怕难以避免,目前市场比较关注具体的政策将会如何。   美联储纪要显示决策者考虑改变原定利率路径   美联储政策制定者上个月担忧全球金融状况收紧将损及美国经济,并考虑改变2016年联邦基金利率原定路径。   “如近期全球金融状况持续收紧,其或称为放大经济下行风险的因素,”周三(2月17日)公布的1月会议纪要显示。   多数政策制定者仍预计将进一步加息,甚至讨论了1月份是否可以加息,但经过对全球风险的冗长讨论之后表示,近期金融市场发展如果持续,其影响可能差不多相当于进一步收紧货币政策。   纪要显示,决策者讨论了“改变联邦基金利率目标区间的合适路径。”   不过,他们同意改变美国经济前景还为时过早,因此将密切关注全球经济发展以及原油和股票价格。   这表明近期全球经济增长放缓及股市的深跌导致美联储考虑放弃12月释放出的今年加息四次的信号。   会议记录显示,“很多与会委员担忧,中国和其他新兴市场经济体成长放缓的速度超过预期所产生的广泛影响可能给美国经济造成的拖累。”   总体而言,华尔街质疑美联储今年是否能够再次加息。会议纪要公布之前,联邦基金期货定价显示,投资者预计12月加息的概率为40%,低于之前数次会议之前的预期。   自联储1月政策会议以来,全球金融市场一直呈动荡走势,这促使美国最大的贸易伙伴之一墨西哥在周三升息,以应对墨西哥比索兑美元走软。   会议记录显示,决策者承认,中国的问题可能重压墨西哥和美国的另一个主要贸易伙伴加拿大。   会议记录还显示,美联储决策委员会再度授权与多家其他国家央行达成外汇互换协议。   此次纪要还显示,大多数官员认为美国经济温和增长,但全球经济和金融市场发展令美国经济前景的不确定性增加。美联储政策制定者表示近期全球金融市况收紧,如果持续,可能导致下滑风险加剧。美联储政策制定者表示同意有必要密切关注全球经济和金融市场发展对美国就业市场、通胀和经济前景风险平衡的冲击。部分美联储政策制定者认为近期情势发展显示经济前景风险不再均衡。   纪要还称,一些美联储政策制定者质疑较长期通胀预期是否仍能良好受控;多位美联储政策制定者认为通胀前景风险为下滑,重申需要看到通胀升向2%联储目标的直接证据;原油和美元可能继续在更长时间内拖累通胀。   纪要指出,多位美联储政策制定者表示货币政策在有效的应对冲击上准备不足; 许多美联储政策制定者仍预计今年消费者支出对经济成长将作重大贡献;许多美联储政策制定者认为在过去一年就业市场资源利用不足的情况已经明显减少,几位委员认为已经消除了闲置。   此外,纪要还称,美联储官员强调加息时机和步伐将取决于经济数据,不过委员会同意数据太不明确,无法判断前景风险。   素有美联储通讯社之称的Jon Hilsenrath指出,美联储委员观点兵分两路;部分委员认为经济下行风险加大,而另一部分则认为需静待观望。 库存和油价下降,对中国的担忧以及通胀预期指标下滑等导致委员们产生分歧。   国外财经网站Forexlive货币分析师Adam Button指出,从此次会议纪要可以看出,虽然大多数委员都准备承认经济下行风险在不断增加,但目前他们仍不准备撤回加息预期,而是继续观望等待;如果股市和油价都开始复苏,美联储对前景的看法或将更为乐观,但市场投资者仍有很大可能会低估美联储再次采取加息举措的几率。   纽约联储调查:美联储下次行动时 加息可能性大于降息   据纽约联储周四(2月18日)公布对初级交易商调查显示,美国联邦储备理事会(美联储,FED)下次调整政策加息的可能性比降息大,不过未来两年恢复零利率的可能性在上升。   这项例行调查显示,初级交易商认为美联储下次调整政策时加息的机率约为75%,略超一半的人预计美联储会在3月的会议上加息。   根据22位初级交易员预计,美联储下次调整政策时降息的可能性约为8%,认为2016年维持利率不变的可能性约为17%。   但受访者认为,未来两年恢复零利率的可能性约为四分之一,为美联储2014年9月开始问及这一问题以来最高,表明对经济可能陷入衰退的担忧升温。   此前外媒对分析师进行的另一份调查显示,今年可能有两次加息,利率期货市场也显示预期有一次加息。   纽约联储这份调查显示,初级交易商分析师认为美国未来六个月滑入衰退的可能性为14%,为2013年10月开始调查以来最高。   美联储发布经济学家研究报告:“通缩倾向”可能折磨美国经济   据美联储本月发布的研究报告显示,自上次经济衰退以来,美国经济可能安装了一个“通缩倾向”,令美联储更难实现2%的通胀目标。   经济学家Timothy Hills、Taisuke Nakata和Sebastian Schmidt认为,这个倾向来自于企业界认为美联储在低利率情况下刺激经济捉襟见肘。这进而促使企业降低未来通胀预期,影响到他们对自己产品和服务的定价。   “我们的研究结果为寻求促进通货膨胀的决策者提供了一个警示,”这几位经济学家在研究报告和附加说明中表示。“如今实现通胀目标可能比大衰退之前要难多了。”   为了抵消通缩倾向,报告建议美联储更加重视推高通胀,而非稳定经济增长。这将意味着允许失业率降至长期中性水平之下。他们认为,美联储还应提高2%的通胀目标,以帮助拉升通胀预期。   以美联储关注的个人消费支出物价指数(PCE)衡量,美国12月份通胀仅为0.6%,已经连续大约三年半未达到美联储2%的目标。   另一个通胀指标消费者价格指数1月份为1.4%。核心CPI同比上涨2.2%。美联储偏爱使用PCE指标,认为这是比CPI更好的实际通胀水平衡量指标。   美联储“老鹰”布拉德立场急转 称现在继续升息不明智   美国圣路易斯联储主席布拉德(James Bullard)周三(2月17日)称,在通胀预期下降和股市波动的时候继续升息是“不明智的”。这标志着布拉德立场的重大改变,他是美联储中立场较为强硬的官员之一,同时也是2016年美国联邦公开市场委员会(FOMC)的投票委员。   在2015年的多数时间里,布拉德一直都主张提早升息,但如今他感觉支持升息的重要假设因素已经减弱。   布拉德在讲话稿中称,通胀预期已降至“令人非常不安”的水平,这增加了通胀率本身将下降,并继续低于美联储2%目标水平的可能性。   他指出,“我认为在市场通胀预期下降的情况下,继续推进利率正常化策略是不明智的。另外,股市下跌和其他金融环境收紧,使危险的资产泡沫在中期内并不是那么令人担忧。”   布拉德表示,油价下跌非同小可,可以刺激美国经济增长,他预计2016年美国和全球经济增速都将上扬,更长时间内维持低利率将提供动能。   布拉德称,“总而言之,我认为上述情况可能为FOMC在利率正常化方面提供了更多回旋余地。”   美联储官员近来的言论似乎已表明美联储不太可能在3月会议上降息,但布拉德的言论暗示,美联储面临普遍的担忧。   布拉德2016年是有投票权的委员,他过去一直赞成升息,但认为自美联储去年12月升息以来,这一可能性已降低。他强调,“2015年美国货币正常化的两大支柱已经发生了改变。”   布拉德的言论呼应了联储官员在上次政策会议上表达的担忧。美联储周三发布的会议记录显示,联储官员担忧全球经济放缓与金融市场大跌可能拖累美国经济,并考虑改变原先计划好的2016年升息路径。眼下投资者已将美联储第二次升息的预期推迟到2016年后期。   另外,布拉德也指出,美联储的季度利率前景预期可能适得其反,让市场觉得利率是事先设定而不是根据数据而定。他敦促美联储对“点阵图”作出调整,以更好地引导市场。   降息已成定局!德拉基还会扩大宽松吗?   在货币决策会议出炉之后,欧洲央行行长德拉基3月10日将召开记者会,从欧元区国债收益率跌到纪录新低的步调研判,交易员预期德拉基届时会扩大宽松。投资人预期德拉基会加码祭出刺激措施,而且不会再度令人失望。   根据期货合约显示,欧洲央行3月份的会议下调存款利率10个基点几乎已成定局。   据彭博数据显示,从1月21日的货币决策会议以来,收益率低于负0.3%的欧元区国债金额大增逾三分之一,达到至少1.22万亿美元。国债收益率低于负0.3%代表,只有欧洲央行调降存款利率,这些债券才会合乎欧洲央行的收购条件。   德拉基在1月21日的货币决策会议暗示,可能准备加码刺激措施。   此外德拉基昨天在欧洲议会表示,油价下跌以及市场动荡可能促使欧洲央行采取行动,以提振通胀。 进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章:


unfavorable factors need to pay close attention to Europe 近距离作战先发制人

Precious metals callback silver T+D Monday night disk down FX168 news silver T+D Monday (February 15th) night plate fell, opened at 3410, reported 3388, down 5 yuan. Silver T+D rose Thursday rose 71 yuan, or 2014%, 3388 yuan kilogram, the highest price of 3425 yuan kilogram, the lowest offer 3376 yuan kg. International Spot silver opened Monday at $15.74 ounce, reaching a maximum of $15.74 ounce, the lowest drop of $15.18 ounce, to close at $15.30 ounce, down 0.43 U.S. dollars, down 2.73%. On Monday, as global stock markets rose generally, risk aversion subsided, pushing gold down from a year high. The end of Chinese New Year holiday and profit taking by investors are pressure on gold. Last week, as the global stock market shocks, the birth of hedge demand, gold rose, the biggest gain in four weeks, a breakthrough once a year high of $1260.60 ounce. However, gold rose by nearly 200 dollars from the lows in January, so far this year, gold prices have risen by 15%, facing a deep callback, if the price of gold fell below $1200 ounce, the adjustment may be further to 1150 U.S. dollars ounce. The American market is closed today because of President Washington, and the U.S. stock market is not open. European stocks rose nearly 3%, and Asian stock markets stabilized after falling for 5 consecutive days. Overnight, China’s central bank once again strengthened its RMB exchange rate, and the chase for risk also pushed the dollar against the yen and the euro. The European Central Bank President Delaki today delivered a speech, said it had seen on the global economic worries intensified; the new year the first week that the euro zone is facing a major challenge; prior to overcome these challenges, take more powerful measures is necessary; since the beginning of December, the market sentiment has accelerated economic deterioration; unfavorable factors need to pay close attention to Europe; the central bank is ready for the exercise of responsibility; the euro zone economy has a moderate recovery. European economic recovery is mainly due to the easing of the ECB, but inflation is not as good as expected. Fundamental positive factors: 1., according to the economic times (economictimes) on Monday (February 15th) reported that, due to the low price of gold attracted, in January, India gold imports increased by 85.16% to 2 billion 910 million U.S. dollars. India’s gold imports totaled $1 billion 570 million in January, according to the Ministry of Commerce in India. In 2015 December, gold imports doubled, reaching 3 billion 800 million year-on-year. From the amount of imports, India is the world’s second largest consumer of gold, imports in 2014 has reached 900 tons. In 2015, it reached 850 tons in 1-9 months and 650 tons in the same period a year ago. 2. multinational central banks to start interest rate cuts or negative interest rates. The Swedish central bank cut interest rates to -0.5% on Thursday (February 11th), a decline exceeding market expectations. The central bank said it was ready to take more measures to boost weak inflation amid concerns about global economic growth. The Swedish central bank cut the target repo rate from minus 0.35% to minus 0.5%, and said it would use the maturity bond and its portfolio theory

贵金属回调 白银T+D周一夜盘下跌   FX168讯 白银T+D周一(2月15日)夜盘下跌,开于3410,报3388,下跌5.0元。白银T+D周四上涨上涨71元,涨幅2014%,收3388元 千克,最高报价3425元 千克,最低报价3376元 千克。国际现货白银周一开于15.74美元 盎司,最高触及15.74美元 盎司,最低下探15.18美元 盎司,收于15.30美元 盎司,下跌0.43美元,跌幅为2.73%。   周一由于全球股市普遍上涨,避险情绪消退,将黄金从一年高位拽下。中国新年假期结束及投资者的获利回吐都令黄金承压。上周因全球股市震荡,催生避险需求,黄金大涨,获得四年来单周最大的涨幅,一度突破1260.60美元 盎司的一年高位。然而,黄金在从1月的低点大涨了近200美元之后,截止目前为止,今年金价已累计上涨15%,面临深度回调,如果金价跌破1200美元 盎司,调整有可能会进一步到1150美元 盎司。美国市场今天因华盛顿总统日休市,美国股市不开盘。欧股大涨近3%,亚洲股市也在连续5日下跌之后企稳,隔夜中国央行再度强化其人民币汇率,对风险的追逐也将美元兑日元和欧元推高。   欧洲央行行长德拉基今日发表讲话,称已看到对全球经济的担忧加剧;新年首周显示欧元区面临重大的考验;在克服这些挑战之前,采取更为强力措施是有必要的;自12月初以来,市场人气恶化已经加速;经济不利因素需要密切关注;欧洲央行已经准备好行使责任;欧元区经济已温和复苏。欧洲经济的复苏主要得益于欧洲央行的宽松政策,但通胀不如预期。   基本面利好因素:   1.据《经济时代》(economictimes)周一(2月15日)发布的报道称,由于低金价的吸引,1月印度黄金进口增加了85.16%到29.1亿美元。据印度商业部的数据,去年1月份印度黄金进口总值达15.7亿美元。2015年12月份,黄金进口翻倍,同比达到了38亿。从进口量看,印度是世界第二大黄金消费国,2014年进口量已达900吨。2015年1-9月达850吨,一年前同期为650吨。   2.多国央行启动降息或负利率。瑞典央行上周四(2月11日)下调指标利率至-0.5%,降幅超出市场预期。央行并称在全球经济成长的担忧环境下,已准备好采取更多措施来提振疲弱的通胀。瑞典央行将指标回购利率由负0.35%调降至负0.5%,并表示会将来自到期债券及其资产组合付息的资金进行再投资,实际扩大了央行债券购买计划。央行称正在研究其他放松政策的方法,包括外汇干预在内。瑞士央行行长乔丹上周四(2月11日)采访时表示,该央行不排除将利率在负区域进一步调降的可能性,但警告欧洲的动荡可能会重振瑞郎的避险地位。   3.耶伦再提市场风险对金价形成支撑。美联储主席耶伦在上周三的讲话中重申加息路径将依据经济数据,美联储预期经济形势将只会支持渐进加息。耶伦提及了近期全球市场的状况,警告经济增长风险。耶伦称,美国就业和薪资增长应会支撑收入和支出;劳动力市场虽显示出巨大改善,但仍有闲置存在;预计通胀短期内将维持低位;通胀料于中期内回升至2%目标;当前金融形势对经济增长的支持度下降;股市下跌、美元上涨且信贷利差扩大;油价可能是经济增长超越预期的理由;人民币贬值使得中国的外汇政策和前景更加不确定;近期指标并未暗示中国经济会大幅放缓;海外经济形势对美国经济势头构成风险。   基本面利空因素:   1.欧洲央行行长德拉基周一表示,如欧元区经济前景受到金融市场波动所威胁,欧洲央行将采取行动,以确保货币政策能传导到实体经济中。受此影响,欧元兑美元跌幅扩大至逾1%,欧洲股市大幅上涨。“针对近期金融动荡情况,我们将分析我们的货币政策是如何通过金融体系传播的,尤其是银行,”德拉基周一在位于法兰克福的欧洲议会上表示。此外,欧洲央行将审视新一轮能源价格下滑的影响,“如其中任意因素对物价稳定带来下滑风险,我们将毫不犹豫采取行动。”   2.海湾新闻(Gulf News)在周一(2月15日)发布的消息称,中国新年假期过后黄金购买热潮消退,黄金上涨不再受来自中国消费者的支撑。2016年以来由于黄金价格上涨近14%,中国消费者购买黄金的意愿降低,反而卖盘增加,黄金周一因此而下跌近2%。山东黄金集团首席分析师Shu Jiang认为,近期黄金的上涨是不可能持续的。“在中国,人们认为黄金的上涨是受避险情绪的驱使。人们对黄金如此上涨使持保守态度的。”亚洲的黄金交易商认为,在中国一周的新年假期之后卖盘增加,一些在节前购买黄金的投资者希望抛售也获取利润。   3.全球最大的黄金ETF,纽约上市的SPDR Gold Trust黄金持仓上周五(2月12日)减少了5吨至710.95。   周二重点关注:   17:30 英国1月消费者物价指数(年率)   18:00 德国2月ZEW经济景气指数   21:30 美国2月纽约联储制造业物价获得指数 进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章:


reduced depression and stress and brighter and more positive energy throughout the residence. Pets can offer an outreach for residents who may have trouble speaking and communicating with other residences. Pets can give seniors a job and a purpose to their lives 大连大学教务处首页

Assisted living facilities and hospitals all over the country have used pets to offer comfort when people are feeling low. Cats, dogs, birds and even hamsters and guinea pigs are often used for every age as a means for distraction, comfort, companionship and good positive energy that is so often needed in times of sickness or loneliness. An assisted living Minnesota therapeutic dog named Kaiser, has been making visits for several years to seniors coping with physical and mental disabilities. Kaiser is also known in Minnesota schools, hospitals and long term rehabilitation centers. Besides patients, Kaiser and his owner volunteer their time and have made several friends with staff members, nurses, doctors and caregivers all over the state. Besides having dogs like Kaiser make weekly rounds to different hospitals, many assisted living facilities have a resident pet or allow residents to keep pets themselves. Living with any pet can have its pluses and minuses of course. The Positives and Negatives of Pets in Assisted Living Facilities Allergies- residents can have intense reactions to pet dander that can make their current situation even worse. Before introducing any pet to an assisted living facility, its wise to double check everyones tolerances for cats and dogs. Best case scenario should there be allergies is to have one common area exclusively for the resident pet and for residents who are not allergic to spend some time without making anyone else miserable with itching and sneezing. Cleaning, feeding and general care of the resident pet or pets- Owning a pet is a big responsibility on top of the other delegated tasks for assisted living staff. It will have to be the concern of all staff members to make sure the resident pet is properly fed, bathed and taken outside often. When residents own pets inside their rooms, even if it is just a goldfish, assisted living staff need to make sure each resident as well as their pet are having their needs met, which can be burdensome for an already busy facility. Financial concerns- Pet food and vet bills can add up. Its probably not the best idea for any assisted living facility to take on another financial responsibility if funds are already stretched thin. The positives highly outweigh the negatives- happier residents, lowered anxiety, reduced depression and stress and brighter and more positive energy throughout the residence. Pets can offer an outreach for residents who may have trouble speaking and communicating with other residences. Pets can give seniors a job and a purpose to their lives, by feeding them, grooming them and taking them on walks. Studies have shown that the genuine, non-judgmental love that animals can give to residents in assisted living facilities can prove dramatic results. If your facility cannot have a live-in pet, contact your local humane society and see if a dog or cat could come for weekly visits. About the Author: 相关的主题文章:


complimentary internet access 极品骷髅战士

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