China children’s foundation will set up a special fund for pre-school children to build child

Chinese UNICEF set up a special fund to build the safety of preschool children "child safety barrier – Beijing Beijing in September 13 Beijing Xinhua (reporter Zhang Ximin) for the healthy growth of preschool children, Chinese children’s foundation" preschool child safety fund "13 in Beijing, for the safety of preschool children’s healthy growth and build a strong safety barrier. "Preschool children safety special fund" will be "100 million Yuan City public safety" as a public carrier, through advocacy, education, training and other assistance, public action, mobilize all social forces to help the majority of preschool children, improve the educational environment, promote the construction of information, the establishment of security system, enhance the quality of health education. To create a good environment for the healthy growth of preschool children’s safety. Zhu Xisheng, Secretary General of China children’s foundation, said the guardian of children’s safe and healthy growth is the top priority of education. He said that for a long time, the party and the country attaches great importance to the healthy growth of children’s safety and the community has given important support and enthusiasm to help, overall, Chinese children’s growth environment, the best period in history. But can not be ignored is that the security environment for the growth of China children, still faces many problems, such as traffic safety, food safety, fire safety, accident damage and lost loss, have occurred, it is deplorable. Zhu Xisheng said, to realize the safety of preschool children healthy growth, let the safety plug in the wings of the information, Chinese children’s foundation combined with Beijing Jin Baowei education Polytron Technologies Inc established "preschool children safety special fund", will be the mobilization of social cohesion and strength, and actively build a measure of child safety growth barrier. Beijing Jin Baowei Education Technology Co., Ltd. chairman Dan Zhiyong said, child safety is the basic guarantee of the operation of the kindergarten, the frequent accidents of today, the need for more social forces into public welfare undertakings to child safety. Jin Baowei will be special fund for pre-school children, in order to promote the healthy growth of children as the goal, is committed to helping China to enhance the safety of nursery operations. The event, Beijing Jin Baowei Education Technology Co. Ltd. to preschool child safety special fund "donated 3000 sets of" Jin Baowei kindergarten information security management (KIM) platform, helps to carry out safety special fund for public welfare activities for preschool children. (end)相关的主题文章: