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China high-speed railway operating mileage of more than 20 thousand kilometers — Society — September 10 Beijing Xinhua (Li Nannan) reporter from the Chinese railway company was informed that in September 10th, the Zhengzhou Xuzhou high-speed railway operation, so far, Chinese high-speed railway operating mileage has more than 20 thousand kilometers. In the attention and promote the CPC Central Committee and the State Council, the rapid development of high-speed railway in China, built a high-speed railway network is increasingly perfect, scientific and technological innovation to achieve a major breakthrough, and constantly improve the quality of transportation services, high-speed railway is not only people’s daily travel choice, a beautiful name card is China’s "going out". At present, China has become the world’s largest high-speed railway construction and operation of the largest, most comprehensive technology, management experience. Especially this year, Chinese railway company vigorously implement the supply side structural reform, focus on improving the railway infrastructure supply quality, strengthen the high-speed rail pre feasibility study, do a good job in the construction project construction organization, to further accelerate the construction of high speed railway. China’s high-speed rail network is becoming increasingly apparent. In recent years, especially since the party’s eighteen, China Railway Corporation in accordance with the national "long-term railway network planning", to accelerate the "four vertical and four horizontal" as the backbone of the high-speed railway construction, Qinhuangdao from the end of 2002 to Shenyang high-speed rail, to Tianjin in 2013 to the Qinhuangdao high speed rail operation, Chinese high-speed railway operating mileage break 10 thousand kilometers, which lasted for 11 years; from 10 thousand km to 20 thousand km, which lasted only 3 years, high-speed railway operating mileage is doubled. With the Beijing Shanghai, Beijing Guangzhou, Harbin, Lan Xin and a number of high iron key project completion of high-speed railway in China "four vertical and four horizontal" main framework has been basically formed, the Yangtze River Delta, Pearl River Delta, Bohai city high iron ring group already connected into a network, the eastern, central and Western and northeast four plates to achieve high-speed Internet exchange, the modernization of our country’s high-speed rail network scale. At present, China’s high-speed railway and other railways constitute a fast passenger network has reached more than 40 thousand km. High speed railway coverage, network operation, greatly shorten the distance between urban and rural areas, improve people’s travel environment in the Yangtze River Delta, Pearl River Delta, Bohai city ring group, adjacent to city "city effect" highlights, form 1 to 3 small high iron life circle. Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou as the center, to the surrounding area 5 hours of travel has been formed. Especially in the western underdeveloped areas of traffic, high-speed railway operations, greatly shorten the time and space distance between the eastern and central regions, to facilitate personnel exchanges and economic and trade exchanges, and provides a reliable transport service guarantee for the development of the central and Western regions. China’s high-speed railway technology innovation to achieve a major breakthrough. Chinese railway company conscientiously implement the national innovation driven development strategy, based on the increase of high-speed railway in China the level of independent innovation and core competitiveness, organization of domestic related research, design, manufacturing, construction and other units of university scientific research strength, after years of scientific research, demonstration project construction, equipment development and operation management practice, construction, in the construction of high speed railway EMU, train control, traction power supply, operation management, security and other fields has made a series of independent innovation)相关的主题文章: