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China firmly opposed to British "judgmental" affairs of Hongkong – Xinjiang channel — "Chinese criticized the British government for the" Hongkong report "for half a year, the Broadcasting British Corporation (BBC) reported 13, according to the report, the British government issued 12, 13, Chinese countered that the British government issued the first half report of Hongkong the problem of judgment, Hongkong affairs, China is firmly opposed. Some of the contents of the report on the Chinese side for groundless accusations, the Chinese side will not accept. Made the above statement is China Foreign Ministry spokesman Geng shuang. The report referred to the Tongluowan Bookstore incident criticized china. BBC said China denies any problems in the handling of the problem. Geng Shuang 13, said at a regular press conference, the central government Chinese full implementation of the "one country two systems" and "Hong Kong" and a high degree of autonomy, in strict accordance with the Constitution and the basic law, the full support of the chief executive and the SAR government administration according to law, to maintain Hongkong’s prosperity and stability, Hongkong residents have enjoyed full rights and freedoms according to law. "Hongkong is a special administrative region of China, and Hongkong affairs belong to the internal affairs of china. We require the cautious, stop meddling in Hongkong affairs." Geng Shuang said. Reuters said that the Hongkong SAR government to report the British do not buy it, said the foreign government should not interfere in the affairs of Hongkong. (Liang Meini) (Hatton: commissioning editor (Internship), Gul Han Ting)相关的主题文章: