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 Cheap California InsuranceIn  www.cheapinsurancecalifornia.net and Municipal, actual income loss is not necessary to be eligible for benefits.  The same is true in Area, although actual income can result in a larger weekly benefit.  In Area, the advantage is available at least level to particular classes of victims who cannot show actual loss of income. In the event the victim will not lose income because her employer continues to pay her full wages at that time she is disabled, she’s going to ‘t be entitled to income-replacement benefits. The huge benefits, it has been held quite sensibly, are meant for people who are struggling to make money due to injury plus a victim who continues to receive full wages hasn’t ceased being engaged in a job for wages or profit. Calculating the Amount of Benefits.

Except for cheapinsurancecalifornia.net website Area, which utilizes the concept of net income; City, which provides for pre-selected benefit levels; Municipal, where flat-rate benefits are paid; and Area as well as the two Territories with respect of claims for minimum cover, the central concept in calculating benefits is gross income. Where this is so, the total amount payable will be the lesser of (a) a stated maximum, or (b) a share of revenues (at the mercy of making allowance for collateral sources). Obviously, with this comparison to be made, it is crucial to determine the claimant’s income. Generally involving an employed person, determining the revenues is not hard enough. It provides tax, medical insurance premiums, unemployment insurance costs, pension contributions, union dues and so forth.  But a problem arises in which the claimant, whether employed or self-employed, has a fluctuating income. In Sue v. Royal Insurance Co. ,  the Ontario High Court was faced with this challenge and held how the gross weekly income for calculating benefits was the weekly average more than a twelve month. Compare rates now and save with Cheapinsurancecalifornia.net!

Other issues cheapinsurancecalifornia.net rates attend the calculation when placed on self- employed people. In Shepley,m the trial judge held that in terms of the self-employed, income meant gross profits. This seems quite sensible because otherwise income could possibly be unrealistically based, as an example, on large turnover. However, the Ontario Court of Appeal overturned the decision and held that even though the. Feel free to visit the official home page of California.


Attorneys: 10 Mistakes that Most People Make

Usefulness of Using a NY Personal Injury Law Consultant

Personal injury is a legal term that is used to mean an injury to the body, mind and the emotions of a person. Individual damage claims are generally placed against the individual who caused the damage through their carelessness or deliberate unfortunate behavior. Most of the time, the remedy of the lawsuit is compensation in terms of money for the injury caused. Like every single other case, the likelihood of losing in such a case is high when the offended party argues the case individually. Employing a decent attorney to contend the case for you might be an extremely compensating move. Many personal injury lawyers are available in New York. Employing one to speak for you will have the accompanying advantages.

The experience and information that legal advisors can counsel the individual suing on how much the case is worth. The vast majority don’t have the know-how that their cases could get more in terms of the pay. The lawyer, therefore, helps to keep you aware of what you can get from the case. It could be a notable open way for you to get a better life.

The other favorable position that goes with having a lawyer is that the legal advisor knows the legal method followed. A person who has not studied law does not know the processes involved in the lawsuit and may, therefore, lose the case if it taken to trial. The advocate gives direction on what to do and what not to. This at last influences you to look more understanding of the system.

The chances of being defeated in the case increase in case you don’t get a law consultant. The impact of the legal advisor is that they enhance the chances of winning the case. In all actuality, most presumably the litigant will contract a lawyer to speak for them. In the event that you then again go ahead with the case without the assistance of an attorney, you will most presumably lose the lawsuit. This will be a loss of your opportunity and resources.

The inspiration of the legal counselor is additionally another advantage. The inspiration comes because of the fact that in these types of cases, the legal counselor does not get any cash unless a settlement is won from the insurer.This therefore means that the lawyer will ensure that they get a settlement from the insurance company. This works to your advantage because you won’t have to do much convincing for the lawyer to really push the case.

As seen above, the benefits of hiring a personal injury lawyer are worth your try the next time someone injures you.


above resistance Dow highs in 0.7385 深圳大学八卦图

Li Yingchen: the dollar fall further concerns weak dollar index: non United States refers to the short-term rapid. The daily chart, the week K line continuous overcast, has been ahead of low of 97.15 successfully punctured, the main trend of high decline continues, prices again away from the 100 mark integer bit. The 4 hour chart, the United States refers to the short kinetic energy filling, currently facing upward pressure, the higher probability but the market outlook continues to decline. In the hours to build a secondary rhythm adjustment, unless the United States that broke out strong momentum of rise in a short period of time, otherwise need to continue to watch the main. European currency: Figure 1 Euro Force upside, steep slope. Daily chart, the previous consolidation time is close to two months, the current exchange rate has been 1.1060 high breaking up, rising space is further opened. 4 hours chart, MACD shows multiple kinetic energy filling, because there is no obvious resistance on the top, the euro continues to launch a larger probability of upside. Hour chart, on Dow lows of 1.1070, as long as the exchange rate does not quickly return to the position below, you can continue to call the euro. Pound break up the shape of the expansion, continue to shake up. The daily chart rebounded sharply this week, but the pressing position of the average system is still not broken, and the objective trend of the central line of the pound is still downward. 4 hours chart, the exchange rate steadily higher, the main trend of re – rise, and there are signs of gradual acceleration. Hourly chart, pound small consolidation, concerned about the 1.4540 line average support, is expected to decline slightly after the pound is still dominated by high. Commodity currency: Figure 2 after the Australian dollar hit a slight drop. The daily chart, the exchange rate of the last two weeks has been a continuation of low rebound trend, above resistance Dow highs in 0.7385, is expected to the position of the Australian dollar will attack. 4 hours chart, short line continuous down, long kinetic energy slowed down, but rising space is still relatively broad. Hour chart, the average system arranged depending on the market outlook will remain at slightly lower after the high tempo, we can choose to do more small. Asian currencies: the US and Japan once again showing strong declines. Daily chart, K-line continuously collected three big Yin, long kinetic energy significantly weakened, concerned about the 115.95 line, the United States and Japan are expected to re launch this position challenges. 4 hours chart, the exchange rate moves repeatedly around the average system, the shock rhythm is still very serious. Hourly chart, the main trend has been turned downward, is currently facing some upward pressure, but the probability of continuing to attack the above support is larger. The important point of deciding the long-term trend is still 115.55. On the whole, the short-term non US currencies remain strong, and the euro and the Australian dollar can be properly considered today. Today the important financial data and hot events: 21:30 the US unemployment rate in January, before the value of 5% 21:30 U.S. January payrolls, 21:30 Canada January unemployment rate of 292 thousand the previous value, the previous value of 7.1% 21:30 Canada January employment changes, the previous value of 23 thousand Sina statement: Sina posted this article for more information to pass, does not mean that a favor.

李映辰:美元进一步下落关注晚间弱势非农   美元指数:   美指短线急速下落。日线图上看,K线本周连续收阴,已将97.15的前方低点顺利刺破,高位下跌的主趋势得以延续,价格再度远离100.00的整数关口位。4小时图,美指的空头动能充盈,目前面临一定的上调压力,但后市继续走低的概率较高。小时图在构筑次要节奏调整,除非美指在短时间内爆发出强劲的上涨动能,否则需继续以看空为主。   欧系货币: 图1   欧元发力上攻,斜率陡峭。日线图,此前的盘整时间接近两个月,目前汇价已将1.1060的高点升破,上涨空间被进一步打开。4小时图,MACD显示多头动能充盈,由于上方近期并没有明显的阻力,欧元继续发起上攻的概率较大。小时图,关注道氏低点1.1070,只要汇价不迅速回到此位置下方,则可继续看涨欧元。   英镑突破扩大形态上沿,继续震荡走高。日线图,本周汇价反弹势头迅猛,但均线系统的压制位仍然没有升破,英镑中线的客观趋势仍然向下。4小时图,汇价稳步走高,主趋势重新转为上涨,且有逐步加速的迹象。小时图,英镑小幅盘整,关注1.4540一线的均线依托,预计英镑小幅下调之后仍将以走高为主。   商品货币: 图2   澳元冲高后小幅回落。日线图上看,汇价最近两周多一直延续低位反弹的走势,上方道氏高点阻力在0.7385,预计澳元将向此位置发起冲击。4小时图,短线连续发生下调,多头动能有所减缓,但上涨空间仍较为广阔。小时图,均线系统依托排列,后市小幅下调之后仍将保持冲高节奏,今天仍可选择小仓做多。   亚洲货币:   美日再度展现出强劲的下跌行情。日线图,K线连续收出三根大阴,多头动能明显减弱,关注115.95一线,美日有望重新向此位置发起挑战。4小时图,汇价围绕均线系统反复穿越,震荡节奏仍很严重。小时图,主趋势已转为向下,目前面临一定的上调压力,但后市继续冲击上述支撑的概率较大。下方决定中长线走势的重要点位仍然在115.55。   综合来看,短线非美货币保持坚挺走势,今天可适当关注欧元和澳元。   今天重要财经数据及热点事件:   21:30 美国1月失业率,前值5.0%   21:30 美国1月非农就业人数变化,前值29.2万   21:30 加拿大1月失业率,前值7.1%   21:30 加拿大1月就业人数变动,前值2.3万 新浪声明:新浪网登载此文出于传递更多信息之目的,并不意味着赞同其观点或证实其描述。文章内容仅供参考,不构成投资建议。投资者据此操作,风险自担。相关的主题文章:


Is the special transaction amount unreasonable to prove that Chinese enterprises are buying overseas real estate projects overseas 上海海关学院提前批

In the $88888888.88 buy in Sydney is "silly money"? Chinese overseas buyers to buy a house, but not as much as possible to bargain more care to make a good beginning? Is it stupid money? In September 28th BBC, a news report said, the purchase of property is to try as much as possible to buy low, but in Australia, Sydney has had an exception: Australia a real estate project is Chinese to 88888888.88 Australian dollars (about 456 million yuan) of the purchase price, this is because in the 8 China sounds like "Fa" is a lucky number. The strange sentiment of Chinese buyers makes foreign media feel strange. The report reveals that the real estate transaction with lucky numbers is located at 333 Kent Street in downtown commercial district of Sydney, and the port of Sydney has a panoramic view. Buying the property is the China financial group, which plans to convert it into a residential and hotel. BBC in the report also quipped: Fortunately, the street brand is not 444, for the Chinese people, it is "dead", is a big fierce. In September 29th, brokered the deal Colliers International told the surging news (reporters) confirmed Chinese buyers with 10 "8" purchase transaction amount which is located in Sydney real estate. However, when reporters call the buyers in the group, hoping to understand why the special transaction amount to buy Sydney property, financial group staff to "soon holidays, leadership is not on the grounds" refused to reporters. According to the data released by the financial group, the financial group was founded in 2011 and serves as a service provider in the field of equity investment in china. Through the equity investment, all media information platform, brand activities, integrated marketing, investment consultants and other business, for enterprises, investment institutions and all types of intermediate institutions for one-stop professional services. Its chairman and president is Zhu heng. The business information, Beijing financial branch Cci Capital Ltd legal representative for Beijing zhongkechuang Zhu Shan, financial Cci Capital Ltd and financial group announced the company address, for Beijing City Chaoyang District East Third Ring Road No. 2 C. Business information also shows that the Beijing branch of Cci Capital Ltd financial business for the investment management; investment consulting, the registered capital of only 1 million yuan. It is this enterprise in Australia throw 88888888.88 Australian dollars to buy real estate, and therefore caused the attention of BBC. Tyrant style is irrational or customs? Is the special transaction amount unreasonable to prove that Chinese enterprises are buying overseas real estate projects overseas? Colliers International revealed in an interview with the BBC, Chinese buyers reflect the "8" this number in the bid, has more than once. However, the implementation of the international capital market in East China and southwest area and investment services director Wang Bei Golik told the surging news reporters have said that although Chinese buyers in overseas real estate transactions in the amount of the transaction or the transaction date proposed "lucky numbers" requirements are not uncommon, but this does not represent the irrational investors in overseas real estate investment Chinese when the. "This situation is generally the two sides have reached a certain consensus on the price, the price range acceptable to both sides on the auspicious numbers up and down, and not too bad. No one would be foolish enough to get something worth 2000 dollars.

中企88888888.88澳元悉尼买房 是“人傻钱多”?中国买家到海外买房子,不是尽可能砍价而是更在乎讨个好彩头?这是人傻钱多吗?9月28日,BBC报道了一则新闻称,购置物业的尝试是尽可能地以低价购买,但在澳大利亚悉尼却发生了一个例外:澳大利亚一处房产项目被中国人以88888888.88澳元(约4.56亿人民币)的价格购买,这是因为8在中国听起来像“发”,是个幸运数字。中国买家奇怪“偏好”,让外媒感到很奇怪该报道透露,以幸运数字成交的房产位于悉尼市中心商业区的肯特街333号,悉尼港尽收眼底。买下该房产的是中国融中集团,它计划把它改造成住宅和旅馆。BBC在报道中还调侃道:幸亏街牌号不是444,对中国人来说那就“死”,是大凶。9月29日,经手这笔交易的高力国际在接受澎湃新闻()记者采访时证实了中国买家确实以包含了10个“8”的交易金额购买了这处位于悉尼的房产。不过,当记者致电买家融中集团,希望了解为何以这一特殊的交易金额购买悉尼房产时,融中集团工作人员以“快要放假了,领导都不在”为由拒绝了记者。根据融中集团公布的资料显示,融中集团创建于2011年,是中国股权投资领域的服务商。通过旗下股权投资全媒体资讯平台、品牌活动、整合营销、投资顾问等业务,为企业、投资机构及各类中间机构供一站式专业服务。其董事长、总裁为朱闪。而工商资料显示,北京融中科创投资管理有限公司的法定代表人也为朱闪,北京融中科创投资管理有限公司与融中集团所公布的公司地址一致,均为京市朝阳区东三环北路丙2号。工商资料还显示,北京融中科创投资管理有限公司的经营范围为投资管理;投资咨询,注册资本仅为100万元。就是这家企业在澳洲豪掷88888888.88澳元购买房产,还因此引起了BBC的关注。是土豪式的不理性还是风俗习惯?特殊的交易金额是在证明中国企业在海外购置房产项目的不理性吗?高力国际在接受BBC采访时透露,中国买主在出价中体现“8”这个数字,已经不止一次了。不过,高力国际华东及西南区资本市场及投资服务执行董事汪蓓在接受澎湃新闻记者采访却表示,虽然中国买家在海外房产交易中在交易金额或交易日期提出“吉祥数字”要求的情况并不少见,但这并不能代表中国投资者在海外房产投资时的不理性。“这种情况一般是双方对于价格已经达成一定共识了,双方可以接受的价格范围就在吉祥数字的上下,并不会差太多。没有人会傻到只值2000元的东西偏要花8000元去买。” 汪蓓认为,选择吉祥数字并不是中国投资者的偏好,而是一种风俗习惯。“绝大多数中国投资者都是理性的,选择吉祥数字只是交易中锦上添花的事。”那么,中国投资者是否会因为对于“4”、“13”等数字的忌讳可以避开某些投资项目?“这一现象在个人投资者中有,比如避开购买门牌、楼层是4或者13的物业。但是企业投资者中几乎没有这样的现象。” 汪蓓认为,大多数企业投资者在选择投资项目是,考虑的首先是项目本身是否符合自己的投资需求,是否能得到合理回报,而不是这些细枝末节的事。汪蓓说,中国投资者的这一风俗习惯也正逐渐地被外国合作方所了解。“外国人会理解、尊重这种风俗,因此交易中并不会因此产生不便。”更多精彩内容欢迎搜索关注微信公众号:腾讯财经(financeapp)。相关的主题文章:


整个观影全程无尿点 触目伤怀的意思

See the "Mermaid", feel the child is laughing – Yeh Sohu on New Year’s Day "Mermaid" on the line, the plot is very simple, rich Xuan (Deng Chao ornaments) real estate projects involving threats by the sea reclamation, residents thought. The Mermaid (Lin Yunshi), who had a family secret, was sent to stop. Two people in the process of confrontation, mutual affection, although Xuan eventually fell in love with Shan and stop reclamation work, but she was injured by accident and disappeared in the sea. Although the plot is simple, but at the opening day, the box office broke through 100 million! "Mermaid" body is a treasure, I love all went to see the "Mermaid"! Like this thing, there is no way to explain it to others. Thank you for all the love and love you have. Show a fairy tale, someone is willing to accompany you far-off regions. Appropriate to accompany TA to see the mermaid. Avoid dating. For the "Mermaid" this movie can be said to be remarkable, with disadvantages such as special effects of hair, 3D quanqian, emotional climax too fast, chicken ribs, ending in haste, and some non Yeh personally handle bursting point does seem vulgar, appearing nervous in public embarrassment. But! Xingye film with his nonsense will "Mermaid" the focus of the current environmental problems, and the tears bursting point flying, true to life content, have the burden of more content, viewing the whole point of no urine, rhythm is quite fast, is a collection of HAPPY! More importantly, yeh accompany our childhood and youth, youth, now and future. I should have every movie released after Yeh will go, I will call my friends and relatives. If you have a child, I will take him to go to the cinema to see Xingye film, and tells him: "this was my youth". Finally, attach a line, "if you do not dream, what is the difference with salted fish?""! More surprises are in WeChat subscription number: colorful Yunnan emerald Beijing flagship, micro signal bjqcynfc | secret if you are Master in online shopping, Tmall search, Jingdong, colorful Yunnan emerald, we can find the official flagship store!

看的是《美人鱼》,感受的是星爷的童心狂笑-搜狐   大年初一《美人鱼》上线,剧情很简单,富豪轩(邓超 饰)的地产计划涉及填海工程,威胁靠海以为生的居民。背负家族秘密的美人鱼珊(林允 饰)被派遣前往阻止。二人在交手过程中互生情愫,虽然轩最终因为爱上珊而停止填海工作,但她因意外受伤而消失于大海。      虽然剧情简单,但是在上映第天点,票房突破亿!      《美人鱼》全身都是宝,爱星爷都去看了《美人鱼》!喜欢这件事情,本身就是没有办法解释给别人听的。      感谢所有心中有爱以及正在爱着的朋友。公演一个童话,愿有人陪你海角天涯。――宜,陪ta看美人鱼。忌,约会同房。      对于《美人鱼》这部电影可以说是可圈可点,说起缺点比如特效毛,3D圈钱,感情鸡肋,高潮太快,收尾仓促,而且有些笑点非星爷本人亲自驾驭确实显得小家子气的低俗、尴尬。         但是!星爷的电影用他的无厘头将“美人鱼”聚焦当下环保问题,且泪点笑点齐飞,有血有肉有内容,有包袱更有内涵,整个观影全程无尿点,节奏相当的快,段子合集十分HAPPY!      更重要的是,星爷陪伴我们的童年、少年、青年、如今、未来。星爷以后上映的每部电影我都应该会去,我还会叫上我的朋友、亲人。如果以后有了小孩,我还会带他去电影院看星爷的电影,然后告诉他“这曾是我的青春”。               最后附着一句台词,“做人如果没梦想,跟咸鱼有何分别”!                  更多惊喜都在微信订阅号:七彩云南翡翠北京旗舰,微信号bjqcynfc   秘密|如果您是网购达人,在天猫、京东,搜索七彩云南翡翠,就可找到我们官方旗舰店哦!相关的主题文章:


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[color] baby moneygrubber many seven color 16102nd: the main prime – Sohu 16101 seven lottery numbers for 7370043, drawn from the lottery number parity ratio of 4:3, and the value is 24, 4:3:0 than the 4:3012 quality than, the maximum number of 7, the minimum code is 0. 16102 stage seven color recommendation analysis is as follows: the first number recommended analysis: out of the prime number 7, the amplitude of 2, small amplitude form, comprehensive recent seven lottery number and trend, this period proposed advocate defend first number 136. Second digit recommendation analysis: on the previous period out of the prime number 3, amplitude of 5, large amplitude form, comprehensive recent seven lottery number and trend, this period proposed advocate defend second number 256. Third digit recommendation analysis: on the previous period out of the prime number 7, amplitude of 7, large amplitude form, comprehensive recent seven lottery number and trend, this period proposed advocate defend third number 257. The number fourth on the issue number 0: recommended analysis, amplitude is 9, large amplitude patterns, recent seven lottery numbers and trends, the main anti fourth number 238 recommendations. The number fifth on the issue number 0: recommended analysis, amplitude is 4, small amplitude patterns, recent seven lottery numbers and trends, the main anti fifth number 357 recommendations. The number sixth on the issue number 4: recommended analysis, amplitude is 0, small amplitude patterns, recent seven lottery numbers and trends, the main anti sixth number 236 recommendations. Seventh digit recommendation analysis: on the previous period out of the prime number 3, amplitude is 2, small amplitude form, comprehensive recent seven lottery number and trend, this period proposed advocate defend seventh number 127. 16102nd stage positioning compound: 136-256-257-238-357-236-127 (source: Color Baby Network)

[彩宝贝]财迷迷七星彩第16102期:末位主打质数-搜狐  16101期七星彩开奖号码为7370043,从其开奖号码得出,奇偶比为4:3,和值为24,质合比4:3,012路比4:3:0,最大码为7,最小码为0。   16102期七星彩推荐分析如下:   第一位号码推荐分析:上期开出质数7,振幅为2,小振幅形态,综合近期七星彩开奖号码及走势情况,本期建议主防第一位号码136。   第二位号码推荐分析:上期开出质数3,振幅为5,大振幅形态,综合近期七星彩开奖号码及走势情况,本期建议主防第二位号码256。   第三位号码推荐分析:上期开出质数7,振幅为7,大振幅形态,综合近期七星彩开奖号码及走势情况,本期建议主防第三位号码257。   第四位号码推荐分析:上期开出合数0,振幅为9,大振幅形态,综合近期七星彩开奖号码及走势情况,本期建议主防第四位号码238。   第五位号码推荐分析:上期开出合数0,振幅为4,小振幅形态,综合近期七星彩开奖号码及走势情况,本期建议主防第五位号码357。   第六位号码推荐分析:上期开出合数4,振幅为0,小振幅形态,综合近期七星彩开奖号码及走势情况,本期建议主防第六位号码236。   第七位号码推荐分析:上期开出质数3,振幅为2,小振幅形态,综合近期七星彩开奖号码及走势情况,本期建议主防第七位号码127。   第16102期定位复式:136-256-257-238-357-236-127   (来源:彩宝贝网)相关的主题文章:


三星、小米、LG、索尼、HTC、华为、金立、OPPO等大牌手机厂商都宣布将会参加这次大会 西南科技大学是几本

2016MWC Preview: more ground air – Sohu science and technology CES has just ended more than a month, more wind significance of science and technology event MWC will also be staged in February 21st in Barcelona, spain. As the Mobile World Congress, this year’s MWC conference will be held in February 22 to 25, further upgrade specifications, Samsung, millet, LG, SONY, HTC, HUAWEI, Jin, OPPO and other big mobile phone manufacturers have announced that it will participate in the meeting. Over the past few years, because of domestic affairs too much, has not taken the time to go to Barcelona to participate in MWC. This year, the domestic big and small manufacturers also went to Barcelona, opened the booth, or released the annual new products in the hotel near the exhibition hall. In this way, starting from Beijing tomorrow, the MWC conference in 2016, I can participate as soon as possible, witness the scientific and technological revolution in this event. It is worth mentioning that the 2016 MWC conference, only domestic manufacturers of the invitation I received a dozen letters, which in addition to those familiar face common, there are also some new intelligent hardware companies have never even heard of, involved in the field of virtual reality, the naked eye 3D VR etc.. In this regard, before the departure of the author simply to highlight the 2016MWC do three points forward. More fun and fun things, we need to go to the site experience to share, but also please pay attention to my follow-up articles. Samsung, millet and other flagship new machine to get together to release smart phones is undoubtedly the biggest aspect of MWC over the years, and Samsung, as the world’s largest mobile phone manufacturers, every year during the flagship MWC released new machine has become the focus of media and consumers most attention. In 2016, MWC Samsung will release the much anticipated Galaxy S7 and Galaxy S7 Edge. From the media exposure before the situation, Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge will support waterproof, licensed version equipped Xiaolong 820 processor, built-in 4GB memory (32GB memory started, microSD expansion) and 12 million pixel camera, media estimates as we are concerned about the price, Galaxy S7 Edge is priced at $799 (equivalent to start about 5250 yuan), while the Galaxy S7 price is expected to be $699 (RMB 4600). Of course, the final configuration and price details, the Samsung press conference officially announced after the parameters prevail. In addition to Samsung, we found a few years, including millet, LG, OPPO, HTC and so on, in addition to apple, almost all well-known manufacturers will release flagship models. We will pay close attention to the follow-up. The quantity and quality of China exhibitors to further upgrade since Lenovo, HUAWEI and other giants leveltechnology business start, China enterprise especially love the release of new products in CES, MWC such occasions, although there are many enterprises only in these near the exhibition hall to rent a hotel, pretending to be success in meeting the product release to brush sense. But anyway, all this action illustrates I

2016MWC前瞻:更加接地气-搜狐科技   CES刚刚落幕一个多月时间,更有风向意义的科技盛会MWC也将于2月21日在西班牙巴塞罗那上演。   作为世界移动通讯大会,今年的MWC大会将在2月22至25日举行,规格进一步升级,三星、小米、LG、索尼、HTC、华为、金立、OPPO等大牌手机厂商都宣布将会参加这次大会。   过去的几年因为国内的事情太多,一直没有抽出时间去巴塞罗那参加MWC。今年终于国内的那些大小厂商也纷纷跑到巴塞罗那,开设展台或者在展厅附近的酒店发布其年度新产品。就这样明天从北京出发,2016年的MWC大会我就可以如期参与,见证这场变革中的科技盛会。      值得一提的是,2016年的MWC大会,仅仅国内厂商的邀请函我就收到了十几封之多,其中除了常见的那些熟脸以外,也有一些是从未听闻的新锐智能硬件企业,涉及的领域有裸眼3D、虚拟现实VR等等。   就此,在出发前笔者简单的对2016MWC的亮点做三点前瞻。更多有趣好玩的东西, 还需要我们去现场体验才能给大家分享,也请大家关注我后续的文章。   三星小米等年度旗舰新机扎堆发布   智能手机无疑是历年MWC最大的看点,而三星作为全球最大的手机厂商,每年在MWC期间发布的旗舰新机则成了媒体和消费者最为关注的焦点。2016年的MWC三星将会发布万众期待的Galaxy S7和Galaxy S7 Edge。   从之前媒体曝光情况看,Galaxy S7和S7 Edge都将支持防水,行货版本搭载骁龙820处理器,内置4GB内存(32GB存储空间起步,支持microSD扩展)和1200万像素摄像头,有媒体预估至于大家关心的售价,Galaxy S7 Edge的售价是799美元起步(折合人民币约5250元),而Galaxy S7售价预计是699美元(折合人民币4600元)。当然最终的配置和价格详情,以三星发布会正式公布后的参数为准。   除了三星以外,我们发现几年包括小米、LG、OPPO、HTC等等除了苹果在内的几乎所有知名厂商都会发布旗舰机型。后续我们将一一关注。   中国厂商参展数量、质量进一步升级   自从联想、华为等巨头级科技企业开了个头后,中国的企业就特别喜欢在CES、MWC这样的场合发布新产品,虽然有很多企业只是在这些展馆附近租了个酒店,假装产品在大会上成功发布以此来刷存在感。但不管如何,这一切的动作说明了中国的很多中小企业也开始有了国际化的野心,并且尝试做一些布局。   前天接触了一家不到百人的做虚拟现实的公司,今年也来MWC发布新产品。该公司工作人员告诉我虽然他们是中国的企业,但只有在MWC这种场合做新品发布,才能得到业界的关注和认可。由此可见MWC这种大会的背书作用有多么关键,这也是MWC大会门票价格高居不下的原因所在。   2016年参加MWC大会的中国企业不仅仅是数量多,质量上也都有了进一步的突破。有些公司知名度不高,但在一些细分领域的研究水平已然达到全球先进水平。   通信展成消费展 2016MWC更加接地气   几年前有人评论称MWC正在被CES完全超越,这背后的寓意是整个互联网乃至IT生态,正在由运营商主导转为普通消费者主导,这是大家都愿意看到的。   就此,经过几年的变革,我们发现高大上的MWC,逐步也如“旧时王谢堂前燕,飞入寻常百姓家”一样,变得更家亲民和接地气。以往参加MWC的都是科技行业精英和相关厂商、媒体,而这两年开始越来越多的普通观众也愿意不远万里前来西班牙参加这样一场科技盛会,毕竟消费者才是这个市场真正的核心所在。   虽然展会还没有开幕,但可以预计今年的各大展台将会把“互动”这一元素真正融入进去,我们的消费者前来参展并不仅仅是“观众”的身份,更是“参与者”的身份。这些年不少科技厂商纷纷喊出来和消费者“共建产品、共建生态”的口号,这也是一种极为积极的转变。   PS:本文作者丁道师,关于本文所述观点,欢迎来信探讨,微信:dingdaoshi相关的主题文章: