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Careers-Employment One would think it to be extremely difficult to find cheap recruitment, especially in today’s economy. Online recruitment has definitely been able to lower the overall costs incurred for recruitment fees by skipping the personal interaction with a recruitment agent and assuming the role of the middleman. Recruitment advertising is taking the online recruitment world by storm by allowing employers to submit job postings without breaking the bank. This also allows potential future employees to gain access to a wide range of respectable and sought after jobs without leaving their desks. iEmploy have taken this one step further by introducing their fixed price recruitment initiative. By offering employers a set figure that will en.pass all their recruitment needs, budgets are able to be met while service is still being delivered. The advantages of utilising online recruitment are not only confined to a monetary point of view. Other benefits include the elimination of the stress associated with recruitment and recruitment advertising, as well as saving employers vast amounts of time. Cheap recruitment using the internet is thus not only about money, but is also about the mimimum expenditure of time and effort. All the posted information that pertains to your recruitment advertisement is easily accessible online and employers can check up on the visibilty and validity of their postings, much the same as you would be able to buy a newspaper and see your advert in print. The only difference is that with online recruitment, your advert will go live immediately after payment is verified, which could be within minutes of you enlisting the services of a .pany like iEmploy. Candidates for employment also benefit from this instantaneous recruitment advertising by being able to keep track of new listings as they arrive, ensuring that their applications are first in line. iEmploy’s ideas to offer fixed price recruitment are definitely paving the way forward in the recruitment world. Much as inter. based recruitment was once a novel and inspirational concept, so too is cheap recruitment easing the burden of cost for all employers. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: