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Central Hainan Road Cycling Race fourth stage: Giant Europe won second times green crown – Beijing Beijing in October 25 Danzhou Xinhua (reporter Zhang Qianyi) the 2016 session of the Eleventh Central Hainan international road cycling race 25 on the fourth stage of the Chengmai – Danzhou stage. From Giant – European youth team 26 times, only 23 year old German sprinter Max Waldo at the last moment? Show sprint strength, leading to the rear from Italy blue – Merida team number 13 driver Roberto Ferrari? A body in the distance, Danzhou end point won this race around the island of his own and a stage champion. Roberto? Ferrari second harvest; Poland CCC team number 34 driver for third stage. In the two stage had a total length of more than 200 kilometers of the stage, the fourth stage race around the island today Chengmai – Danzhou game, the track length of 159.4 km, compared to the previous two days shortened a lot. On the way there are a total of 1 climbing and 2 sprint to grab points. Climbing point (Level 4) is located 22.3 km from the track, the 2 sprint points are located at 53 km and 92.5 km. As a flat stage, after the start of mass in front of the attack started immediately, trying to break the drivers did not like the former two stages that in about 10 kilometers on the formation of breakout group effectively, and a large group of custody, the situation is still anxious. 22.3 kilometers before the arrival of the climbing point, all the attack was broken. The 2016 session of the Eleventh Central Hainan international road cycling race for the fourth stage of the Chengmai – Danzhou stage. Zu Weihui took the scramble for climbing points attracted many competitors, from the Astana team 5 riders in the climbing point before the arrival of the sudden force of about 1 kilometers, in the main group before the first through the climbing points, the first. At the start of the drivers behind him, Marseille KTM team before the three stage of outstanding performance, won two prize fight No. 74 De Rossi won the two in the standings, climbing integral over China Zhimei Hengxiang team 127 Zhao Jingbiao away, climbing Wang dot shirt. After climbing points, the group began to relax. Soon, a team consisting of 8 riders in front of the big group will gradually widen the gap between the main group. First sprint points soon then come, the leading group of CHINO and Nord team 54 cams Delaware Blaine, Poland CCC team? No. 36, Australia drapac Stulz? Patrick team No. 97 Bernard? Sucibeige respectively won the top three sprint points. The hot weather began to let the leading group of drivers has left behind, just won first sprint points first number 54 driver first returned to the big league. Second sprint points in the contest, Poland CCC team No. 36 Stulz? Patrick in under the cover of his teammates, Chong won the first Australian team drapac; No. 97 Bernard? Sucibeige and Carrefour fleet No. 81 Alex Dinishi ranked second and third?. The game was about 120 kilometers ahead, leading group only Carrefour fleet No. 81 Alex? Dinishi and Poland team 36 CCC Patrick, two Stulz? In hot weather has been Kennedy)相关的主题文章: