China may become a global leader

Yang Yuanqing

Yang Yuanqing said that the current globalization into the second half, Chinese and Chinese entrepreneurs want to seize the opportunity, in the open market, globalization will become an unavoidable issue.

Yang Yuanqing believes that the current game and uncertainty, precisely to China on the international stage as a pioneer, the opportunity to become a new leader in globalization. This year we promote "The Belt and Road" strategy, invest a lot of money to build the investment bank, the establishment of the BRICs bank and so on, with countries along the joint development, mutual benefit and win-win, for us to further grasp the opportunities of globalization lead has laid a good foundation.

he also said that in the first half of globalization benefit Chinese companies will face greater opportunities in the field.

Yang Yuanqing pointed out that China’s tax structure is unreasonable, the consumption tax to VAT are passed on to the enterprise, and by the enterprise to be withheld, resulting in the consumption tax accumulated in the enterprise, occupy the enterprise capital. As much as 17% of the VAT, but also the country’s value-added tax is relatively high, resulting in a macro tax burden of close to 40%, which is brought on a global scale high cooling fan".

Yang Yuanqing called for the competition of economic globalization, the competition between enterprises is also the economic system level, the government level competition. This requires the government to carry out development and reform, reduce the tax burden for the enterprise deregulation. Of course, to achieve reduction of the tax burden, no further streamlining government is unable to realize." He said.

following Yang Yuanqing speech record:


over the years, the year I went to the United States, but also to get a closer look, we listen to the new president Trump is "how the United States mess the world with more, want to see what his magic, can achieve great order in great disorder under heaven. The case.

should say, really not disappointed, over the past ten days time, just like the series, every day news. Today, the ban, the ban lifted tomorrow, the day after tomorrow and the lifting of the Ban Ban Ban, light court on several occasions. Today, Twitter, the other to Mexico today, tomorrow and the other to japan. Today is tomorrow and carrot sticks. So, it’s really like watching a soap opera, it’s very suspense, looking forward to the next episode".

globalization into China’s second half

well, today’s Trump took office and indeed, in the past year, Britain from Europe or Italy or the referendum, and Trump came to power, all in verifying a new trend, and we have a familiar, respected by the trend of opposite trend is inverse the trend of globalization. Indeed, the new round of globalization and anti globalization and changes in the game, especially worthy of our Chinese entrepreneurs to think about how to deal with, how strain.