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Where will the data center be in the future? Microsoft move it into the deep sea – Sohu technology promising special experimental plan, revolutionary, in fact not only do Google, special plan Project Natick more than half the day before Microsoft released its operation, hope to the data center of the future, are transferred to the sea bottom. Every day we use network services, behind accounted for by operation of several data centers, to render the service application front-end, including video, e-mail, social networking platforms, however, when the operation of excessive overheating, possible downtime, service failures, so many air conditioning technology factories every year in fact spend a lot of money in the data center electricity. The sources of electricity may rely on new alternative energy sources such as wind and solar power to pursue sustainable global environmental management. But as more and more companies move their infrastructure to the "cloud", the demand for data centers is also rising. Project Natick was born in Microsoft Internal Innovation brainstorming activities ThinkWeek, the proposal of James (Sean James), who served in the Navy, working on the submarine under the environment of 3, he said, when he saw the complex electronic equipment structure has been brought to the surface, blocking the brine of erosion and normal operation, then why don’t try the data center? Low temperatures in the deep sea may be able to help the temperature control of data centers, thereby reducing energy consumption and reducing costs. This exceptional thinking proposal by the Microsoft laboratory in NExT, leading special plan (Norm Whitaker) Whiteaker, soon after, they started to test. The concept of data centers operating at sea level requires the application of science plus engineering expertise, but the biggest challenge is actually "people"". The operation to data center operations, but they also accounted for a certain space, need more oxygen, comfortable environment, lighting, work shift and other auxiliary conditions. Under various considerations, Project Natick decided to design a data center that could operate and maintain the operating conditions without manual operation. In August 2015, the first Project Natick was operated on the central coast of California, USA, and monitored by Microsoft staff at Redmond, California, using cameras and other sensors to collect temperature, humidity, power consumption and other data. Although it is still in the experimental stage, all data points to positive feedback. The sea into the phenomenon of new power generation, submarine data center transmission speed than now to faster data center temperature, generally located in the land of the data center need to spend a large sum of money to maintain the data center operations, but if located in the deep sea, low temperature deep-sea environments but helps to maintain the temperature, save the operation cost. The beginning of the model was not far off the coast, and the team also found the use of waves and tides

未来数据中心会在哪?微软把它移到深海里-搜狐科技      充满前瞻性、革命性的特殊实验计划,其实不仅Google做得到,前日微软发布旗下进行超过半年的特殊计划Project Natick,希望把未来的运算数据中心,都转移到海平面底下。   我们每天使用的网络服务,背后很大占比都是靠好几座数据中心运作,来呈现前端的服务应用,包含影像串流、电子邮件、社交平台等,然而当运作过度、机器过热时,就可能发生宕机、服务故障的状况,因此许多科技大厂每年其实花上大笔金钱在数据中心的冷气电费上。   电的来源,或许可以依靠全新替代能源,如风力、太阳能等发电以追求地球永续环境经营,但随着愈来愈多企业把基础架构转移到“云端”的同时,数据中心的需求却也不断创新高。   Project Natick 诞生于微软内部的创新激荡活动 ThinkWeek,提案者之一的詹姆士(Sean James),曾经服役于海军、在潜水艇环境下工作 3 年,他说,当他看到复杂结构的电子设备已经被带到海面下,阻挡盐水的侵蚀而正常运作,那为何不试试数据中心呢?深海的低温,有可能能够帮助数据中心的温度控制,进而减少能源消耗、降低成本。   这个破格思考的提案受到微软实验室 NExT 中,领导特殊计划的怀特克(Norm Whitaker)注意,不久之后,便开始着手进行测试。      数据中心在海平面下运作的概念,需要应用科学加上工程专业知识,但最大的挑战,其实在“人”。人的操作促使数据中心运作,但人却也占了一定的空间,更需要氧气、舒服的环境、灯光、工作换班等辅助条件。   种种考虑下,Project Natick 决定设计一个能够自我运作、维系运算条件的数据中心,不需要人力操作。2015 年 8 月,第一款 Project Natick 在美国加州中海岸,入海进行运作测试,由位在加州 Redmond 的微软工作人员,利用镜头与其他感应器,监控并收集温度、湿度、电力消耗等资料。虽然目前还在实验阶段,但是一切数据都指向正面回馈。   大海现象成发电新可能,海底数据中心传送速度也能比现在更快      以数据中心的温度来说,一般设在陆地上的数据中心都需要花上大笔金钱,来维持数据中心运作,但如果设在深海,深海的低温环境反而能够帮助维持温度,节省一定的营运成本。   一开始的实验模型选在海岸边不远之处,其团队也发现使用海浪、潮汐等能源做为运算能源的可能性,这有可能帮助创造不需外接电力,靠大海能源就能独立运作的数据中心。   此外,当数据中心离人们居住的环境愈近时,资料与资料传送的速度就能更快、减少延误状况发生。世界上相当多人口都居住离海边不远的地方,这个条件也可能让海底数据中心的概念,未来更加普及化。   现在,这个团队正在进行下一步阶段计划,打算放大规模,打造比现在大上 4 倍的容器,能提供 20 倍的运算能力;另外他们也在挑选一个新测试地点,打算引入大海的替代能源,希望这次一下水就能进行长达一年的测试。   (Source:YouTube)   (本文由 数码时代授权转载)      微信扫描二维码或者搜索微信公众号(TechNews科技新报)关注我们。   关键字: 发电, 微软, 数据中心, 网络   回响留下回响发布日期2016 年 02 月 03 日 07:57 分类Microsoft, 尖端科技, 网络分享相关的主题文章:


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Li Xiaojia: to further optimize the Shanghai and Shenzhen Hong Kong through early launch of sina finance client: the most profitable investors in Hong Kong stocks through market mechanism level2 cards HKEx chief executive Li Xiaojia said in his blog on February 3rd, the successful launch of Shanghai and Hong Kong, is the first step of the stock. Next, we will further optimize and expand Shanghai and Hong Kong through the introduction of Shenzhen Hong Kong as soon as possible. Referring to the recently published "strategic planning 2016-2018", Li Xiaojia said that the theme is three "Tong" words: "stock pass", "commodity pass" and "currency pass"". Li Xiaojia said, "stock pass" can be achieved from the Shanghai and Shenzhen Stock Exchange, stock index futures and new shares through three aspects. Among them, the realization of "stock index futures" may have three paths: one is to copy the mode of cooperation with the mainland through Hong Kong, futures exchange to establish interconnection; two is the two exchange products linked to each other by three; A stock index as the subject of the development of derivative products in Hongkong, to meet the domestic and foreign investors stock volatility risk management A needs to provide the necessary facilities for a large number of foreign investment into the A stock market. "Goods" includes "three links": Hong Kong Lun spot through and through. Li Xiaojia introduced, "Lun Tong Tong" is to Asia’s liquidity, especially China’s liquidity oriented LME, so that LME more financial. The core of the company is to bring the LME contract to Asia and to settle the transaction through the platform of the Hongkong exchange to expand the Asian investor base of LME, especially the participation of Chinese investors in Hongkong. "Spot" is through the construction of commodity spot trading platform in the mainland, to help mainland commodity market entities; "inside and outside" is the successful operation for a period of time in the "Hong Kong Lun" and "spot", through the products linked to each other, exchange, authorization, warehouse price index open organically open up the mainland stock market and futures market, to achieve connectivity mainland commodity market and international commodity markets, commodity pricing and output of the Chinese. In addition, Li Xiaojia said, "money" is to promote the development of fixed income and currency products, with the help of the interconnection to build Hongkong into the center of interest rate and exchange rate derivatives, which can be divided into "exchange rate", "bond" and "interest" in three steps. He also said that the hope of "bond pass" for Hongkong attracted enough investors and liquidity, to prepare for future interest rates. "With the deepening of the RMB internationalization process, Hongkong RMB fund pool will continue to expand, the risk of RMB interest rate risk management may gradually increase, we will timely launch related interest rate products, improve the RMB ecosystem in Hongkong." Enter Sina Financial shares] discussion

李小加:进一步优化沪港通 尽早推出深港通 新浪财经客户端:最赚钱的投资者都在用 港股level2行情 翻看机构底牌   港交所行政总裁李小加2月3日在其网志上表示,沪港通的顺利推出,算是迈出了股票通的第一步。接下来,将进一步优化和拓展沪港通,尽早推出深港通。   谈及不久前公布的《战略规划2016-2018》,李小加称,主题就是三个“通”字:“股票通”、“商品通”和“货币通”。   李小加表示,“股票通”可以分别从沪深港通、股指期货通和新股通三个方面实现。其中,实现“股指期货通”可能有三种路径:一是复制沪港通模式,与内地期货交易所合作建立互联互通;二是两地交易所产品互挂;三是在香港发展以A股指数为标的的衍生产品,满足国内外投资者管理A股波动风险的需求,为大量外资进入A股现货市场提供必要的配套设施。   “商品通”主要包括“三小通”:伦港通、现货通和内外通。   李小加介绍,“伦港通”是把亚洲的流动性尤其是中国的流动性导向LME,让LME更加金融化。“伦港通”的核心是将在LME交易的合同带到亚洲时段,通过香港交易所的平台进行交易结算,扩大LME的亚洲投资者基础,特别是在香港的中国投资者的参与。   “现货通”就是通过在内地构建大宗商品现货交易平台,帮助内地大宗商品市场实体化;“内外通”是在“伦港通”与“现货通”成功运作一段时期后,可以通过产品互挂、仓单互换、价格授权、指数开放等方式有机地打通内地现货市场和期货市场,实现内地商品市场与国际商品市场的连通,输出中国的商品定价权。   此外,李小加介绍,“货币通”就是大力发展定息及货币产品,借助互联互通把香港打造成利率和汇率衍生产品中心,具体可以分为“汇率通”、“债券通”和“利率通”三步走。   他同时称,希望借助“债券通”为香港引来足够的投资者和流动性,为将来的利率通做准备。“随着人民币国际化进程的深入,香港的人民币资金池会不断扩大,管理人民币利率风险的需求可能会逐渐增加,我们将适时推出相关的利率产品,完善香港的人民币生态圈。” 进入【新浪财经股吧】讨论相关的主题文章:


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The main economic indicators in August to pick up from the downward pressure still China economic times WeChat public number (ID:cetnews) in September 13th, the National Bureau of Statistics announced the main national economic data in August. Data show that the above scale industrial added value in August a new high since March of this year; investment in infrastructure investment, driven by real estate investment, fully warmed up, private investment growth is bottoming out, return to the interval; consumption stable and fast, the car sales were particularly strong. Experts accept the Chinese Economic Times reporters said, to determine the main economic data in August, Chinese economic growth stable trend has been established, however, from the macroeconomic situation, the economy is still downward pressure, stable investment, expanding domestic demand, still need to pay close attention to the implementation of. Steady growth, steady domestic demand and stable foreign trade policy to show the effect of the State Statistical Bureau spokesman Sheng Yun said, on the supply side structural reform and a series of steady growth, structural adjustment, improve people’s livelihood policy, some economic indicators improved in August, three, a drop, a "effective, new the rapid growth of economy, new energy, the national economy maintained steady, steady progress, steady development trend of good. The "August national economic data reflects the signs of China’s economy bottomed stabilization, which is used in steady growth, steady domestic demand and stable foreign trade policy result." Zhang Liqun, a researcher at the Macroeconomic Research Department of the State Council Development Research Center, told the China economic times reporter. Zhang Liqun believes that fixed asset investment growth stabilized note, the real estate investment growth rebounded slightly, while the growth rate of investment in infrastructure to accelerate, private investment growth also terminate decline. The main investment to stabilize and steady investment policies issued by the central government to implement closely related, which is the main reason of infrastructure investment growth. In real estate, to the inventory policy for the regulation of city facilities strategy is an important reason to stabilize the real estate investment. In addition, with the construction of infrastructure and real estate investment growth to stabilize, benefit the consumer demand, industrial enterprises are improving. In addition, Zhang Liqun pointed out that in recent years, a series of comprehensive measures to boost private investment, including reducing the macro tax burden, improving corporate investment environment and other policy effects are gradually emerging. Of course, the most important reason is because China is still in the historical stage of sustained and rapid industrialization, informatization, urbanization, modernization, so that the entire structure adjustment has great potential for structural adjustment brought about by the hidden benefits of investment activities are gradually revealed. In addition, consumption continues to maintain steady growth has not changed, signs of stabilization of export status also tend to be clear. At the same time, in August, the national scale industrial added value increased by 6.3% at comparable prices, an increase of 0.3 percentage points higher than the previous month, 0.2 percentage points higher than the same period last year. In this regard, Zhang Liqun believes that the rebound in industrial added value, mainly with the recovery of market demand has a direct relationship. On the basis of the recovery of market demand, the sales situation of enterprises has been improved, and its benefits are also improved, which is the main reason for the growth of the whole industry. "Combined with these data, taking into account the industrial benefits are in continuous improvement, including the drop of PPI.

8月主要经济指标回暖 下行压力犹存转自微信公众号 中国经济时报(ID:cetnews)9月13日,国家统计局公布了8月主要国民经济数据。数据显示,8月规模以上工业增加值创今年3月以来新高;在房地产投资、基建投资的带动下,投资全面回暖,民间投资增速触底回升,重返正区间;消费稳中趋快,其中汽车销售表现尤为强劲。接受中国经济时报记者采访的专家表示,综合8月主要经济数据判断,中国经济增长走稳的态势已初步建立,但是,从整个宏观经济情况来看,经济仍有下行压力,稳投资、扩内需政策仍要抓紧落实。稳增长、稳内需、稳外贸政策效果显现国家统计局新闻发言人盛来运表示,在供给侧结构性改革深入推进和一系列稳增长、调结构、惠民生政策的作用下,8月份部分经济指标有所改善,“三去、一降、一补”取得实效,新经济、新动能快速成长,国民经济保持基本平稳、稳中有进、稳中有好的发展态势。“8月份国民经济数据反映了我国经济筑底企稳的迹象,这是过去稳增长、稳内需、稳外贸政策综合作用的结果。”国务院发展研究中心宏观经济研究部研究员张立群对中国经济时报记者表示。张立群认为,固定资产投资增速回稳值得注意,这其中,房地产投资增速略有回升,而基建投资增速加快,民间投资增速也终止下滑势头。投资走稳主要与中央出台的稳投资政策实施密切相关,这也是基础设施投资增长的主要原因。在房地产方面,去库存政策包括因城施策的调控是带动房地产投资走稳的重要原因。此外,随着基础设施建设和房地产投资增速走稳,消费需求、工业企业效益也在改善。另外,张立群指出,近期,提振民间投资的一系列综合性措施包括降低宏观税负、改善企业投资环境等政策效果也逐步显现。当然,最重要的原因是由于中国目前仍然处在持续较快推进工业化、信息化、城镇化、现代化的历史阶段,所以整个结构调整的潜力巨大,结构性调整所带来的投资活动潜藏的效益也开始逐渐显露出来。此外,消费继续保持平稳增长的态势没有改变,出口地位企稳的迹象也趋向明朗。同时,8月份,全国规模以上工业增加值按可比价格计算同比增长6.3%,增速比上月加快0.3个百分点,比上年同期加快0.2个百分点。对此,张立群认为,工业增加值的回升,主要与市场需求的恢复有直接关系。在市场需求恢复的基础上,企业的销售形势有所好转,其效益也在好转,这是促成整个工业增速回升的主要原因。“结合这些数据,再考虑到工业效益是在持续的改善中,包括PPI的降幅也在持续收窄,大宗商品的销售形势在持续好转,因此综合判断中国经济增长走稳的态势已经初步建立起来,预计第三季度的增长率不会低于上半年。”张立群表示。警惕下行压力抓紧落实稳投资、扩内需政策尽管部分经济指标有所改善,但中国银行国际金融研究所宏观经济与政策主管周景彤认为,从整个宏观经济情况来看,经济仍有下行压力。一是房地产投资方面,近期重点城市房价上涨面临一定的调控压力,而房地产投资增速本就不高,调控会改变市场的预期令其下行;二是制造业方面,大宗商品价格今年整体上涨,未来是否继续上涨仍面临不确定性,这也会影响到制造业的投资和生产;三是贸易数据变动较大,未来能否继续改善仍存疑。上海证券首席宏观分析师胡月晓点评称,就投资数据而言,企稳反映出之前稳增长政策的效果逐渐体现。但是,投资增速仍然非常低,是影响经济增长的主因。因此,四季度应该会急需加大稳增长的力度,促进投资增长。财政政策的力度应当会加大,对一些审批中的项目会加快进度。同时,在未来的PPP项目审批中,一些限制性条款应该会逐步放宽,从而吸引民资。“虽然经济企稳苗头已经很明显,但对经济下行压力也不能掉以轻心,扩内需政策还是要抓紧落实。”张立群表示。版权保护声明:腾讯财经选发有优质传播价值的内容,我们极其尊重优质原创内容的版权,如所选内容未能联系到原文作者本人,请作者和bigson(微信)联系。免责声明:本文来自腾讯新闻客户端自媒体,不代表腾讯新闻的观点和立场。 更多精彩内容欢迎搜索关注微信公众号:腾讯财经(financeapp)。相关的主题文章:


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Alphabet fell two, apple regain the highest market capitalization company title – Sohu technology Chinese daily on 5 February, (Xin Lian) Google parent company Alphabet to become the world’s largest listed companies are still just flower briefly as the broad-leaved epiphyllum. 1, Alphabet released late fourth quarter earnings report, online advertising sales results, due to strong, strict cost control, the company’s fourth quarter net profit and sales are expected to. After the earnings announcement, 2, Alphabet squeezed Apple Corp become the world’s highest market capitalization of listed companies. According to "the Wall Street journal" reported that 2, Alphabet shares in the rose more than 3% to $795 after the company a market capitalization of $546 billion 800 million, more than $530 billion 900 million market capitalization of Apple Corp, which is Alphabet for the first time since January 11, 2010 in the market value of the scale beyond apple. Apple won the world’s largest market value company in 2011 and kept it for four years. However, Alphabet shares fell 7% in the following two trading days. "The Wall Street journal" pointed out that part of the decline is attributed to the Google search for Amit Singhal in 3, said he will leave at the end of February. Alphabet shares fell, allowing apple to regain the title of the world’s highest value company on 3. According to reports, Apple shares rose 2% on 3, and further widened the gap on 4. After closing market capitalization of $2 on 531 billion, Alphabet’s current market capitalisation has fallen below $500 billion. Historical data show that Google is the seventh market in the history of more than $500 billion U.S. companies. In addition, the market value of the six companies shrank in the first year after the market value exceeded $500 billion, and showed a downward trend in the next few years. Exxon Mobil, Microsoft, CISCO, apple, Intel, general electric are not spared, only Exxon Mobil and general electric performance is relatively stable.

Alphabet连跌两日 苹果重拾市值最高公司头衔-搜狐科技  中国日报网2月5日电(信莲)谷歌母公司Alphabet成为全球最大上市公司仍然只是昙花一现。   1日,Alphabet盘后发布第四财季业绩报告,财报显示,由于在线广告销售强劲、成本控制严格,公司四季度净利润和销售均超预期。   财报公布后,2日,Alphabet挤下苹果公司成为全球市值最高的上市公司。   据《华尔街日报》报道称,2日,Alphabet股价在上涨逾3%至795美元后,该公司市值达到5468亿美元,超过了苹果公司5309亿美元的市值规模,这是Alphabet自2010年1月11日以来首次在市值规模上超越苹果。苹果于2011年赢得全球市值最大公司,并将此桂冠保留了四年。   不过Alphabet的股价在随后两个交易日里累计下跌7%。《华尔街日报》指出,部分跌势归因于谷歌搜索负责人Amit Singhal在3日表示他将于2月底离职。   Alphabet股价的下跌让苹果于3日重拾全球市值最高公司的头衔。据报道,苹果股价于3日上涨2%,并于4日进一步拉大差距。   在2日以5,310亿美元市值收盘后,Alphabet当前的市值已跌破5000亿美元。   历史数据显示,谷歌是史上第七家市值超过5000亿美元的美国公司。另外六家公司在市值超过5000亿美元后的第一年市值均面临萎缩,在接下来几年也总体呈现下降趋势。埃克森美孚、微软、思科、苹果、英特尔、通用电气均不能幸免,其中仅埃克森美孚和通用电气表现相对稳定。相关的主题文章:



2016 rich list released! He beat Li Jiacheng – Sohu financial management, I want to go from south to north, I want to walk from white to black; I want people to see me, but I don’t know who I am…… "Wanda annual meeting" national grandfather "Wang Jianlin hi singing rock and roll" songs also surround in the ears of friends, today "K brother king" and took a title — "Chinese richest man"". Hurun Research Institute released the 2016 Hurun list of global billionaires. The wealth of the list is calculated on January 15, 2016. This is the fifth consecutive year issued by Hurun Research Institute "global rich list", Gates, 60 years old, has donated 110 billion yuan, but still wealth 520 billion yuan won the world’s richest man. Buffett jumped to second with fortune 450 billion yuan, and Ott ranked 420 billion in third place. The Wang Jianlin family returned to the richest man in China with more than 170 billion fortune, and more than Li Jiacheng became the richest Chinese man for the first time, ranking twenty-first in the world, up 12 from last year. Beijing surpassed New York for the first time to become the world’s super wealth creators, the most densely populated city, 100 people living here. Chinese cities account for half of the world’s ten largest cities with the richest list of billionaires: Beijing, Hongkong, Shanghai, Shenzhen and Hangzhou. "A few days ago broadcast wrote an article this year" husband "quietly and earn a few million (click on the blue font viewer), and compared the son, father Wang Jianlin is clearly more achievements, why are there so big, today we broadcast a pa pa Wang Jianlin father and wife. Don’t fear the officialdom, exchanges freely, to spend money like water, natural compound have the temperament, personality, such potential let Wang Jianlin mysterious Poxian — in the eyes of many people, the government favored Wanda seems to free from outside the market competition. Wang Jianlin said, the more we think is his "richest" title and his tongue to "known as" the son of Wang Sicong. His father was a Red Army veteran from the peasant family, and his father, Wang Yiquan, was a Red Army veteran who had been a peasant since he was a long march. He served as vice chairman of the Tibet autonomous region, and served as deputy director of the Bureau of forest industry of Daikin county. The origin of wife lin ning Lin served as chairman of the investment group and Wanda Group Poshen, founded in March 1994, is a set of architectural decoration decoration industry, catering and entertainment industry, foreign economic and trade industry three industry as one of the diversified group of companies. Wanda Group in the National Commercial Plaza project partners and strategic partners. Have a big star decoration, Tiantai national chain of discount KTV, Orlant and other enterprises, access to economic and Trade Club’s. The Lin Lin Ning investment group and Wanda Group has a deep relationship, so in all parts of the industry in the opening of Wanda Group, often can see lin ning figure, and his investment website also can often be seen in Wanda Group wen. Wang Jianlin’s father-in-law couldn’t do it, Lin Lianzhang (1917-2011), Lin Jia Zhuang in Longyao County of Hebei province. In December 1935, he participated in the revolution. Wang Jianlin’s father, Wang Yiquan, was born in 1911. He was 6 years old, and he joined the Red Army

2016富豪榜出炉!他打败了李嘉诚-搜狐理财   ”我要从南走到北,我还要从白走到黑;我要人们都看到我,却不知我是谁……“万达年会上”国民公公“王健林嗨唱摇滚的歌声还环绕在网友的耳边之时,今天“k哥之王”又拿下了一个头衔—”华人首富“。   胡润研究院发布《2016胡润全球富豪榜》。上榜富豪的财富计算截止日期为2016年1月15日。这是胡润研究院连续第五年发布“全球富豪榜”   ”60岁的盖茨虽然已经捐赠了1100亿元,但仍旧以财富5200亿元蝉联世界首富。巴菲特以财富4500亿元跃居第二,奥特加以4200亿元排名第三。   王健林家族以1700亿财富超过李河君重回中国首富的宝座,并且超过李嘉诚首次成为华人首富,全球排名第21位,比去年上升12位。   北京首次超越纽约成为全球超级财富创造者最密集的城市,100位居住在此。中国城市在最多上榜富豪居住的世界十大城市中占了一半:北京、香港、上海、深圳和杭州。“   前几天播播写过一篇文章这一年“老公”悄悄又赚了几个亿(点击蓝色字体查看),与儿子相比,爸爸的成就显然更大,王健林何以有这么大成就,今天播播带大家扒一扒王健林父亲和老婆。   不怵官场、往来自如、花钱如流水,天生的大院气质,言出必行的个性,这样的势能让王健林颇显神秘―在很多人的眼中,受政府青睐的万达似乎游离于市场竞争之外。   提到王健林,大家更多的想到的是他的”首富“头衔还有他那以”毒舌“著称的儿子王思聪。而他的父亲则是一位农民出身的红军老兵,父亲王义全则是一位农民出身的参加过长征的红军老兵,担任过西藏自治区的副主席,曾任大金县森林工业局副局长。   老婆林宁担任董事长的林氏投资集团与万达集团的渊源颇深,成立于1994年3月,是集建筑装修装潢业、餐饮娱乐业、对外经济贸易业等三种业态为一体的多元化集团公司。是万达集团在全国商业广场项目中的合作商和战略合作伙伴。旗下拥有天泰装饰、大歌星全国连锁量贩KTV、通达经贸、欧兰特会所等企业。   林宁所在的林氏投资集团与万达集团有着颇深的合作关系,因此在万达集团在各地的产业开业时,经常可以看到林宁的身影,并且林氏投资的官网上也经常可以看到针对万达集团的贺文。   王健林岳父了不得,林连章(1917-2011),河北省隆尧县林家庄人。1935年12月参加革命,王健林父亲王义全是1911年生人,比林连章大6岁,他参加红军是1933年,比林连章早两年参加革命。林连章曾参加淮北五河战斗、灵璧战斗、津浦路破击战、泗县战斗、睢海战斗、淮海战役、渡江战役。获三级“独立自由勋章”和三级“解放勋章”。1955年9月授予上校军衔,1960年6月晋升为大校军衔。2011年去世,安葬于南京雨花台功德园。   这家夫子两,一个唱着歌拿到华人首富,一个打着游戏刷着微博一年收入几个亿。(微信号:理财播报)相关的主题文章:


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Social Media Monitoring: How To Select A Service By: William Comcowich | Sep 15th 2010 – Selecting a Social Media Monitoring Service explains why it’s important to listen to consumer discussion (word-of-mouth) on the Internet, provides approaches to use of free search engines to monitor social media, and offers guidance on selection of a commercial media monitoring service. Tags: Media Monitoring: Determining Your Organization’s Needs By: William Comcowich | Sep 7th 2010 – Part I of the series How to Select a Media Monitoring Service examines the value of media monitoring, the categories of media that can be monitored and general guidelines for corporations, government agencies and not-for-profit organizations on determining which media to monitor. Tags: 相关的主题文章:


we are moving toward an energy crisis unless we do something else. What are the alternatives 孤胆特工片尾曲

Is Alternative Energy The New Eldorado? Posted By: Bryan Wong There is money in alternative energy and big corporations are discovering this fact. Not only are existing companies securing their position, new companies that specialize in this new energy source are increasing also. Is there really money to be made or is this the new Eldorado? Many believe that this new form of converting ‘free’ energy has real potential. Let’s look at the most important reasons why. The energy sources we use today have negative side effects. They cause lots of pollution. The pollution causes acid rain and the earth warm up. Besides these side effects the current reserves are diminishing. The crude oil reserves will last for the next 45 years to come and gas maybe 60 years. The only traditional fuels source that is still in ‘abundance’ is coal. The coal supply will last for the next 300 years. Thus, for everything that runs on a form of crude oil or natural gas we will have to find a good replacement. Many of us think alternative energy is the answer. Why is alternative energy the answer for our energy problems? There are several reasons why.Alternative energy renewable energy converting alternative energy benefits Alternative energy Alternative energy Is Alternative Energy Worththe Investments? Posted By: Bryan Wong Crude oil is expensive, very expensive, that is a fact. Because of these high prices other products like petrol and electricity are following. The prices are going up and down but the trend is up and the trend will not be going down in near future. With the problems in the world we are facing today these prices are also unlikely to be stabilized. One factor that causes the prices to rise is political instability in various parts of the world. These world issues (instability in the East and in Africa) have been here for a long time and will not be resolved easily. The demand for energy is also growing as new economies are also growing like China, India and Brazil. Because this demand can not be met the prices are going through the roof and probably will continue to rise. When looking at the need for energy and knowing that this can not be met, we are moving toward an energy crisis unless we do something else. What are the alternatives? Luckily there are real good alternatives. These can be found in alternative energy.Alternative energy renewable energy converting alternative energy benefits Alternative energy Alternative energy Crude Oil Vs. Alternative Energy: Which Is Really Better? Posted By: Bryan Wong If there was a world title fight who would you put your money on? ‘Crude Oil’ or ‘Alternative energy’? The heavy weight champion of the world today is without a doubt: ‘Crude Oil’. In a coming championship battle The Champion could have the upper hand in the first few rounds with explosive power and short term outburst of energy. It would even force a knock out by mean and vicious behaviour in the ring. It would also be nasty and filthy to fight. If the champ strikes very well in the first few rounds it could still be the heavy weight champion of the world. But if ‘Alternative energy’ could survive the first rounds then it would have a better chance on winning, because it has got endurance, a clear vision and fights a clean fight. There could be an upset and the new heavy weight champion of the world could be ‘Alternate Energy’. Of course there is no real fight, but the battle is really on. Today the fossil fuels like crude oil are our main source of energy. The problem with fossil fuels are that they very harmful for our environment.Alternative energy renewable energy converting alternative energy benefits Alternative energy Alternative energy Are Alternative Energy Homes The Future? Posted By: Bryan Wong What mail do you hate the most living in a western modern world today? Chances are that you hate your monthly bills. What do hate even more? You probably hate seeing these bills getting higher each and every month. But what can you do about it; you need electricity, water, gas and heat. You would not be living a comfortable live in a western modern society without your lights, air-conditioning, TV, microwave, dishwasher and all other appliances that make your live enjoyable. You could decide not to pay these bills, but that will not resolve the problem. You can even reduce the number of appliances used to a minimum and not heat you’re your home. If you live on your own that would not be problem, but if you’re a part of a family these drastic measures will not make you popular. Lucky for you there are alternatives. Today there houses available known as alternative energy homes. These are houses that use today’s technology to provide you with free electricity and heat. That doesn’t sound great, it is! These homes convert power from different natural processes into electricity and heating.Alternative energy renewable energy converting alternative energy benefits Alternative energy Alternative energy Being Self Sufficient With Alternative Energy Posted By: Bryan Wong Times are changing. In the modern western world energy for households is considered to be one of life necessities. Without energy total chaos will be the result. This has been the raw truth when parts California and New York were without energy. Lucky for us these were only incidents. But energy is becoming very expensive and using it has very negative side effects, for which we are paying the price today. To avoid a situation where only the rich can effort it, we need to change our course and take a different route. One promising route we can follow is the route of alternate energy. When we look at the sources we use today one can say that they not only give us energy, but we pay a high price for it. Not only is the actual market price for traditional energy increasing the problems are getting bigger too. One disadvantage of using fossil fuel is that the supply is limited and with a growing demand the prices increase. Prices for petrol are increasing on a daily basis and ordinary people are really feeling the financial pain.Alternative energy renewable energy converting alternative energy benefits Alternative energy Alternative energy 相关的主题文章: