Buying a New Home

If you are currently renting, you undoubtedly dream of owning your own home some day. Most people who rent their homes do dream of owning their own home one day. After all, no one really wants to pay to live in a house that someone else owns for the rest of their lives. You want to have your own house, so you can invest in your own future rather than paying someone else’s mortgage or bills. You want your own place to make improvements on and in which to build equity.

Perhaps you don’t dream of just any home, however. You may have a specific home in mind, your dream home that you have always wanted. Perhaps you just want a home that no one else has ever lived in. After years of living in homes that have seen lots of previous tenants, having a newly built home that is all yours can be an extremely enticing idea. Believe it or not, there are companies that make it affordable to have your own home built.

If you are interested in this idea, you should consider self build homes Dan-Wood. These are homes that are assembled on location from pieces that are manufactured at a factory in Poland. The really amazing thing is the time frame. Once the pieces of your new home have all arrived, you could be moving in to your home in around three months. Furthermore, once you have spoken with a representative of the company, the price you are given for the home that you choose is guaranteed for up to a year. If you want to get information about purchasing a home but then need time to think it over or perhaps to save up a down payment, you have that option.

There are many different options available in self-build homes. You can select the one that will work best for you and your family. You also can choose between having your home completely ready to move into, entirely finished, or requiring some work by the buyer to finish the interior. This work can include painting, hanging doors, and some other things. Purchasing the home this way will give you a bit of a discount, so that can be helpful if you are wanting the price to be a little less and are willing to do a little bit of work before moving in.


Getting Creative With Education Advice

Advantages of Early Childhood Education.

If you let your kid undergo the early education this will form part of molding them.When you let them go through the childhood education, you help them in many ways as they grow.If you grant them the education, then you will help them to improve in all which they do.To all those whom they meet, they will have the skills on how to interact. The educators will also try to give the kids the guidelines on how they will be living so well so that they will be attempting to meet all their desires.This will also create the interest for the child to keep on learning the rest of their life as they will be growing.

Through the training they undergo, you will have them given the important and the value of the education.As you have the kids doing the learning, this marks the best which they could have to manage.Most of the parents will have it as the responsibility to keep influencing their young ones to see the value why they need to be educated.The education seems now to help them so much as they will meet all which they will be in need of.

The kids will have to learn how they will be respecting all those whom they trust and believe in within the time they are in.This will form the positive living within the time they will prefer to be doing all which they need.This will as well promote the peaceful moments and act of respecting to all they meet.All manner, so the behavior they will be taught on the best way to go about their life and new ways to handle all the elder people whom they meet.It will be forming some of the good meaning to their life.

The children will manage to have the highest level of concentrating to all which they will be involved doing.There are some of the experiences they will gain as they learn at the early times. They will be eager to be learning very new experiences on matters concerning the new life in school.You will have to get them well equipped with the time you get them.

You kid by going through the early education, it will help them to be very confident.The kids will now have some of the positive minds to all which they do.This also gives them the chance to participate doing some of the work which will mean something in their life.The skills will help them to appreciate the different lifestyles they meet in life.By going through the early education they will make a lot in their life.


On Manufacturing: My Thoughts Explained

Interested in Lean Manufacturing? – Then Here are Two of its Biggest Benefits for the Business You’re Running

Lean manufacturing is a term that many of us have already heard at this point in time, especially if you are someone that is running a business. For those that aren’t familiar with what it’s all about, then it is simply a systematic approach that aims to improve the effectiveness of the identification and elimination of waste. Below, you will find two of the biggest benefits that your business can enjoy, if you decide to implement this amazing systematic approach.

The first huge benefit that lean manufacturing can give any business, is greatly improved productivity because of the better workflow that will be developed in its work place. It will basically help you maximize the workflow of your business and it can do that by increasing the work area for instance. Apart from that, workflow can also be boosted through the elimination of equipment, tools, and supplies that aren’t necessary for your business’s operation.

The next benefit of lean manufacturing and perhaps the main reason why it has become so popular, is its promise of being able to effectively eliminate the waste within the workplace of your business. With the proper elimination of waste within the work place, your business will be able to enjoy more space and also lesser time allocated on waste disposal. More importantly, you will be spending less resources when it comes to your waste disposal department because of the more efficient system that you’ll have in place.

For those that want to greatly maximize the benefits that their business can receive from lean manufacturing, then you should seriously consider getting the advice of an expert. Although you will find plenty of experts on the matter these days, you should really take your time when choosing which one to hire. If you are looking for someone you can start your search with, then you can do so with Todd Shupe, LSU because he is someone that has a significant amount of experience when it comes to this matter.

So there you have it, you already have an idea of what benefits you can enjoy if you decide to implement lean manufacturing for your business. Of course, you were also given a good place to start, if you are planning on looking for an expert that can help you out with this matter. All in all, if you want your business to continue towards the path of success, then taking the time to look for newer ways of improving it is definitely important.


Learning The Secrets About Resources

What You Need to Consider In order to Become a Great CEO

Becoming a CEO of a company is not an easy job because it requires that one has a clear vision and also a strategic decision maker. Here are tips to help you become a great CEO.

If you are aspiring to become a successful CEO, it is crucial that you first comprehend what a CEO does. Know what the CEO’s duties and responsibilities are including those that they cannot delegate such as creation of corporate culture.

If you want to become a successful CEO, you need to get education in the industry that you are interested in. In some companies, having a graduate degree from a highly recognized institution will earn you a better chance for the position. Expanding your knowledge is important so that you can keep up with emerging trends and propel your success.

As a CEO, you need to set a clear course for the organization and work to deliver the best results. A great executive will pay keen attention to the objectives of the stakeholders and then delegate responsibilities to team members with the objective of meeting these goals. You need to come up with a clear vision of where the company is headed in order to help you know who you will be competing against in the market and the businesses to engage in to be successful.

Another tip of becoming a thriving CEO is to make use of past business experiences to run the company. Use your past connections to execute duties on your current level. Examine the attitude of the employees about the business to enable you to develop corporate culture with defined values.

Adapting proactively to changing environments is another trait that a CEO needs to possess. As an executive officer, you need to be flexible and focus more on the long run so that you can make strategic moves to control the situation.

Good CEOs are quick to make decisions in order to steer the company in the right direction. When faced with an urgent situation, it is better to come up with a decision quickly even if it will not be a smart decision. When a CEO takes a lot of time to make a decision or set clear goals, it can have a negative impact on the success of the business.

Be wary of your image and personality and always act like a CEO. Act as a role model and build a culture that will impact professionalism and productivity among the employees. If a CEO fails to act the part, it will discourage the team from following the defined values.

Lastly,in order to become successful, you need to embrace technology and innovate new techniques. Incorporating the best technology will greatly impact your decision making, streamline the business operations and as a result, enable you to outdo your competitors.


Wang Yongsheng SF153 x-53型观光火箭

Trump Sanders won the New Hampshire primary shock presidential election situation in the United States stock market center: exclusive national industry sector stocks, premarket after hours, ETF, real-time quotes of local time on February 8th, the United States presidential election in New Hampshire, real estate tycoon Trump held in the town of Salem have a face-to-face meeting with voters canvassing. China News Agency reporter Wang Huan photo Beijing, February 10, according to U.S. media reports, the U.S. Republican presidential candidate Trump and Democratic candidate Saunders won a victory in new hampshire. The results will shake the existing presidential election situation. The New Hampshire primary vote at 9 am local time, after the Iowa vote, Republican and Democratic candidates are hoping to make a difference in new hampshire. Previously, Trump, in the opinion of the leading case in Iowa, there is no suspense lost to Cruz, but some analysts believe that this is mainly due to many of his supporters did not attend the qualifying venue. There are many Trump supporters said he hoped to hear to focus on the actual policy, so the recent Trump seems to be changing to more discussion of policies; also called on his supporters to vote at. In a recent television debate, Trump reiterated his commitment to harsh interrogation of terrorist suspects. He also defends the tough stance on immigration. The Democrats in Iowa, Clinton win? Clinton in the pre election polls in New Hampshire significantly behind Sanders. It is reported that some young women no longer support the once considered That’s final. winner. During the New Hampshire primary, generally believe that the current is Saunders will easily beat Hilary. But Hilary still did not give up hope, February 8th local time, thousands of people held rallies in a middle school in New Hampshire to canvass. In the state television debate, two people who focus on such as more universal health care and improve income inequality and labor rights protection and other aspects of the implementation of the left, the more fancy policy. Saunders referred to Hilary as a senator, had the support of authorizing the war against Iraq, and her campaign team received funding from Wall Street, and her criticism is an amateur liberal. But Hilary made a counterattack: she said she was a progressive politician and have fruit, for decades, she has been a liberal cause of fighting. Analysts say Hilary’s rival Saunders is a Vermont senator, near New Hampshire, so to win is a natural thing. But in 2008 Hilary was in the state to win, so the campaign was worth the fight. There are a lot of media, New Hampshire voters are small in size, are usually more rational, more recent primary election results and the final nominees are highly stable and therefore, from all walks of life for the state’s election results see. Editor: Wang Yongsheng SF153

特朗普桑德斯赢新罕布什尔州初选 震动总统竞选局势 美股行情中心:独家提供全美股行业板块、盘前盘后、ETF、权证实时行情   当地时间2月8日,美国总统大选新罕布什尔州初选在即,地产大亨特朗普在小镇塞勒姆举行与选民面对面的集会拉票。中新社记者 王欢 摄   中新网2月10日电 据美媒报道,美国共和党总统竞选人特朗普和民主党竞选人桑德斯在美国新罕布什尔州赢得了首胜。该结果将震动现有总统竞选局势。   美国新罕布什尔州的初选投票于当地时间9日凌晨开始,在经历了艾奥瓦州的投票之后,美国共和党和民主党的候选人都希望能够在新罕布什尔能有所作为。   此前,特朗普在民意领先的情况下,在艾奥瓦毫无悬念地输给了克鲁兹,但是有分析人士认为这主要源于他的很多支持者都没有出席预选会场。   近来有不少特朗普的支持者表态称希望听到他把重点放在实际政策,因此最近特朗普似乎有所转变,开始更多地讨论政策主张;也尽力呼吁他的支持者到场投票。   在最近的电视辩论中,特朗普重申了自己的严厉审讯恐怖嫌疑人的承诺。他还为针对移民问题的强硬立场做出了辩护。   民主党方面,在艾奥瓦险胜的希拉里?克林顿在新罕布什尔州选前的民意中大幅落后于桑德斯。据悉,一些青年女性已经不再支持这位曾经被认为是板上钉钉的赢家。   在新罕布什尔州的初选中,目前的普遍认为都是桑德斯会轻松击败希拉里。不过希拉里仍然没有放弃希望,当地时间2月8日在新罕布什尔州一所中学举行千人集会进行拉票活动。   在该州的电视辩论上,两人焦点集中在谁更能在诸如全民医疗保健、改善收入不平等问题和保护劳工权益等方面,实施左翼人士更看中的政策。   桑德斯提到了希拉里在担任参议员期间,曾支持授权发动攻打伊拉克的战争,以及她的竞选团队收到了来自华尔街的资金,并批评她是一位业余的自由派人士。   但希拉里作出了反击:她说自己是一名言行必果的渐进式政治家,几十年来,她一直在为自由派事业而战。   分析人士称,希拉里的竞争对手桑德斯是佛蒙特州议员,比邻新罕布什尔,所以取胜也自然的事情。不过2008年希拉里也曾经在该州获胜,因此此役还是值得一拼。   有很多媒体称,新罕布什尔州地小人少,选民通常比较理性,近期的初选结果多和最后的提名人选有高度的稳和性,因此各界对于该州的选举结果拭目以待。 责任编辑:王永生 SF153相关的主题文章:


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In a modern car suffered strike: local importers and distributors of modern cars in a continuous domestic trouble and foreign invasion rights for the tenth consecutive quarter of falling profits, domestic workers shut down, import dealer rights constantly Wang Yang in recent years, heady Hyundai Motor Group (hereinafter referred to as "Hyundai") is suffering from growing pains. The decline in global sales this year and China sales growth decline trend, the modern automobile recently into a variety of local vortex strikes and import dealer rights in China. The day before, nearly 30 modern automobile import dealers due to sale of rights. The car no, in September 20th the collective protest in Beijing modern Automotive Building, ask for a refund of compensation network. At the same time, South Korea’s trade union in September 26th entered the strike, the demands of modern automobile show, including a raise treatment improvement scheme. The modern automobile (Chinese) Strategic Investment Limited Marketing Manager Wu Yanbing earlier in the "China business newspaper" reporter the interview did not mention the relevance of the two, to reflect the dealers sell cars without the situation, but said Wu Yanbing (Chinese) modern did not refuse to provide vehicles to dealers, just because of the bombings in Tianjin and China emissions improved standards of imported cars can not lead to timely delivery. For the latest progress of the modern (China) did not respond. Back network upgrade activist according to reporters from the modern import car dealers learned that the import of modern national and imported modern manufacturers to dealers have broke the "sell cars without the subsidy back network rights activist events", the modern automobile general manager Wang Xiufu in June 29th and July 13th respectively in Changsha, Shanghai and dealers on behalf of negotiations, but did not propose compensation measures. This attitude has been cold treatment for dealers complained, finally broke out in the Beijing modern building door rights event. Dealers in September 19th and again 20 days to the modern automobile Beijing headquarters sent a letter to ask for a refund and compensate the loss of network. It is difficult to get the rights and the rights of different response, quickly get Hyundai’s response, dealers in the day they received modern rights (Chinese) offered to carry out consultations and provide "support letters," the amount "support amount totaled 60 million yuan, an average of only 2 million yuan to each dealer, the dealer and the ideal the amount of compensation is far away. In this case, the modern (Chinese) change strategy, start with the dealers to negotiate one by one, to determine the amount of compensation according to the actual situation of each dealer, according to the Jiangsu Nantong South Korea now auto sales & Service Co., Ltd. chairman Wang Rongzhen said, the two sides are still in negotiations. This storm originated 4 years ago in 2012, imports of modern manufacturers will import the modern car sales accounted for 80% of the "Santa Fe" models by Beijing modern production, and no subsequent main models launched, embarrassment, Shengda domestic sales situation is not satisfactory, compared with the Highlander, sharp boundary etc. the monthly sales of thousands of competitors, 9 year ago the average monthly sales of less than 1000 Shengda has actually become a straggler. No main models launched by the theory of modern automobile cause

现代汽车陷危局:本土遭遇大罢工 进口经销商维权不断   内忧外患 现代汽车陷危局   连续第十个季度利润下滑,本土工人停工,进口经销商维权不断   汪洋   近年来,风头正劲的韩国现代汽车集团(以下简称“现代汽车”)正在遭遇成长的烦恼。在今年全球销量下滑和中国销量增速下滑的态势下,现代汽车近期又陷入了本土工人罢工和中国进口经销商维权的各种旋涡中。   日前,近30家现代汽车进口经销商由于无车可售维权未果后,于9月20日在北京现代汽车大厦进行集体抗议活动,要求退网赔偿。与此同时,韩国现代汽车工会9月26日起进入全面罢工,要求现代汽车拿出包括提薪在内的待遇改善方案。   现代汽车(中国)投资有限公司营销战略部经理吴雁冰此前在接受《中国经营报》记者采访时并未提及二者的关联,对于经销商反映无车可卖的情况,吴雁冰只是表示现代(中国)并没有拒绝向经销商提供车辆,只是由于天津爆炸事件及中国排放标准的提高,导致进口车没能及时供货。对于目前的最新进展,现代(中国)并未作出回应。   退网维权升级   据记者从现代进口车经销商处了解到,进口现代全国经销商已和进口现代厂家爆发了“无车可卖的退网维权补贴维权事件”,现代汽车总经理王秀福在6月29日、7月13日分别在长沙、上海与经销商代表谈判,但均未提出补偿措施。这种冷处理态度一直为经销商所不满,最终爆发了在北京现代大厦堵门的维权事件。经销商们在9月19日和20日再次向现代汽车北京总部发函施压,要求退网并赔偿其损失。   与前述维权难以得到回应不同,此次维权很快就得到现代汽车方面的回应,经销商在维权当日便收到现代(中国)方面表示愿意开展协商并提供“支援金额”的信函,“支援金额”总计6000万元,平均到每家经销商仅200万元,这与经销商理想的赔偿金额相距甚远。在此情况下,现代(中国)改变策略,开始与经销商逐一协商,根据每家经销商实际情况来确定赔偿金额,据江苏南通韩现汽车销售服务有限公司董事长王荣震透露,目前双方仍在谈判当中。   这场风波源起于4年前——2012年,进口现代的厂家将进口现代汽车销量占比达80%的“新胜达”车型转由北京现代生产,并且后续再无主力车型推出,尴尬的是,胜达国产后的销售状况难以令人满意,与汉兰达、锐界等竞争对手数千辆的月销量相比,今年前9个月月均销量不足千辆的胜达实际上已经沦为掉队者。   无主力车型推出导致现代汽车经销商的经营状况持续恶化,自2014年起被现代汽车劝退的经销商退网率已达50%。据现代进口经销商反映,现代汽车2016年开始已不再接受新的提货订单,同时也不提供符合中国汽车国五排放标准的车型等形式劝退进口现代经销商,最终引发维权事件。   目前,现代进口经销商一共近40家,此次参与维权的有30余家。对此,一位参与维权的经销商对记者表示,没有参与维权的或许与现代(中国)达成了某种协议,销售了天津爆炸事故车,但这种说法并没有得到未参与维权的经销商证实。不过上述参与维权的经销商对记者表示,目前参与维权的经销商均没有销售天津爆炸受损车辆。   由于没有法律规定经销商退网可以获得相关补偿,目前僵局更像是艰难的博弈,无论结局如何,双方都难称赢家。   现代中国困局   在中国面临进口经销商维权的当口,现代汽车韩国本部却曝出了现代汽车遭遇12年来最大规模的罢工事件。   韩国现代汽车劳资双方于9月23日进行了第26次薪酬谈判,但资方并未拿出加薪在内的额外待遇改善方案,谈判无果而终,因此工会方面为向现代汽车再次施压,决定全面罢工。据韩联社9月26日报道,韩国现代汽车工会9月26日起进入全面罢工,现代汽车工会会员参加罢工,现代汽车蔚山、全州和牙山工厂生产线全面停运,从9月27日~9月30日每天罢工6小时,在劳资双方进行谈判当天则罢工4小时。后者或是导致目前现代汽车进口经销商无车可卖的原因之一。   尽管现代汽车劳资双方将在随后一周内进行集中谈判,试图就薪酬问题达成初步协议,但截止到发稿时仍无进一步的消息。   实际上,从今年7月份开始,现代汽车在韩国各地工厂就有过部分零星的罢工。截至9月23日,自7月以来的罢工已导致现代汽车产量减少10.14万辆,造成了价值约2.23万亿韩元(约合134亿元人民币)的产出损失,韩国是现代汽车最大的制造基地,去年在全球售出的汽车中有近四成在韩国生产。   今年以来,现代汽车全球销量正遭遇销量负增长的局面,与此同时,现代汽车第二季度财报显示其已经连续10个季度利润下滑。财报中警示称,下半年的经营状况会更加艰难,实现全年销售目标的前景非常黯淡,严重的是,这一局势短期内或难以改善。   韩国投资与保险分析师崔秀洪称:“今年现代汽车工厂的罢工时间比预期的要长。其第三季度的收益应该会令人失望。”现代汽车9月26日在一份声明中表示:“虽然我们对任何临时的停产均感到失望,但我们仍然会继续与工会合作,尽快解决这个问题。”   在中国市场,现代汽车的情况也不容乐观。今年以来,现代汽车在国内的增长几乎停滞,北京现代在售的13款车型中,领动、全新途胜两款车型和换代朗动的销量,撑起了现代汽车销量的半壁江山,索纳塔、名图、胜达等车型销量则出现加速下滑的局面,尤其是B级车索纳塔的月销量甚至跌至百辆级别,在“得中级车者得天下”的国内市场中,索纳塔的销量失利或给现代汽车在国内的发展带来更多不利影响。   谁来破解难题   北京现代汽车有限公司(以下简称“北京现代”),作为中国加入WTO后被批准的第一个汽车生产领域的中外合资项目,在十多年的时间里茁壮成长,尤其是最近几年内保持了稳定增长。   2013年时,北京现代销量为103万辆,同比增长19.76%,其累计产销量突破了500万辆,经销商数量超过700家。销量跨过100万辆,北京现代一举成为国内第三家单一品牌产销突破百万辆的厂商。   2014年,北京现代全年销量已达到112万辆,完成率101.82%,同比增长8.6%;2015年,其销量突破116万辆。今年上半年,北京现代取得了522769辆的销量成绩,仅相比去年同期增长2.4%,并没有跑赢车市。据中国汽车工业协会公布的半年销量数据统计,上半年国内汽车市场新车累计销量为1283万辆,实现同比增长8.1%。   “新胜达国产后,进口现代经销商的日子愈发艰难。”一些参与了维权的现代汽车进口经销商如此表示。   “直到2012年,新胜达的国产彻底断了我们的后路。”新胜达在当时占进口现代汽车经销商销售的80%,是唯一一款盈利车型,此后,现代汽车却没有更多的进口车型弥补这一市场。   根据经销商们提供的一组数据,进口现代汽车在华销量逐年锐减。2011年为3.7万辆,2012年为2.8万辆,2013年为1.8万辆,2014年为1.2万辆,2015年全年销量为7000辆,而今年截至目前,进口销量仅为1500辆。销量的持续下滑,使得进口经销商的亏损不断加剧,其资金链一旦难以维系,只能选择关店退网。   上述参与维权的经销商透露,两个月前现代汽车在北京召开进口车经销商大会,但是2017年至2018年只有两款车可卖,经销商们期望的捷恩斯是彻底没有了。 进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章:


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Apple Pay officially launched mobile payment theme fund or opportunity, a reporter Zhu Xianjia caused by Apple Pay mobile payment war is quietly kicked off. Guangdong Development Bank and China Construction Bank announced that WeChat, the day before, Apple Pay18 officially launched at 5 pm. 19 banks, including four big banks, announced their support for Apple Pay. In the second half of the year, Apple will focus on promoting NFC in China, Hongkong, Singapore and spain. In the Internet field frequency won international awards in Beijing Han Si Shun Technology Co. Ltd. CEO Hanzhao Zhengbao told reporters on the "Apple Pay is likely in the domestic banking support, rapidly changing the rules of the game, stir the mobile phone payment pattern." Many agencies pointed out that Apple’s NFC model will make mobile payment ecological puzzle increasingly perfect, and ahead of the layout of the theme fund upstream and downstream is expected to usher in harvest period. Apple Pay and WeChat, Alipay, the biggest difference is that the payment through NFC technology, as long as Apple products terminal near POS UnionPay flash pay terminal cloud, and fingerprint verification to complete the payment, then they need to open APP. At present, online payment is almost monopolized by Alipay, Alipay and WeChat mobile payment is divided. Later Apple showed the "win-win" strategy to weight. Public reports show that Apple uses the "Tokenization" technology, the bank card information into a string (Token) exists in the mobile phone. When the payment is made, the mobile phone is sent back to the bank through the Token into a random Token and a group of dynamic security codes. The bank then returns it to the bank card through the Token service to return the authorization to complete the payment. This process does not touch the interests of either party in the traditional payment system. Previously, WeChat and Alipay’s mode of payment from the acquirers, transfer mechanism, the issuing bank, so long Chinese UnionPay and the banks lack the sense of presence, the Apple Corp through the unique technology, get win-win situation. In recent years, the domestic mobile payment scale explosive growth, in 2014 and 2015 respectively increased by 141%, 78%, the scale of 2 trillion and 941 billion 240 million yuan, 5 trillion and 257 billion 60 million yuan. "Apple brings new NFC technology, not only will change the rules of the game industry, but also promote mobile terminal manufacturers competing to develop mobile payment services, and promote the industry into the iteration period." Gao pointed out. By means of NFC payment, the equipment can exchange information wirelessly in a short distance. Industry analysts pointed out that, for the existing mobile payment model, Apple Pay may not only impact the existing payment standards of the third party payment enterprises, but also the third party payment enterprises may be faced with the risk of being replaced by a large number of Apple Pay. Sichuan securities analysis pointed out that the number of payment settlement accounts already have a considerable scale, bank card permeability close to 50%, with the increasingly rich payment scene, the third party payment market potential is huge. Most institutions pointed out that long-term optimistic about the third party payment and mobile payment theory

Apple Pay正式上线 移动支付主题基金或迎机会   ⊙记者 朱贤佳   一场由Apple Pay引发的移动支付大战正悄然拉开序幕。广发银行和建设银行微信公号日前宣称,Apple Pay18日凌晨5点正式上线。包括四大行在内的19家银行均宣布支持Apple Pay。   下半年,苹果将在中国香港、新加坡和西班牙集中推广NFC模式。在互联网领域频获国际大奖的北京瀚思安信科技有限公司CEO高瀚昭对上证报记者表示,“Apple Pay很可能在国内银行支持下,迅速改变游戏规则,搅动手机支付格局。”多家机构指出,苹果带来的NFC模式将令移动支付生态拼图日益完善,而提前布局上下游的主题基金有望迎来收获期。   Apple Pay与微信、支付宝最大的不同在于通过NFC技术进行支付,即只要将苹果终端产品靠近银联云闪付的POS终端,同时验证指纹即可完成支付,而后两者需打开APP。   目前,线上支付几乎被支付宝垄断,移动支付则被支付宝和微信瓜分。后来者苹果亮出“共赢”的砝码,企图后发制人。公开报道显示,苹果利用“Tokenization”技术,将银行卡信息转化成一个字符串(Token)存在手机中。支付时手机就通过该Token再生成一个随机Token和一组动态安全码发给银行,银行再通过Token服务将其还原成银行卡从而回传授权完成支付。这一过程并不触及传统支付体系中任何一方利益。此前,微信和支付宝的支付模式脱离了收单方、转接机构、发卡行,因此长期以来中国银联和各大银行缺乏存在感,苹果公司通过独特的技术,获得多方共赢。   近年来,国内移动支付规模爆发式增长,2014年、2015年分别增长141%、78%,规模为29412.40亿元、52570.60亿元。“苹果这次带来全新的NFC技术,不仅会改变行业游戏规则,更会促动手机终端厂商竞相发展移动支付业务,推动行业进入迭代期。”高瀚昭指出。   利用NFC近端支付手段,设备之间可以在很短的距离内进行无线交换信息。业内分析人士指出,对现有手机支付模式,Apple Pay不但可能冲击第三方支付企业已有的支付标准,而且第三方支付企业可能面临被Apple Pay大量替代的风险。川财证券分析指出,支付结算账户数量已具相当规模,银行卡渗透率接近50% ,随着支付场景日益丰富,第三方支付市场潜力巨大。   多数机构指出,长期看好第三方支付和移动支付相关行业发展,重点关注产业融合和支付技术革新,相关题材基金后期有望崛起。   据记者梳理2015年四季报,公募基金埋伏“手机支付”全产业链的成功案例不在少数。   2015年四季报显示,偏股基金前二十大重仓股有八席信息技术股,前五十大重仓股中超过二十席为信息技术股,凸显基金行业对新经济的重视。数据显示,信息技术行业也为持有它的投资者给予“慷慨回报”。   据数据,2015年四季度手机支付概念股涨势如虹——新国都上涨59.5%、恒宝股份涨53%、证通电子涨67%,上涨幅度比同期其他基金重仓银行消费类股的几乎要高出5-10倍,这无疑体现精选策略紧贴科技趋势的重要性。   信息技术在过去一个季度为基金带来不菲的收益。去年业绩冠军易方达新兴成长,前十大持仓股多为信息技术,这前十大重仓股去年四季度平均涨幅接近100%。另一个同样业绩靠前的基金中邮新兴,前十大重仓股也同样重点布局信息技术。进入前十名的石基信息四季度收益为80.67%,顺网科技也斩获了130%的季度收益。   东吴证券分析师认为,在人口红利、流动性红利之外,科技红利仍然是值得期待的社会推动力。目前来看,今年计算机行业大概率是震荡分化行情,IT领域全球两大革命云计算和互联网大数据对产业的推动趋势不变,技术红利值得期待。 新浪声明:此消息系转载自新浪合作媒体,新浪网登载此文出于传递更多信息之目的,并不意味着赞同其观点或证实其描述。文章内容仅供参考,不构成投资建议。投资者据此操作,风险自担。 进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章: