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China among the 25   global innovation index; copyright can not be underestimated – the media – original title: Chinese ranks among the top 25 global innovation index recently, in addition to women’s volleyball team to win, there is one thing to make people feel proud, in August 15th, the world intellectual property organization, Cornell University, School of international business. And in 2016 the global innovation index knowledge partner — India Industry Federation (CII), the United Arab Emirates integrated telecommunications company, and Kearney and IMP3rove – European Innovation Management Institute jointly issued the "2016 global innovation index report". The index shows that the world’s most innovative economy for the first time among the top 25 in China, compared with the previous year increased by 4, Switzerland, Sweden, Britain, the United States and Finland in order to dominate the top five. The World Intellectual Property Organization said that in the past 9 years investigation on the innovation ability of the global more than and 100 countries and regions in highly developed economies has occupied the dominant position in the global innovation index, Chinese enter 25 marks the middle-income economies for the first time to join the ranks of highly developed economies. China’s progress reflects the continuous improvement of China’s innovation performance, and when it comes to innovation, it must not open around copyright. Recently, "Chinese news publication newspaper" the reporter interviewed on this topic a few copyright scholars and experts, ask them to enhance the global innovation index in the analysis of copyright Chinese play a role can not be replaced. The protection of copyright protection is to encourage innovation about the national innovation capacity is the highest in recent years in the field of culture calls, in order to protect more of the original rights, the government has issued a series of relevant policies, the purpose is to let the owner can get real protection. For example: the ongoing 11 years "sword action" has achieved significant results in the purification of the network environment, strengthen copyright protection, the rights of people and organizations of domestic international acclaim. 2015 "4? 26" World Intellectual Property Day to the end, the State Copyright Bureau issued the "norms on network copyright reprint order notice", will regulate the network reproduced the provisions of Article 9 established behavior. In October 14th, the State Copyright Bureau issued the "notice" on the standard SkyDrive service copyright order, Baidu SkyDrive, SkyDrive, SkyDrive, Jinshan 360 Tencent and other major SkyDrive cloud service providers to actively carry out self-examination and rectification and the establishment of copyright, copyright system. And let the public impression of the deepest or the industry is called the history of Chinese music, the most stringent copyright order introduced. In July 8, 2015, the State Copyright Bureau issued "on the ordered online music service providers to stop without authorization notice" dissemination of music works, and ordered the network music service before July 31, 2015 without authorization the spread of all music works offline, if this "red line" and later still continue to spread the unauthorized music works, the national copyright administration will be severely punished according to law. As of July 31st of the same year, Baidu, Tencent, NetEase and other 16 directly provide the content of network music service active downline unauthorized music works of more than 220, an unprecedented social impact. What the government does is in the final analysis相关的主题文章: