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China art industry scale structure of the author Chinese art industry breakthrough 800 billion 2 thousand and 15 years: Yao Pu, recently, by the Ministry of culture, Beijing Municipal People’s Government hosted the 2016 China art industry innovation and art investment and financing forum held in Beijing. The forum, issued China Cultural Industry Research Center think tank production, Xi Mu made "China Art Industry Development Research Report, [2015]". It is reported that this is the first annual report on the development of China’s art industry. The report pointed out that Chinese art industry has become an important new industry development, is an important part of the development of Chinese culture industry, is an inevitable result of the development of the art market to China, more is the transformation of the art market and China steps, and an important driving force to expand the scale of the premise. The rapid development of China’s art industry is also the inevitable requirement of China’s cultural construction and cultural development and prosperity. The report details the support of the development of China’s art industry, the market basis for the development of the art industry, the development of the art industry and the focus of the development of the art industry. In the art market and art industry, from the development of the art market China 5 big bottleneck, the art market trading system platform construction, Chinese art market capitalization process, the development of capital market, strengthen the China Chinese art art market credit system construction, the construction of the art market supervision system, strengthen theoretical research, vigorously development of the art industry etc. the Chinese art market and industry were summarized, and the connotation and extension of the concept of art industry, basic composition and structure of the art industry, the general characteristics of art industry, the theoretical study on the development of China art industry significance etc.. In the current situation, problems and development trend of China art industry, through the study of development of basic situation, development of Chinese art industry problems, the basic trend of the strategic focus of innovation and development, put forward China art industry platform. Through the analysis of the scale and structure of China art industry, development stage, point out the strategic direction of development of China art industry, as well as the problems and difficulties of orientation China art industry strategy in the new era in the development of the art industry Chinese basic strategic framework, strategic characteristics Chinese art industry, strategic orientation and development of China art industry difficulties with the breakthrough. The healthy and sustainable development of China art industry, strategic support system, policy support system, legal system, market support system, technical support system, talent support system, investment supporting system and system innovation support system security. To promote the development of the report industry innovation put forward countermeasures and suggestions on the development of art China art industry: to strengthen theoretical research, advance strategic planning, improve top-level design, release system innovation, take China art industry development the first step; pay attention to industry management China art industry, strengthen the construction of the intermediary system of China art industry the establishment of training system; China art industry talents, strengthen the theory building and talents training and improving from the newspaper相关的主题文章: