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"China new song" Jay Chou couldn’t hear the lyrics – students entertainment channel, Jay Chou & Fei Yuqing Beijing 25 August,   (Tang Ping); the 21:10 Friday night, "new song" on Youku China login. In order to give the students cheer team Jielun, Fei Yuqing will live Jay Chou "blue and white". Interestingly, a student concert RAP Jay Chou, but because "LISP" couldn’t understand what he was singing, "Jay Chou also netizens infinite emotion to hear the lyrics." The opening of Jay Chou group is low-key combination and Cheng Sijia, with their students for the four battle opened the first strong dialogue. The low-key combination brings Michael? Jackson song "Bad", part of the melody with Chinese rap lyrics adapted, part of this combination has become the most lethal weapons. In Wang Feng’s opinion, the election of a low-key mix stage tutor in the blind: "since Jielun into the door, just two instructors also said, from their words absolutely excellent inherited the characteristics of their teacher, and carry forward.". However, teachers said from A to Z didn’t understand Yang Hesu’s lyrics. Although Jay Chou as their mentor didn’t understand the lyrics, but the feeling of relief shows between the lines: "I do not see the words, I also don’t know what they are saying. Later, I read the word, the original content is pretty good, because you know some of the rap to write their own content, to integrate life. Like the lyrics of ‘stop on the highway to catch Picacho’, not now young people will have some interaction, I think he wrote in the current affairs, very fun." Grew up in Canada’s Haneda on the stage to choose a relatively more familiar with their own English song "Thinking out loud". The Chubby in the match is good single chose a Chinese wind song "is Evening Bell Ringing at the Nanping Hill", the mix of the song "English show ingenuity" m yours I ". For this one of the early works of Fei Yuqing, Na Ying from the time when his works no exposure, going out to play "sang" Evening Bell Ringing at the Nanping Hill: "but I sing super ugly", "sometimes Chinese style charm is very important". But good pronunciation is the same English let people feel familiar with the Northeast sister and proud: "your English is northeast of English, national alone, northeast English is good!" Jay Chou said that the reason we do this arrangement is to give his help tutor Fei Yuqing a surprise: "imitation of Fei Yuqing’s classic aria, want to give him a surprise." Fei Yuqing also regrets: "we seem to be a little bit more of a rule. Today two songs such a design, and staggered, sounds not unexpected, but it sounds very enjoyable." (commissioning editor Zou Jing and Li Yan)相关的主题文章: