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China has not prevented the Security Council from condemning North Korea as a concession to Germany? Data figure: the Security Council the original title: China did not stop condemning North Korea’s foreign media to guess the US-ROK "Sade" concession? Common Democratic Party elected a new leader on the occasion, the South Korean public opinion is around the "Chinese agreed by the Security Council statement condemning North Korea launched speculation". South Korean KBS television said 28 days, according to the UN Security Council issued a press statement condemning North Korea before the launch of missile issue, the South Korean Foreign Ministry official said, this is a strong signal to the international community to send a launch by North Korea’s behavior, has positive significance. South Korea’s YTN television said that in view of China’s approval of the Security Council to condemn North Korea’s statement, the international community sanctions against North Korea temporarily maintain the joint. "Members of the Security Council condemned all ballistic missile activities in Democratic People’s Republic of Korea. These actions contribute to Democratic People’s Republic of Korea’s development of nuclear weapons delivery systems, exacerbating tensions." New York local time on the evening of 26, the Council issued a press statement condemning North Korea, and that will continue to pay close attention to the situation, further measures and the Security Council expressed the determination of the same". Reuters said that 24 this month, North Korea launched a submarine launched ballistic missiles, the direction of the Japanese sea about 500 km. 3 this month, North Korea launched ballistic missile fall into Japanese controlled waters, when the United States submitted to the Security Council a condemnation of North Korea’s draft voting, but Chinese asked to join the "opposition to the deployment of any new anti missile base in Northeast Asia to deal with North Korea’s nuclear and missile programs on the grounds of the contents of the statement, statement fails to lead published. 26 did not include this statement through the statement. "China’s move is surprising," The Associated Press commented that China did not stop the DPRK declaration. Japan’s Kyodo news agency said that China had been cautious about the Security Council issued a statement until the evening of August 26th, 3 days after North Korea launched missiles, China finally agreed to condemn the DPRK Security Council statement. The Security Council statement also stressed the importance of efforts to reduce tensions on the Korean Peninsula and a wider range, which is based on the original statement issued to the 15 countries to increase the content of the draft. Why China support condemned North Korea’s Yonhap statement? 28 on speculation that Chinese this mainly to the G20 summit will be held successfully. With the G20 summit approaching, compared to China’s South Korea and the United States and Japan showdown pattern, China hopes to highlight the atmosphere of cooperation. South Korea, "Beijing News" said that the reason why the Chinese Security Council statement did not mention the case against the Sade vote in favor of the reasons for the complex. The first is that North Korea’s submarine missile is relatively successful, it is difficult for China to take a blind eye to this important issue. Second is the G20 summit held in Hangzhou soon, China hopes to highlight the atmosphere of international cooperation. But the experts also believe that the Security Council passed a press statement condemning North Korea, not represented in the "Sade" problem "of Russia towards ROK and Japan" confrontation eased, because Chinese not ordered the removal of "Sade" stand on a step back. In the eyes of China experts, analysis of Korean media is speculation, but at least they about "Chinese won’t give the conclusion is right. Cui Zhiying told the Global Times reporter, not.相关的主题文章: